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3.0.0 - Release

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CodeSystem: ACC Patient Occupation CodeSystem

Official URL: https://standards.digital.health.nz/ns/acc-patient-occupation-code Version: 1.0.0
Active as of 2023-12-04 Computable Name: AccPatientOccupationCodeSystem

Codes for classifying patient occupations, drawn from the ACC codeset

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:

This code system https://standards.digital.health.nz/ns/acc-patient-occupation-code defines the following codes:

1111 LegislatorLegislator
1121 Senior Government AdministratorSenior Government Administrator
1131 Senior Business AdministratorSenior Business Administrator
1141 Special-interest Org.administratorSpecial-interest Org.administrator
1211 Corporate Mgr Or Managing DirectorCorporate Mgr Or Managing Director
1221 Production & Operation ManagerProduction & Operation Manager
1222 Finance & Administration ManagerFinance & Administration Manager
1223 Human Resources ManagerHuman Resources Manager
1224 Sales & Marketing ManagerSales & Marketing Manager
1225 Advertising & Public Relations MgrAdvertising & Public Relations Mgr
1226 Supply & Distribution ManagerSupply & Distribution Manager
1227 Computing Services ManagerComputing Services Manager
1228 Research & Development ManagerResearch & Development Manager
1229 Other Specialised ManagerOther Specialised Manager
2111 Physicist, AstronomerPhysicist, Astronomer
2112 MeteorologistMeteorologist
2113 ChemistChemist
2114 Geologist, GeophysicistGeologist, Geophysicist
2121 Mathematician, StatisticianMathematician, Statistician
2131 Computing ProfessionalComputing Professional
2141 Architect,town Or Traffic PlannerArchitect,town Or Traffic Planner
2142 Civil EngineerCivil Engineer
2143 Electrical EngineerElectrical Engineer
2144 Electronic & Telecomm. EngineerElectronic & Telecomm. Engineer
2145 Mechanical EngineerMechanical Engineer
2146 Chemical EngineerChemical Engineer
2147 Mining Engineer, MetallurgistMining Engineer, Metallurgist
2148 Cartographer, SurveyorCartographer, Surveyor
2211 Biologist, Botanist, ZoologistBiologist, Botanist, Zoologist
2212 Microbiologist Or Related ProfMicrobiologist Or Related Prof
2213 Agricultural ScientistAgricultural Scientist
2221 Medical DoctorMedical Doctor
2222 DentistDentist
2223 VeterinarianVeterinarian
2224 PharmacistPharmacist
2225 Dietitian, Pub.health NutritionistDietitian, Pub.health Nutritionist
2226 Other Health ProfessionalOther Health Professional
2231 Nursing & Midwifery ProfessionalNursing & Midwifery Professional
2311 Tertiary Teaching ProfessionalTertiary Teaching Professional
2321 Secondary Teaching ProfessionalSecondary Teaching Professional
2331 Primary Teaching ProfessionalPrimary Teaching Professional
2332 Early Childhood Teaching ProfEarly Childhood Teaching Prof
2341 Special Education Teaching ProfSpecial Education Teaching Prof
2351 Education AdvisorEducation Advisor
2352 Education ReviewerEducation Reviewer
2411 AccountantAccountant
2412 Personnel ProfessionalPersonnel Professional
2413 Other Business ProfessionalOther Business Professional
2421 Barrister & SolicitorBarrister & Solicitor
2422 JudgeJudge
2423 Other Legal ProfessionalOther Legal Professional
2431 Archivist, CuratorArchivist, Curator
2432 Librarian Or Related Info ProfLibrarian Or Related Info Prof
2441 EconomistEconomist
2442 Social ScientistSocial Scientist
2443 Philologist,translator,interpreterPhilologist,translator,interpreter
2444 PsychologistPsychologist
2445 CounsellorCounsellor
2446 Other Government ProfessionalOther Government Professional
2451 Religious ProfessionalReligious Professional
3111 Physical Science TechnicianPhysical Science Technician
3112 Civil Engineering TechnicianCivil Engineering Technician
3113 Electrical Engineering TechnicianElectrical Engineering Technician
3114 Electronic Engineering TechnicianElectronic Engineering Technician
3115 Mechanical Engineering TechnicianMechanical Engineering Technician
3116 Chemical Engineering TechnicianChemical Engineering Technician
3117 Mining & Metallurgical TechnicianMining & Metallurgical Technician
3118 Draughting TechnicianDraughting Technician
3119 Other Engineering TechnicianOther Engineering Technician
3121 Computer Equipment ControllerComputer Equipment Controller
3131 Photographr & Recordng Equip CntrlPhotographr & Recordng Equip Cntrl
3132 Broadcasting Equip. ControllerBroadcasting Equip. Controller
3133 Medical Equipment ControllerMedical Equipment Controller
3141 Ships EngineerShips Engineer
3142 Ships Deck Officer & PilotShips Deck Officer & Pilot
3143 Aircraft Pilot Or Related WorkerAircraft Pilot Or Related Worker
3144 Air Traffic ControllerAir Traffic Controller
3151 Safety & Health InspectorSafety & Health Inspector
3211 Life Science TechnicianLife Science Technician
3212 Agricultral TechnicianAgricultral Technician
3221 OpticianOptician
3222 Dental AssistantDental Assistant
3223 PhysiotherapistPhysiotherapist
3224 Veterinary AssistantVeterinary Assistant
3225 Pharmaceutical AssistantPharmaceutical Assistant
3226 Other Health Associate ProfessionlOther Health Associate Professionl
3231 Nursing Associate ProfessionalNursing Associate Professional
3311 Securities & Finance Dealer,brokerSecurities & Finance Dealer,broker
3312 Insurance RepresentativeInsurance Representative
3313 Real Estate AgentReal Estate Agent
3314 Travel Consultant, OrganiserTravel Consultant, Organiser
3315 Technical & Commercial Sales RepTechnical & Commercial Sales Rep
3316 BuyerBuyer
3317 Appraiser, ValuerAppraiser, Valuer
3318 AuctioneerAuctioneer
3319 Other Finance,sales Associate ProfOther Finance,sales Associate Prof
3321 Admin Or Related Associate ProfAdmin Or Related Associate Prof
3322 Legal Or Rel. Business Assoc. ProfLegal Or Rel. Business Assoc. Prof
3323 BookkeeperBookkeeper
3324 Statistical,mathematical Ass. ProfStatistical,mathematical Ass. Prof
3331 Customs & Border InspectorCustoms & Border Inspector
3341 Social Work Associate ProfessionalSocial Work Associate Professional
3342 Education Associate ProfessionalEducation Associate Professional
3351 Careers & Employment AdvisorCareers & Employment Advisor
3361 Author,journalist Or Other WriterAuthor,journalist Or Other Writer
3362 Sculptor,painter Or Related ArtistSculptor,painter Or Related Artist
3363 Decorator, Commercial DesignerDecorator, Commercial Designer
3364 Composer, Musician, SingerComposer, Musician, Singer
3365 Choreographer, DancerChoreographer, Dancer
3366 Film,stage Or Rel.actor Or DirectrFilm,stage Or Rel.actor Or Directr
3367 Radio,television,other AnnouncerRadio,television,other Announcer
3368 Clown, Magician Or Rel. WorkerClown, Magician Or Rel. Worker
3369 Athlete Or Related WorkerAthlete Or Related Worker
3371 Non-ordained Religious Assoc. ProfNon-ordained Religious Assoc. Prof
3381 Environment Protection Assoc. ProfEnvironment Protection Assoc. Prof
4111 Typist Or Word Processor OperatorTypist Or Word Processor Operator
4112 Data Entry OperatorData Entry Operator
4114 SecretarySecretary
4121 Accounting, Bookkeeping ClerkAccounting, Bookkeeping Clerk
4122 Statistical, Finance ClerkStatistical, Finance Clerk
4131 Stock ClerkStock Clerk
4132 Production ClerkProduction Clerk
4133 Transport ClerkTransport Clerk
4141 Library, Filing ClerkLibrary, Filing Clerk
4142 Mail Carrier, Sorting ClerkMail Carrier, Sorting Clerk
4143 Coding,proof Reading Or Rel. ClerkCoding,proof Reading Or Rel. Clerk
4144 Office ClerkOffice Clerk
4211 Cashier, Ticket IssuerCashier, Ticket Issuer
4212 Teller Or Other Counter ClerkTeller Or Other Counter Clerk
4213 CroupierCroupier
4215 Bill,debt Or Rel. Cash CollectorBill,debt Or Rel. Cash Collector
4221 Receptionist, Information ClerkReceptionist, Information Clerk
4222 Telephone Switchboard OperatorTelephone Switchboard Operator
5111 Travel AttendantTravel Attendant
5112 Travel GuideTravel Guide
5121 HousekeeperHousekeeper
5122 CookCook
5123 Waiter, BartenderWaiter, Bartender
5131 Personal Care WorkerPersonal Care Worker
5141 Hairdressr,beautician Or Rel.workrHairdressr,beautician Or Rel.workr
5142 Child Care WorkerChild Care Worker
5143 Undertaker, EmbalmerUndertaker, Embalmer
5151 Fire FighterFire Fighter
5152 PolicePolice
5153 Prison GuardPrison Guard
5154 Other Protective Service WorkerOther Protective Service Worker
5155 Armed ForcesArmed Forces
5211 Salesperson, DemonstratorSalesperson, Demonstrator
5221 Street VendorStreet Vendor
5231 Fashion Or Other ModelFashion Or Other Model
6111 Field Crop, Vegetable GrowerField Crop, Vegetable Grower
6112 Fruit GrowerFruit Grower
6113 Gardener, Nursery GrowerGardener, Nursery Grower
6121 Livestock ProducerLivestock Producer
6122 Mixed Livestock ProducerMixed Livestock Producer
6123 Poultry ProducerPoultry Producer
6124 ApiaristApiarist
6125 Crop & Livestock ProducerCrop & Livestock Producer
6126 Other Agricultural WorkerOther Agricultural Worker
6131 Forestry Worker, LoggerForestry Worker, Logger
6141 Fishery WorkerFishery Worker
6142 Aquatic Life Cultivation WorkerAquatic Life Cultivation Worker
6143 Hunter, TrapperHunter, Trapper
6144 Animal Welfare WorkerAnimal Welfare Worker
7111 Bricklayer, StonemasonBricklayer, Stonemason
7112 Carpenter & JoinerCarpenter & Joiner
7121 PlastererPlasterer
7122 GlazierGlazier
7123 PlumberPlumber
7124 Painter & PaperhangerPainter & Paperhanger
7131 ElectricianElectrician
7211 Metal MoulderMetal Moulder
7212 Sheet-metal WorkerSheet-metal Worker
7221 BlacksmithBlacksmith
7222 Tool Or Pattern Maker,metal MarkerTool Or Pattern Maker,metal Marker
7223 Fitter & TurnerFitter & Turner
7224 Saw DoctorSaw Doctor
7231 Machinery Mechanic & FitterMachinery Mechanic & Fitter
7241 Electrical Mechanic & FitterElectrical Mechanic & Fitter
7242 Electronics Fitter & ServicerElectronics Fitter & Servicer
7243 Radio & Television ServicerRadio & Television Servicer
7311 Precision Inst. Maker & RepairerPrecision Inst. Maker & Repairer
7312 Musical Instrument Maker, TunerMusical Instrument Maker, Tuner
7313 Jeweller,precious Met.trade WorkerJeweller,precious Met.trade Worker
7321 Glass Cutter & FinisherGlass Cutter & Finisher
7331 Printing Trades WorkerPrinting Trades Worker
7332 Binding Trades WorkerBinding Trades Worker
7333 Printing Engraver & EtcherPrinting Engraver & Etcher
7411 ButcherButcher
7412 BakerBaker
7421 Cabinet Maker Or Related WorkerCabinet Maker Or Related Worker
7431 Tailor & DressmakerTailor & Dressmaker
7432 Upholsterer Or Related WorkerUpholsterer Or Related Worker
7433 Floor Covering LayerFloor Covering Layer
7441 Leather Goods MakerLeather Goods Maker
8111 Mining Plant OperatorMining Plant Operator
8112 Mineral Ore, Stone Treat Plant OpMineral Ore, Stone Treat Plant Op
8113 Well Driller, Borer & Rel. WorkerWell Driller, Borer & Rel. Worker
8121 Ore Smelting & Refining Furnace OpOre Smelting & Refining Furnace Op
8122 Metal Melter, CasterMetal Melter, Caster
8123 Metal WelderMetal Welder
8124 Metal Drawer & ExtruderMetal Drawer & Extruder
8131 Glass & Ceramics Kiln OperatorGlass & Ceramics Kiln Operator
8132 Other Glass & Ceramics WorkerOther Glass & Ceramics Worker
8141 Sawmill Or Rel. Wood Processing OpSawmill Or Rel. Wood Processing Op
8142 Paper Pulp Preparation Plant OpPaper Pulp Preparation Plant Op
8143 Papermaking Plant OperatorPapermaking Plant Operator
8151 Crushing,grinding,mixing Equip. OpCrushing,grinding,mixing Equip. Op
8152 Filtering & Separating Equip. OpFiltering & Separating Equip. Op
8153 Still & Reactor OperatorStill & Reactor Operator
8154 Other Chemical Processing Plant OpOther Chemical Processing Plant Op
8161 Power Generating Plant OperatorPower Generating Plant Operator
8211 Machine Tool OperatorMachine Tool Operator
8212 Cement & Other Processing Mach OpCement & Other Processing Mach Op
8221 Pharmaceutical Products Mach OpPharmaceutical Products Mach Op
8222 Metal Finisher, Plater, CoaterMetal Finisher, Plater, Coater
8223 Photographic Products Machine OpPhotographic Products Machine Op
8231 Tyre Making Vulcanising Mach OpTyre Making Vulcanising Mach Op
8232 Other Rubber, Plastic Prod Mach OpOther Rubber, Plastic Prod Mach Op
8241 Wood Products Machine OperatorWood Products Machine Operator
8242 Wood TreaterWood Treater
8251 Paper & Paper Products Mach OpPaper & Paper Products Mach Op
8261 Spinning, Winding Machine OperatorSpinning, Winding Machine Operator
8262 Weaving, Knitting Machine OperatorWeaving, Knitting Machine Operator
8263 Sewing, Embroidering Mach. OpSewing, Embroidering Mach. Op
8264 Textile Dyeing, Cleaning Mach OpTextile Dyeing, Cleaning Mach Op
8265 Other Textile Products Machine OpOther Textile Products Machine Op
8271 Meat, Fish Processing Machine OpMeat, Fish Processing Machine Op
8272 Dairy Products Machine OperatorDairy Products Machine Operator
8273 Grain Milling Machine OperatorGrain Milling Machine Operator
8274 Baked Goods, Cereals Prod Mach OpBaked Goods, Cereals Prod Mach Op
8275 Fruit,vege,nut Process. Mach OpFruit,vege,nut Process. Mach Op
8276 Sugar Process, Refining Mach OpSugar Process, Refining Mach Op
8277 Tea,coffee,cocoa Machine OperatorTea,coffee,cocoa Machine Operator
8278 Tobacco Prods Process. Mach OpTobacco Prods Process. Mach Op
8279 Brewer, Wine & Beverage Mach OpBrewer, Wine & Beverage Mach Op
8281 Leather & Rel. Products ProcessorLeather & Rel. Products Processor
8291 Mechanical Machinery AssemblerMechanical Machinery Assembler
8292 Electrical Machinery AssemblerElectrical Machinery Assembler
8293 Metal,rubber &plastic Prods AssembMetal,rubber &plastic Prods Assemb
8294 Wood &rel Material Prods AssemblrWood &rel Material Prods Assemblr
8295 Leather Goods AssemblerLeather Goods Assembler
8311 Railway Engine DriverRailway Engine Driver
8321 Car, Taxi, Light Van DriverCar, Taxi, Light Van Driver
8322 Bus DriverBus Driver
8323 Heavy Truck DriverHeavy Truck Driver
8331 Motorised Farm Machinery OperatorMotorised Farm Machinery Operator
8332 Earthmoving Or Rel. Machinery OpEarthmoving Or Rel. Machinery Op
8333 Crane OperatorCrane Operator
8334 Lifting-truck OperatorLifting-truck Operator
8341 Ships Deck Crew Or Rel. WorkerShips Deck Crew Or Rel. Worker
8411 Building Or Related WorkerBuilding Or Related Worker
8412 Underwater WorkerUnderwater Worker
9111 Caretaker, CleanerCaretaker, Cleaner
9121 Messenger, DoorkeeperMessenger, Doorkeeper
9131 Refuse Collector Or Rel. LabourerRefuse Collector Or Rel. Labourer
9141 Packer, Freight HandlerPacker, Freight Handler
9151 LabourerLabourer
9970 Occupation Unidentified/inadequateOccupation Unidentified/inadequate
9980 Workers Not Reporting Any DescripWorkers Not Reporting Any Descrip
9991 Housewife \ HousehusbandHousewife \ Househusband
9992 Sickness BeneficiarySickness Beneficiary
9993 RetiredRetired
9994 StudentStudent
9995 Overseas VisitorOverseas Visitor
9996 UnemployedUnemployed
9997 Pre-school ChildPre-school Child
9998 Prison InmatePrison Inmate
9999 Not ObtainableNot Obtainable
1111.001 Cabinet MinisterCabinet Minister
1111.002 Central Government PoliticianCentral Government Politician
1111.003 City Council ChairmanCity Council Chairman
1111.004 City CouncillorCity Councillor
1111.005 CouncillorCouncillor
1111.006 Government MinisterGovernment Minister
1111.007 Local Government LegislatorLocal Government Legislator
1111.008 MayorMayor
1111.009 Member of ParliamentMember of Parliament
1111.010 Minister of the CrownMinister of the Crown
1111.011 Parliamentary RepresentativeParliamentary Representative
1111.012 Regional CouncillorRegional Councillor
1121.001 AmbassadorAmbassador
1121.002 CensorCensor
1121.003 Central Government AdministratorCentral Government Administrator
1121.004 Charge daffairesCharge daffaires
1121.005 Chief Executive - Central GovernmentChief Executive - Central Government
1121.006 Chief Executive - Local GovernmentChief Executive - Local Government
1121.007 City AdministratorCity Administrator
1121.008 Civil Defence OfficerCivil Defence Officer
1121.009 Commissioner of Inland RevenueCommissioner of Inland Revenue
1121.010 Consul GeneralConsul General
1121.011 Consular Affairs OfficerConsular Affairs Officer
1121.012 Controller of CustomsController of Customs
1121.013 Diplomatic RepresentativeDiplomatic Representative
1121.014 Government Administration DirectorGovernment Administration Director
1121.015 Government Department HeadGovernment Department Head
1121.016 Government Divisional DirectorGovernment Divisional Director
1121.017 Government Executive OfficialGovernment Executive Official
1121.018 Governor GeneralGovernor General
1121.019 High CommissionerHigh Commissioner
1121.020 Local Government AdministratorLocal Government Administrator
1121.021 Patents CommissionerPatents Commissioner
1121.022 Police CommissionerPolice Commissioner
1121.023 Public Service AdministratorPublic Service Administrator
1121.024 Public Service CommissionerPublic Service Commissioner
1121.025 Registrar GeneralRegistrar General
1121.026 Senior Central Government OfficialSenior Central Government Official
1121.027 Senior Local Government OfficialSenior Local Government Official
1121.028 State Services CommissionerState Services Commissioner
1121.029 Town ClerkTown Clerk
1121.030 Vice ConsulVice Consul
1131.001 Business Chief ExecutiveBusiness Chief Executive
1131.002 CEOCEO
1131.003 Chief ExecutiveChief Executive
1131.004 Chief Executive and/or Managing DirectorChief Executive and/or Managing Director
1131.005 Chief Executive OfficerChief Executive Officer
1131.007 Company PresidentCompany President
1131.008 Executive DirectorExecutive Director
1131.009 Hospital Executive OfficerHospital Executive Officer
1131.010 Internet Chief Executive OfficerInternet Chief Executive Officer
1131.011 Managing DirectorManaging Director
1131.012 NZ Port Authority AdministratorNZ Port Authority Administrator
1131.013 Senior Business AdministratorSenior Business Administrator
1141.001 Community Services AdministratorCommunity Services Administrator
1141.002 Political Party Organiser SecretaryPolitical Party Organiser Secretary
1141.003 Recreation AdministratorRecreation Administrator
1141.004 Secretary OrganiserSecretary Organiser
1141.005 Secretary Social Sporting OrganisationSecretary Social Sporting Organisation
1141.006 Special-Interest Organisation AdministratorSpecial-Interest Organisation Administrator
1141.007 Sports AdministratorSports Administrator
1141.008 Sports CoordinatorSports Coordinator
1141.009 Trade Union OfficialTrade Union Official
1141.010 Trade Union SecretaryTrade Union Secretary
1141.011 Union OfficialUnion Official
1141.012 Union OrganiserUnion Organiser
1211.001 Area ManagerArea Manager
1211.002 Business DirectorBusiness Director
1211.003 Business OwnerBusiness Owner
1211.004 Business Services ManagerBusiness Services Manager
1211.005 Company DirectorCompany Director
1211.006 Company ManagerCompany Manager
1211.007 Corporate ManagerCorporate Manager
1211.008 Culture ChiefCulture Chief
1211.009 Franchise Company ManagerFranchise Company Manager
1211.010 Franchise General ManagerFranchise General Manager
1211.011 General ManagerGeneral Manager
1211.012 General Manager Government DepartmentGeneral Manager Government Department
1211.013 KaiwhakahaereKaiwhakahaere
1211.014 Kaiwhakahaere KopareihanaKaiwhakahaere Kopareihana
1211.015 Kaiwhakahaere UangaKaiwhakahaere Uanga
1211.016 Kaiwhakahaere UmangaKaiwhakahaere Umanga
1211.017 Managing EditorManaging Editor
1211.018 Net Loyalty DirectorNet Loyalty Director
1211.019 PublisherPublisher
1211.020 RangatiraRangatira
1211.021 Rangatira UangaRangatira Uanga
1211.022 Rangatira UmangaRangatira Umanga
1211.023 Regional ManagerRegional Manager
1211.024 Society or Trustee Company DirectorSociety or Trustee Company Director
1221.001 Air Transport ManagerAir Transport Manager
1221.002 Air Transport Planning ManagerAir Transport Planning Manager
1221.003 Airline ExecutiveAirline Executive
1221.004 Airline ManagerAirline Manager
1221.005 Airport ManagerAirport Manager
1221.006 Airport Manager OperationsAirport Manager Operations
1221.007 Area Manager ProductionArea Manager Production
1221.008 Bakery Factory ManagerBakery Factory Manager
1221.009 Broadcasting and Theatrical Production ManagerBroadcasting and Theatrical Production Manager
1221.010 Broadcasting Production ManagerBroadcasting Production Manager
1221.011 Construction ManagerConstruction Manager
1221.012 Construction Site ManagerConstruction Site Manager
1221.013 Dairy Factory ManagerDairy Factory Manager
1221.014 Deputy PrincipalDeputy Principal
1221.015 Deputy School PrincipalDeputy School Principal
1221.016 Distillery ManagerDistillery Manager
1221.017 Education AdministratorEducation Administrator
1221.018 Engineering Technical ManagerEngineering Technical Manager
1221.019 Executive ProducerExecutive Producer
1221.020 Exploration ManagerExploration Manager
1221.021 Factory ManagerFactory Manager
1221.022 Factory Production ManagerFactory Production Manager
1221.023 Film and Television Production ManagerFilm and Television Production Manager
1221.024 Film ProducerFilm Producer
1221.025 Forest ManagerForest Manager
1221.026 Forest Manager Logging OperationsForest Manager Logging Operations
1221.027 Forest RangerForest Ranger
1221.028 Freezing Works ManagerFreezing Works Manager
1221.029 Freight Road Transport ManagerFreight Road Transport Manager
1221.030 Gas ManagerGas Manager
1221.031 Head MasterHead Master
1221.032 Head MistressHead Mistress
1221.033 Head TeacherHead Teacher
1221.034 HeadmasterHeadmaster
1221.035 HeadmistressHeadmistress
1221.036 Industrial Production ManagerIndustrial Production Manager
1221.037 Logging PlannerLogging Planner
1221.038 Managing PublisherManaging Publisher
1221.039 Mill ManagerMill Manager
1221.040 Mine ManagerMine Manager
1221.041 Motion Picture ProducerMotion Picture Producer
1221.042 Musical ProducerMusical Producer
1221.043 Oil ManagerOil Manager
1221.044 Operations Manager (Production)Operations Manager (Production)
1221.045 Passenger Transport ManagerPassenger Transport Manager
1221.046 Plantation ManagerPlantation Manager
1221.047 Primary School PrincipalPrimary School Principal
1221.048 PrincipalPrincipal
1221.049 Principal Head TeacherPrincipal Head Teacher
1221.050 Processing ManagerProcessing Manager
1221.051 Producer (Film/Television)Producer (Film/Television)
1221.052 Producer Performing ArtsProducer Performing Arts
1221.053 Production ManagerProduction Manager
1221.054 Production Manager (Manufacturing)Production Manager (Manufacturing)
1221.055 Production Manager Performing ArtsProduction Manager Performing Arts
1221.056 Publishing ManagerPublishing Manager
1221.057 Quarry ManagerQuarry Manager
1221.058 Radio ProducerRadio Producer
1221.059 Radio Programme OrganiserRadio Programme Organiser
1221.060 Radio ProgrammerRadio Programmer
1221.061 Radio Station ManagerRadio Station Manager
1221.062 Railway Goods Freight ManagerRailway Goods Freight Manager
1221.063 Railway Station MasterRailway Station Master
1221.064 Railway StationmasterRailway Stationmaster
1221.065 Record ProducerRecord Producer
1221.066 Road Goods Freight ManagerRoad Goods Freight Manager
1221.067 Sawmill ManagerSawmill Manager
1221.068 School AdministratorSchool Administrator
1221.069 School PrincipalSchool Principal
1221.070 Secondary School PrincipalSecondary School Principal
1221.071 Senior Education ManagerSenior Education Manager
1221.072 Shipping ManagerShipping Manager
1221.073 Stage ProducerStage Producer
1221.074 Television ProducerTelevision Producer
1221.075 Television Programme OrganiserTelevision Programme Organiser
1221.076 Television ProgrammerTelevision Programmer
1221.077 Theatre ProducerTheatre Producer
1221.078 Theatrical Production ManagerTheatrical Production Manager
1221.079 Timber Production ManagerTimber Production Manager
1221.080 Traffic ManagerTraffic Manager
1221.081 Transport ManagerTransport Manager
1221.082 Transport Operations ManagerTransport Operations Manager
1221.083 Travel Manager ShippingTravel Manager Shipping
1221.084 Video ProducerVideo Producer
1221.085 Works ManagerWorks Manager
1222.001 Accounting ManagerAccounting Manager
1222.002 Admin ManagerAdmin Manager
1222.003 Administration ManagerAdministration Manager
1222.004 Bank ExecutiveBank Executive
1222.005 Bank InspectorBank Inspector
1222.006 Bank ManagerBank Manager
1222.007 Branch ManagerBranch Manager
1222.008 Budgeting ManagerBudgeting Manager
1222.009 Building ManagerBuilding Manager
1222.010 Building Society Investment ManagerBuilding Society Investment Manager
1222.011 Bureau ManagerBureau Manager
1222.012 Cinema ManagerCinema Manager
1222.013 Club Secretary (Administration)Club Secretary (Administration)
1222.014 Corporate BankerCorporate Banker
1222.015 Credit ControllerCredit Controller
1222.016 Credit ManagerCredit Manager
1222.017 Dental AdministratorDental Administrator
1222.018 Department ManagerDepartment Manager
1222.019 District Commissioner Inland RevenueDistrict Commissioner Inland Revenue
1222.020 Electoral OfficerElectoral Officer
1222.021 Executive Company SecretaryExecutive Company Secretary
1222.022 Factory Facilities ManagerFactory Facilities Manager
1222.023 Finance DirectorFinance Director
1222.024 Finance ExecutiveFinance Executive
1222.025 Finance ManagerFinance Manager
1222.026 Financial ControllerFinancial Controller
1222.027 Financial ManagerFinancial Manager
1222.028 Fitness Centre ManagerFitness Centre Manager
1222.029 Foreign Exchange ManagerForeign Exchange Manager
1222.030 Health Service CoordinatorHealth Service Coordinator
1222.031 Health Services ManagerHealth Services Manager
1222.032 Hospital AdministratorHospital Administrator
1222.033 Inland Revenue ControllerInland Revenue Controller
1222.034 Insurance Branch ManagerInsurance Branch Manager
1222.035 Insurance ExecutiveInsurance Executive
1222.036 Insurance ManagerInsurance Manager
1222.037 Investment ManagerInvestment Manager
1222.038 Loans ManagerLoans Manager
1222.039 Medical AdministratorMedical Administrator
1222.040 Medical SuperintendentMedical Superintendent
1222.041 Merchant BankerMerchant Banker
1222.042 Nursing AdministratorNursing Administrator
1222.043 Price InspectorPrice Inspector
1222.044 Project ManagerProject Manager
1222.045 Project Manager (Administration)Project Manager (Administration)
1222.046 Project Officer Regional Health AuthorityProject Officer Regional Health Authority
1222.047 Property ManagerProperty Manager
1222.048 Public Health AdministratorPublic Health Administrator
1222.049 Public Health ManagerPublic Health Manager
1222.050 Racing AdministratorRacing Administrator
1222.051 Recreation ManagerRecreation Manager
1222.052 Regional Commander of Civil DefenceRegional Commander of Civil Defence
1222.053 Regional Controller Inland RevenueRegional Controller Inland Revenue
1222.054 Regional Director Government AdministrationRegional Director Government Administration
1222.055 Resources ManagerResources Manager
1222.056 Sales Finance ManagerSales Finance Manager
1222.057 Sales Tax InspectorSales Tax Inspector
1222.058 Savings Bank ManagerSavings Bank Manager
1222.059 Secretary Minister of the CrownSecretary Minister of the Crown
1222.060 Tax InspectorTax Inspector
1222.061 Theatre ManagerTheatre Manager
1222.062 TreasurerTreasurer
1222.063 Under Secretary Government DepartmentUnder Secretary Government Department
1222.064 University BursarUniversity Bursar
1222.065 University RegistrarUniversity Registrar
1223.001 Employee Relations ManagerEmployee Relations Manager
1223.002 Human Resources Development ManagerHuman Resources Development Manager
1223.003 Human Resources ManagerHuman Resources Manager
1223.004 Industrial Relations ManagerIndustrial Relations Manager
1223.005 Kaiwhakahaere TumuKaiwhakahaere Tumu
1223.006 Labour Relations ManagerLabour Relations Manager
1223.007 Personnel ManagerPersonnel Manager
1223.008 Technical Training ManagerTechnical Training Manager
1223.009 Training and Development ManagerTraining and Development Manager
1224.001 Aapiha Whakahaere HokohokoAapiha Whakahaere Hokohoko
1224.002 Apiha Whakahaere HokohokoApiha Whakahaere Hokohoko
1224.003 Area Sales ManagerArea Sales Manager
1224.004 District Sales ManagerDistrict Sales Manager
1224.005 Export Marketing ManagerExport Marketing Manager
1224.006 Key Account ManagerKey Account Manager
1224.007 Market Development ManagerMarket Development Manager
1224.008 Marketing ExecutiveMarketing Executive
1224.009 Marketing ManagerMarketing Manager
1224.010 Marketing Manager ExecutiveMarketing Manager Executive
1224.011 National Sales ManagerNational Sales Manager
1224.012 Rangatira HokohokoRangatira Hokohoko
1224.013 Rangatira Whakahaere HokohokoRangatira Whakahaere Hokohoko
1224.014 Sales CoordinatorSales Coordinator
1224.015 Sales DirectorSales Director
1224.016 Sales ExecutiveSales Executive
1224.017 Sales Executive ManagerSales Executive Manager
1224.018 Sales ManagerSales Manager
1224.019 Sales Manager (Banking)Sales Manager (Banking)
1224.020 Sales or Marketing ManagerSales or Marketing Manager
1224.021 Senior Sales Executive EcommerceSenior Sales Executive Ecommerce
1224.022 Travel ManagerTravel Manager
1225.001 Advertising Account DirectorAdvertising Account Director
1225.002 Advertising Account ExecutiveAdvertising Account Executive
1225.003 Advertising Agency DirectorAdvertising Agency Director
1225.004 Advertising and Public Relations ManagerAdvertising and Public Relations Manager
1225.005 Advertising ManagerAdvertising Manager
1225.006 Advertising Office ManagerAdvertising Office Manager
1225.007 Company PromoterCompany Promoter
1225.008 Public Affairs ManagerPublic Affairs Manager
1225.009 Public Relations ManagerPublic Relations Manager
1226.001 Antique DealerAntique Dealer
1226.002 Apartments ManagerApartments Manager
1226.003 Backpacker OperatorBackpacker Operator
1226.004 Bakery Shop ManagerBakery Shop Manager
1226.005 Bar or Caf� ManagerBar or Caf� Manager
1226.006 Billiard Saloon Proprietor ManagerBilliard Saloon Proprietor Manager
1226.007 Boarding House KeeperBoarding House Keeper
1226.008 Boarding House ManagerBoarding House Manager
1226.009 Book Store ProprietorBook Store Proprietor
1226.010 Bookshop ManagerBookshop Manager
1226.011 Bottle Store ManagerBottle Store Manager
1226.012 Boutique ManagerBoutique Manager
1226.013 Boutique ProprietorBoutique Proprietor
1226.014 Cafe KeeperCafe Keeper
1226.015 Cafe ManagerCafe Manager
1226.016 Cafe OwnerCafe Owner
1226.017 Cafeteria ManagerCafeteria Manager
1226.018 Cafeteria ProprietorCafeteria Proprietor
1226.019 Camping Ground ManagerCamping Ground Manager
1226.020 Camping Site ManagerCamping Site Manager
1226.021 Camping Site ProprietorCamping Site Proprietor
1226.022 Canteen ManagerCanteen Manager
1226.023 Canteen ProprietorCanteen Proprietor
1226.024 Car DealerCar Dealer
1226.025 Caravan Park ManagerCaravan Park Manager
1226.026 Caravan Park ProprietorCaravan Park Proprietor
1226.027 CatererCaterer
1226.028 Catering ContractorCatering Contractor
1226.029 Catering Establishment ManagerCatering Establishment Manager
1226.030 Catering ProprietorCatering Proprietor
1226.031 Catering Services ManagerCatering Services Manager
1226.032 Circulation Manager NewspaperCirculation Manager Newspaper
1226.033 Clothing RetailerClothing Retailer
1226.034 Club ManagerClub Manager
1226.035 Club Manager LicensedClub Manager Licensed
1226.036 Coal MerchantCoal Merchant
1226.037 Coffee Bar ManagerCoffee Bar Manager
1226.038 Coffee Bar ProprietorCoffee Bar Proprietor
1226.039 Coffee Lounge ManageressCoffee Lounge Manageress
1226.040 Coffee Lounge OwnerCoffee Lounge Owner
1226.041 Crane Hirer ManagerCrane Hirer Manager
1226.042 Dairy ProprietorDairy Proprietor
1226.043 Dairy Shop ManagerDairy Shop Manager
1226.044 Department Store ManagerDepartment Store Manager
1226.045 Distribution ManagerDistribution Manager
1226.046 DraperDraper
1226.047 Export ManagerExport Manager
1226.048 ExporterExporter
1226.049 Fairground Amusment Park ProprietorFairground Amusment Park Proprietor
1226.050 Fast Food ManagerFast Food Manager
1226.051 Fish and Chip Shop ProprietorFish and Chip Shop Proprietor
1226.052 FishmongerFishmonger
1226.053 Flooring ManagerFlooring Manager
1226.054 Food Bar ProprietorFood Bar Proprietor
1226.055 Food Services ManagerFood Services Manager
1226.056 Foodbar ProprietorFoodbar Proprietor
1226.057 Footwear RetailerFootwear Retailer
1226.058 Fresh Fish Shop ManagerFresh Fish Shop Manager
1226.059 Fruit Shop OwnerFruit Shop Owner
1226.060 FruitererFruiterer
1226.061 GreengrocerGreengrocer
1226.062 GrocerGrocer
1226.063 Grocery ManagerGrocery Manager
1226.064 Grocery Store ManagerGrocery Store Manager
1226.065 Guest House KeeperGuest House Keeper
1226.066 Guest House ManagerGuest House Manager
1226.067 Halls of Residence ManagerHalls of Residence Manager
1226.068 Holiday Park ManagerHoliday Park Manager
1226.069 Hospital Pharmacy ManagerHospital Pharmacy Manager
1226.070 Hostel ManagerHostel Manager
1226.071 Hotel KeeperHotel Keeper
1226.072 Hotel ManagerHotel Manager
1226.073 Hotel or Motel ManagerHotel or Motel Manager
1226.074 Hotel OwnerHotel Owner
1226.075 HotelierHotelier
1226.076 Import ManagerImport Manager
1226.077 ImporterImporter
1226.078 InnkeeperInnkeeper
1226.079 Kaiwhakahaere HoteraKaiwhakahaere Hotera
1226.080 Kaiwhakahaere ToaKaiwhakahaere Toa
1226.081 LandladyLandlady
1226.082 LandlordLandlord
1226.083 Licenced Motor Vehicle DealerLicenced Motor Vehicle Dealer
1226.084 Licensed Motor Vehicle DealerLicensed Motor Vehicle Dealer
1226.085 Liquor MerchantLiquor Merchant
1226.086 Lodge ManagerLodge Manager
1226.087 Logistics ManagerLogistics Manager
1226.088 Lunch Bar ManagerLunch Bar Manager
1226.089 Lunch Bar ProprietorLunch Bar Proprietor
1226.090 Manager Retail TradeManager Retail Trade
1226.091 Meat RetailerMeat Retailer
1226.092 Menswear RetailerMenswear Retailer
1226.093 Milk Bar ProprietorMilk Bar Proprietor
1226.094 Money LenderMoney Lender
1226.095 Motel ManagerMotel Manager
1226.096 Motel OwnerMotel Owner
1226.097 MotelierMotelier
1226.098 Motor Camp ManagerMotor Camp Manager
1226.099 Motor Camp ProprietorMotor Camp Proprietor
1226.100 Motor Inn ManagerMotor Inn Manager
1226.101 Motor Vehicle DealerMotor Vehicle Dealer
1226.102 Other Catering Services ManagerOther Catering Services Manager
1226.103 Other Lodging Services ManagerOther Lodging Services Manager
1226.104 PawnbrokerPawnbroker
1226.105 Pharmacy Manager RetailPharmacy Manager Retail
1226.106 PhilatelistPhilatelist
1226.107 Pie Cart ProprietorPie Cart Proprietor
1226.108 Private Hotel KeeperPrivate Hotel Keeper
1226.109 Proprietor Fast FoodProprietor Fast Food
1226.110 PublicanPublican
1226.111 Purchasing ManagerPurchasing Manager
1226.112 Rangatira o te ToaRangatira o te Toa
1226.113 Recycling DealerRecycling Dealer
1226.114 Recycling MerchantRecycling Merchant
1226.115 Rest Home ProprietorRest Home Proprietor
1226.116 Restaurant ManagerRestaurant Manager
1226.117 Restaurant ManageressRestaurant Manageress
1226.118 Restaurant or Tavern ManagerRestaurant or Tavern Manager
1226.119 Restaurant OwnerRestaurant Owner
1226.120 RestauranteurRestauranteur
1226.121 Resthome ManagerResthome Manager
1226.122 Resthome OwnerResthome Owner
1226.123 Retail and Shop ManagerRetail and Shop Manager
1226.124 Retail Bakery ProprietorRetail Bakery Proprietor
1226.125 Retail DealerRetail Dealer
1226.126 Retail Floor ManagerRetail Floor Manager
1226.127 Retail ManagerRetail Manager
1226.128 Retail ProprietorRetail Proprietor
1226.129 Retail Sales ManagerRetail Sales Manager
1226.130 Scrap MerchantScrap Merchant
1226.131 Scrap Metal DealerScrap Metal Dealer
1226.132 Second Hand DealerSecond Hand Dealer
1226.133 Secondhand DealerSecondhand Dealer
1226.134 Service Station ManagerService Station Manager
1226.135 Service Station OwnerService Station Owner
1226.136 Service Station ProprietorService Station Proprietor
1226.137 Shop KeeperShop Keeper
1226.138 Shop ManagerShop Manager
1226.139 Shop ManageressShop Manageress
1226.140 Shop OwnerShop Owner
1226.141 Shop ProprietorShop Proprietor
1226.142 ShopkeeperShopkeeper
1226.143 Snack Bar ProprietorSnack Bar Proprietor
1226.144 Stock Saleyards ManagerStock Saleyards Manager
1226.145 Storage and Warehousing ManagerStorage and Warehousing Manager
1226.146 Store ManagerStore Manager
1226.147 StorekeeperStorekeeper
1226.148 Supermarket ManagerSupermarket Manager
1226.149 Supply and Distribution ManagerSupply and Distribution Manager
1226.150 Supply ManagerSupply Manager
1226.151 Supply Planning ManagerSupply Planning Manager
1226.152 TAB AgentTAB Agent
1226.153 TAB District ManagerTAB District Manager
1226.154 TAB ManagerTAB Manager
1226.155 Takeaway Shop OwnerTakeaway Shop Owner
1226.156 Takeaways ManagerTakeaways Manager
1226.157 Tavern KeeperTavern Keeper
1226.158 Tavern ManagerTavern Manager
1226.159 Tea Room ProprietorTea Room Proprietor
1226.160 Timber MerchantTimber Merchant
1226.161 Tourist Hotel ManagerTourist Hotel Manager
1226.162 Video Shop ManagerVideo Shop Manager
1226.163 Warehouse ManagerWarehouse Manager
1226.164 Warehouse Sales ManagerWarehouse Sales Manager
1226.165 Warehouse WholesalerWarehouse Wholesaler
1226.166 Warehousing Department ManagerWarehousing Department Manager
1226.167 Wholesale and Warehouse ManagerWholesale and Warehouse Manager
1226.168 Wholesale Area ManagerWholesale Area Manager
1226.169 Wholesale Bakery ManagerWholesale Bakery Manager
1226.170 Wholesale ManagerWholesale Manager
1226.171 Wholesale MerchantWholesale Merchant
1226.172 Wholesale Sales ManagerWholesale Sales Manager
1226.173 Wholesale Seed and Produce MerchantWholesale Seed and Produce Merchant
1226.174 WholesalerWholesaler
1226.175 Wine and Liquor MerchantWine and Liquor Merchant
1226.176 Wool Store ManagerWool Store Manager
1226.177 Working Proprietor RetailWorking Proprietor Retail
1226.178 Youth Hostel ManagerYouth Hostel Manager
1227.001 Computer Marketing ExecutiveComputer Marketing Executive
1227.002 Computer Operations CoordinatorComputer Operations Coordinator
1227.003 Computer Product ManagerComputer Product Manager
1227.004 Computer Support ManagerComputer Support Manager
1227.005 Computer Systems ManagerComputer Systems Manager
1227.006 Computing Services ManagerComputing Services Manager
1227.007 Computing Systems ManagerComputing Systems Manager
1227.008 Data Processing ManagerData Processing Manager
1227.009 EDP ManagerEDP Manager
1227.010 Information Technology ManagerInformation Technology Manager
1227.011 IT DirectorIT Director
1227.012 IT Infrastructure ManagerIT Infrastructure Manager
1227.013 IT ManagerIT Manager
1227.014 IT Support ManagerIT Support Manager
1227.015 TSS ManagerTSS Manager
1228.001 Organisation and Methods ManagerOrganisation and Methods Manager
1228.002 Quality Assurance ManagerQuality Assurance Manager
1228.003 Quality Certification ManagerQuality Certification Manager
1228.004 Research and Development ManagerResearch and Development Manager
1229.001 Chief ClerkChief Clerk
1229.002 Clerical Executive OfficerClerical Executive Officer
1229.003 Departmental Head ClericalDepartmental Head Clerical
1229.004 Kaiwhakahaere TariKaiwhakahaere Tari
1229.005 Office ManagerOffice Manager
1229.006 Office ManageressOffice Manageress
1229.007 Rangatira o te TariRangatira o te Tari
2111.001 AstronomerAstronomer
2111.002 AstrophysicistAstrophysicist
2111.003 BiophysicistBiophysicist
2111.004 Nuclear PhysicistNuclear Physicist
2111.005 Physical ScientistPhysical Scientist
2111.006 PhysicistPhysicist
2111.007 Radio AstronomerRadio Astronomer
2111.008 Solid State PhysicistSolid State Physicist
2112.001 Atmospheric ScientistAtmospheric Scientist
2112.002 Climate ScientistClimate Scientist
2112.003 ClimatologistClimatologist
2112.004 MeteorologistMeteorologist
2112.005 Weather ForecasterWeather Forecaster
2113.001 Chemist (Other than Pharmacist)Chemist (Other than Pharmacist)
2113.002 General ChemistGeneral Chemist
2113.003 Industrial ChemistIndustrial Chemist
2113.004 Manufacturing ChemistManufacturing Chemist
2113.005 Nuclear ChemistNuclear Chemist
2113.006 Organic ChemistOrganic Chemist
2113.007 Paint TechnologistPaint Technologist
2113.008 Pharmaceutical ChemistPharmaceutical Chemist
2113.009 Polymer ChemistPolymer Chemist
2113.010 Research ChemistResearch Chemist
2114.001 Earth ScientistEarth Scientist
2114.002 Geological OceanographerGeological Oceanographer
2114.003 GeologistGeologist
2114.004 GeomorphologistGeomorphologist
2114.005 Geophysical OceanographerGeophysical Oceanographer
2114.006 Geophysical ScientistGeophysical Scientist
2114.007 GeophysicistGeophysicist
2114.008 HydrologistHydrologist
2114.009 Marine ScientistMarine Scientist
2114.010 PalaeontologistPalaeontologist
2114.011 PetrologistPetrologist
2114.012 SeismologistSeismologist
2114.013 VulcanologistVulcanologist
2121.001 ActuaryActuary
2121.002 Applied Maths ScientistApplied Maths Scientist
2121.003 Average AdjusterAverage Adjuster
2121.004 BiometricianBiometrician
2121.005 EpidemiologistEpidemiologist
2121.006 Mathematical StatisticianMathematical Statistician
2121.007 MathematicianMathematician
2121.008 Mathematician and/or StatisticianMathematician and/or Statistician
2121.009 Operations Research AnalystOperations Research Analyst
2121.010 StatisticianStatistician
2131.001 Analyst ProgrammerAnalyst Programmer
2131.002 Applications ArchitectApplications Architect
2131.003 Architect - Call CentreArchitect - Call Centre
2131.004 Architect - DesktopArchitect - Desktop
2131.005 Architect - NetworkingArchitect - Networking
2131.006 Architect Internet SecurityArchitect Internet Security
2131.007 Chief Software ArchitectChief Software Architect
2131.008 Cold Fusion DeveloperCold Fusion Developer
2131.009 Computer AnalystComputer Analyst
2131.010 Computer Applications EngineerComputer Applications Engineer
2131.011 Computer Programme AnalystComputer Programme Analyst
2131.012 Computer Service EngineerComputer Service Engineer
2131.013 Computer Support EngineerComputer Support Engineer
2131.014 Computer Systems AnalystComputer Systems Analyst
2131.015 Computer Systems EngineerComputer Systems Engineer
2131.016 Computing Network ControllerComputing Network Controller
2131.017 Computing Systems ArchitectComputing Systems Architect
2131.018 Content EngineerContent Engineer
2131.019 Content Product ManagerContent Product Manager
2131.020 Data ArchitectData Architect
2131.021 Data Warehouse ConsultantData Warehouse Consultant
2131.022 Data Warehouse Project ManagerData Warehouse Project Manager
2131.023 Database AdministratorDatabase Administrator
2131.024 Database SpecialistDatabase Specialist
2131.025 Decision Support Tools DeveloperDecision Support Tools Developer
2131.026 Ecommerce ConsultantEcommerce Consultant
2131.027 Ecommerce DeveloperEcommerce Developer
2131.028 Ecommerce Technical ArchitectEcommerce Technical Architect
2131.029 Geographic Information Systems DeveloperGeographic Information Systems Developer
2131.030 Geographic Information Systems OfficerGeographic Information Systems Officer
2131.031 GIS DeveloperGIS Developer
2131.032 GIS OfficerGIS Officer
2131.033 Head of Business EcommerceHead of Business Ecommerce
2131.034 HTML CoderHTML Coder
2131.035 HTML DeveloperHTML Developer
2131.036 Internet ArchitectInternet Architect
2131.037 Internet ConsultantInternet Consultant
2131.038 Intranet AdministratorIntranet Administrator
2131.039 Intranet DeveloperIntranet Developer
2131.040 IP Technology System EngineerIP Technology System Engineer
2131.041 IT AdministratorIT Administrator
2131.042 IT ConsultantIT Consultant
2131.043 IT Recruitment ConsultantIT Recruitment Consultant
2131.044 IT Systems ManagerIT Systems Manager
2131.045 Java ArchitectJava Architect
2131.046 Java DeveloperJava Developer
2131.047 Java MentorJava Mentor
2131.048 Java ProgrammerJava Programmer
2131.049 LAN AdministratorLAN Administrator
2131.050 LAN ConsultantLAN Consultant
2131.051 Lotus Notes DeveloperLotus Notes Developer
2131.052 Lotus Web DeveloperLotus Web Developer
2131.053 Network AdministratorNetwork Administrator
2131.054 Programme Analyst Data ProcessingProgramme Analyst Data Processing
2131.055 Project Analyst ComputingProject Analyst Computing
2131.056 Project Manager EcommerceProject Manager Ecommerce
2131.057 Project Manager Methods ConsultantProject Manager Methods Consultant
2131.058 Smalltalk Visualworks Analyst ProgrammerSmalltalk Visualworks Analyst Programmer
2131.059 Software DesignerSoftware Designer
2131.060 Software DeveloperSoftware Developer
2131.061 Software EngineerSoftware Engineer
2131.062 Software ProgrammerSoftware Programmer
2131.063 SQL Database AdministratorSQL Database Administrator
2131.064 Systems AdministratorSystems Administrator
2131.065 Systems AnalystSystems Analyst
2131.066 Systems DesignerSystems Designer
2131.067 Systems ManagerSystems Manager
2131.068 Systems Software EngineerSystems Software Engineer
2131.069 Technical Architect ComputingTechnical Architect Computing
2131.070 Technical Architect EcommerceTechnical Architect Ecommerce
2131.071 Technology Consultant ComputingTechnology Consultant Computing
2131.072 UNIX ArchitectUNIX Architect
2131.073 UNIX System AdministratorUNIX System Administrator
2131.074 VB Access Analyst ProgrammerVB Access Analyst Programmer
2131.075 Visual Basic DeveloperVisual Basic Developer
2131.076 WAN AdministratorWAN Administrator
2131.077 WAN ConsultantWAN Consultant
2131.078 WAN EngineerWAN Engineer
2131.079 Web AdministratorWeb Administrator
2131.080 Web ArchitectWeb Architect
2131.081 Web Design Team LeaderWeb Design Team Leader
2131.082 Web DesignerWeb Designer
2131.083 Web DeveloperWeb Developer
2131.084 Web Developer EcommerceWeb Developer Ecommerce
2131.085 Web Development ManagerWeb Development Manager
2131.086 Web Development Team MemberWeb Development Team Member
2131.087 Web Interface DeveloperWeb Interface Developer
2131.088 Web MasterWeb Master
2131.089 Web Page ProducerWeb Page Producer
2131.090 Web Production ManagerWeb Production Manager
2131.091 Web Programmer Cold FusionWeb Programmer Cold Fusion
2131.092 Web Startup DeveloperWeb Startup Developer
2131.093 Web Support EngineerWeb Support Engineer
2131.094 Web WonderstarWeb Wonderstar
2131.095 WebmasterWebmaster
2131.096 Website AdministratorWebsite Administrator
2131.097 Website DesignerWebsite Designer
2131.098 Website DeveloperWebsite Developer
2141.001 ArchitectArchitect
2141.002 Building DesignerBuilding Designer
2141.003 Commercial ArchitectCommercial Architect
2141.004 Community Liaison PlannerCommunity Liaison Planner
2141.005 Community PlannerCommunity Planner
2141.006 Community Recreation PlannerCommunity Recreation Planner
2141.007 Country PlannerCountry Planner
2141.008 District PlannerDistrict Planner
2141.009 Garden DesignerGarden Designer
2141.010 Housing ArchitectHousing Architect
2141.011 Landscape ArchitectLandscape Architect
2141.012 Landscape DesignerLandscape Designer
2141.013 Landscape PlannerLandscape Planner
2141.014 Resource Consent PlannerResource Consent Planner
2141.015 Resource Management PlannerResource Management Planner
2141.016 Town and Country PlannerTown and Country Planner
2141.017 Town PlannerTown Planner
2141.018 Urban PlannerUrban Planner
2142.001 Airport Construction EngineerAirport Construction Engineer
2142.002 Building Construction EngineerBuilding Construction Engineer
2142.003 Civil Consulting EngineerCivil Consulting Engineer
2142.004 Civil Design EngineerCivil Design Engineer
2142.005 Civil EngineerCivil Engineer
2142.006 Construction EngineerConstruction Engineer
2142.007 Construction Engineer RoadsConstruction Engineer Roads
2142.008 Drainage EngineerDrainage Engineer
2142.009 Highway Maintenance EngineerHighway Maintenance Engineer
2142.010 Hydraulic EngineerHydraulic Engineer
2142.011 Hydrographical EngineerHydrographical Engineer
2142.012 Hydrological EngineerHydrological Engineer
2142.013 Irrigation EngineerIrrigation Engineer
2142.014 Local Body EngineerLocal Body Engineer
2142.015 Municipal EngineerMunicipal Engineer
2142.016 Other Civil EngineerOther Civil Engineer
2142.017 Project Engineer (Construction)Project Engineer (Construction)
2142.018 Project Inspector Civil EngineerProject Inspector Civil Engineer
2142.019 Public Health EngineerPublic Health Engineer
2142.020 Railway Construction EngineerRailway Construction Engineer
2142.021 Roading Consulting EngineerRoading Consulting Engineer
2142.022 Roading EngineerRoading Engineer
2142.023 Sanitary Drainage EngineerSanitary Drainage Engineer
2142.024 Sanitation EngineerSanitation Engineer
2142.025 Structural EngineerStructural Engineer
2142.026 Structural Steel EngineerStructural Steel Engineer
2142.027 Traffic EngineerTraffic Engineer
2142.028 Traffic Planning EngineerTraffic Planning Engineer
2142.029 Transportation EngineerTransportation Engineer
2142.030 Water and Soil EngineerWater and Soil Engineer
2142.031 Water Flow EngineerWater Flow Engineer
2142.032 Water Flow Research EngineerWater Flow Research Engineer
2142.033 Water Resources EngineerWater Resources Engineer
2142.034 Water Supply EngineerWater Supply Engineer
2143.001 Electrical Consulting EngineerElectrical Consulting Engineer
2143.002 Electrical EngineerElectrical Engineer
2143.003 Electrical Engineer (Automotive)Electrical Engineer (Automotive)
2143.004 Electrical Instrument EngineerElectrical Instrument Engineer
2143.005 Industrial Electrical EngineerIndustrial Electrical Engineer
2143.006 Power Distribution EngineerPower Distribution Engineer
2143.007 Power Systems EngineerPower Systems Engineer
2143.008 Power Transmission EngineerPower Transmission Engineer
2144.001 Electronic and Telecommunication EngineerElectronic and Telecommunication Engineer
2144.002 Electronic Instrument EngineerElectronic Instrument Engineer
2144.003 Electronics Consulting EngineerElectronics Consulting Engineer
2144.004 Electronics Design EngineerElectronics Design Engineer
2144.005 Electronics DesignerElectronics Designer
2144.006 Electronics EngineerElectronics Engineer
2144.007 Electronics Project EngineerElectronics Project Engineer
2144.008 Fibre Optics EngineerFibre Optics Engineer
2144.009 Fibre Optics Transmission EngineerFibre Optics Transmission Engineer
2144.010 Radar EngineerRadar Engineer
2144.011 Radio and Telecommunications EngineerRadio and Telecommunications Engineer
2144.012 Radio EngineerRadio Engineer
2144.013 Satellite Transmission EngineerSatellite Transmission Engineer
2144.014 Signal Systems EngineerSignal Systems Engineer
2144.015 Telecommunications EngineerTelecommunications Engineer
2144.016 Television EngineerTelevision Engineer
2145.001 Aeronautical Design EngineerAeronautical Design Engineer
2145.002 Aeronautical EngineerAeronautical Engineer
2145.003 Aerospace EngineerAerospace Engineer
2145.004 Agricultural EngineerAgricultural Engineer
2145.005 Air Conditioning EngineerAir Conditioning Engineer
2145.006 Aircraft DesignerAircraft Designer
2145.007 Aircraft EngineerAircraft Engineer
2145.008 Aircraft Engineering ConsultantAircraft Engineering Consultant
2145.009 Aircraft ExaminerAircraft Examiner
2145.010 Aircraft InspectorAircraft Inspector
2145.011 Aircraft SurveyorAircraft Surveyor
2145.012 Diesel EngineerDiesel Engineer
2145.013 Diesel Engineer (Automotive)Diesel Engineer (Automotive)
2145.014 Engineer Freezing WorksEngineer Freezing Works
2145.015 Farm EngineerFarm Engineer
2145.016 Farm Equipment Design EngineerFarm Equipment Design Engineer
2145.017 Heating and Ventilation EngineerHeating and Ventilation Engineer
2145.018 Heating Control EngineerHeating Control Engineer
2145.019 Heating EngineerHeating Engineer
2145.020 Heavy Industrial EngineerHeavy Industrial Engineer
2145.021 Horticultural EngineerHorticultural Engineer
2145.022 Industrial EngineerIndustrial Engineer
2145.023 Industrial Engineer (Automotive)Industrial Engineer (Automotive)
2145.024 Industrial Machinery EngineerIndustrial Machinery Engineer
2145.025 Instrument Engineer MechanicalInstrument Engineer Mechanical
2145.026 Marine ArchitectMarine Architect
2145.027 Marine DesignerMarine Designer
2145.028 Marine ExaminerMarine Examiner
2145.029 Mechanical Consulting EngineerMechanical Consulting Engineer
2145.030 Mechanical EngineerMechanical Engineer
2145.031 Mechanical Engineer (Automotive)Mechanical Engineer (Automotive)
2145.032 Mechanical Engineer AeronauticalMechanical Engineer Aeronautical
2145.033 Mechanical Engineer Heating and VentilationMechanical Engineer Heating and Ventilation
2145.034 Nautical SurveyorNautical Surveyor
2145.035 Naval ArchitectNaval Architect
2145.036 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning EngineerRefrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineer
2145.037 Refrigeration EngineerRefrigeration Engineer
2145.038 Refrigeration Services EngineerRefrigeration Services Engineer
2145.039 Refrigeration System EngineerRefrigeration System Engineer
2145.040 Ship DesignerShip Designer
2145.041 Ships SurveyorShips Surveyor
2145.042 Ventilation EngineerVentilation Engineer
2146.001 Biochemical EngineerBiochemical Engineer
2146.002 Bioprocess EngineerBioprocess Engineer
2146.003 BiotechnologistBiotechnologist
2146.004 Brewery TechnologistBrewery Technologist
2146.005 Chemical EngineerChemical Engineer
2146.006 Food and Drink TechnologistFood and Drink Technologist
2146.007 Food ChemistFood Chemist
2146.008 Food EngineerFood Engineer
2146.009 Food ScientistFood Scientist
2146.010 Food TechnologistFood Technologist
2146.011 Gas EngineerGas Engineer
2146.012 Glass and Ceramics TechnologistGlass and Ceramics Technologist
2146.013 Oil Refinery EngineerOil Refinery Engineer
2146.014 Petroleum EngineerPetroleum Engineer
2146.015 Petroleum Engineer RefineryPetroleum Engineer Refinery
2147.001 Applied Scientist MetallurgyApplied Scientist Metallurgy
2147.002 AssayerAssayer
2147.003 Coal Mining EngineerCoal Mining Engineer
2147.004 Colliery EngineerColliery Engineer
2147.005 MetallurgistMetallurgist
2147.006 Metals ScientistMetals Scientist
2147.007 Mining EngineerMining Engineer
2147.008 Prospecter Oil Petroleum GasProspecter Oil Petroleum Gas
2148.001 CartographerCartographer
2148.002 Engineering SurveyorEngineering Surveyor
2148.003 Facilities EngineerFacilities Engineer
2148.004 Geodetic SurveyorGeodetic Surveyor
2148.005 Hydraulic SurveyorHydraulic Surveyor
2148.006 Hydrographic SurveyorHydrographic Surveyor
2148.007 Land SurveyorLand Surveyor
2148.008 Map MakerMap Maker
2148.009 Marine CartographerMarine Cartographer
2148.010 Marine SurveyorMarine Surveyor
2148.011 Mines SurveyorMines Surveyor
2148.012 PhotogrammetristPhotogrammetrist
2148.013 Photographic SurveyorPhotographic Surveyor
2148.014 SurveyorSurveyor
2211.001 Agricultural ScientistAgricultural Scientist
2211.002 AgronomistAgronomist
2211.003 AgrostologistAgrostologist
2211.004 AnatomistAnatomist
2211.005 Animal EcologistAnimal Ecologist
2211.006 Animal PhysiologistAnimal Physiologist
2211.007 Animal ScientistAnimal Scientist
2211.008 Apicultural ScientistApicultural Scientist
2211.009 Aquatic BiologistAquatic Biologist
2211.010 BiologistBiologist
2211.011 BotanistBotanist
2211.012 Crop Research ScientistCrop Research Scientist
2211.013 Ecological ResearcherEcological Researcher
2211.014 EcologistEcologist
2211.015 EndocrinologistEndocrinologist
2211.016 EntomologistEntomologist
2211.017 Environmental ScientistEnvironmental Scientist
2211.018 EnvironmentalistEnvironmentalist
2211.019 Farming ScientistFarming Scientist
2211.020 Fisheries ResearcherFisheries Researcher
2211.021 Fisheries ScientistFisheries Scientist
2211.022 Forest PathologistForest Pathologist
2211.023 Forest Product ScientistForest Product Scientist
2211.024 Forest ScientistForest Scientist
2211.025 ForesterForester
2211.026 Forestry ConservationistForestry Conservationist
2211.027 Forestry ResearcherForestry Researcher
2211.028 Forestry ScientistForestry Scientist
2211.029 Freshwater EcologistFreshwater Ecologist
2211.030 Fruit Research ScientistFruit Research Scientist
2211.031 Horticultural ScientistHorticultural Scientist
2211.032 Marine BiologistMarine Biologist
2211.033 Marine EcologistMarine Ecologist
2211.034 Molecular BiologistMolecular Biologist
2211.035 MycologistMycologist
2211.036 OrnithologistOrnithologist
2211.037 OsteologistOsteologist
2211.038 PhytotomistPhytotomist
2211.039 Plant BiologistPlant Biologist
2211.040 Plant EcologistPlant Ecologist
2211.041 Plant Environmental BiologistPlant Environmental Biologist
2211.042 Plant Molecular BiologistPlant Molecular Biologist
2211.043 Plant PathologistPlant Pathologist
2211.044 Plant PhysiologistPlant Physiologist
2211.045 Plant TaxonomistPlant Taxonomist
2211.046 Plant ToxicologistPlant Toxicologist
2211.047 PomologistPomologist
2211.048 SilviculturistSilviculturist
2211.049 Wildlife BiologistWildlife Biologist
2211.050 Wildlife ConservationistWildlife Conservationist
2211.051 Wool Research ScientistWool Research Scientist
2211.052 ZoologistZoologist
2212.001 Anatomical PathologistAnatomical Pathologist
2212.002 BacteriologistBacteriologist
2212.003 BiochemistBiochemist
2212.004 Biological ChemistBiological Chemist
2212.005 Biomedical EngineerBiomedical Engineer
2212.006 Cellular BiochemistCellular Biochemist
2212.007 CytologistCytologist
2212.008 Forensic BiologistForensic Biologist
2212.009 Forensic ScientistForensic Scientist
2212.010 HaemotologistHaemotologist
2212.011 HistologistHistologist
2212.012 ImmunologistImmunologist
2212.013 Industrial MicrobiologistIndustrial Microbiologist
2212.014 Medical MicrobiologistMedical Microbiologist
2212.015 Medical PathologistMedical Pathologist
2212.016 Medical ScientistMedical Scientist
2212.017 MicrobiologistMicrobiologist
2212.018 Molecular BiochemistMolecular Biochemist
2212.019 Molecular Scientist (Medicine)Molecular Scientist (Medicine)
2212.020 ParasitologistParasitologist
2212.021 PharmacologistPharmacologist
2212.022 PhysiologistPhysiologist
2212.023 Public Health ScientistPublic Health Scientist
2212.024 Research BiochemistResearch Biochemist
2212.025 Respiratory PhysiologistRespiratory Physiologist
2212.026 ToxicologistToxicologist
2212.027 VirologistVirologist
2213.001 Agricultural AdvisorAgricultural Advisor
2213.002 Agricultural ConsultantAgricultural Consultant
2213.003 Agricultural Economic AdvisorAgricultural Economic Advisor
2213.004 Animal Husbandry AdvisorAnimal Husbandry Advisor
2213.005 Apiculture AdvisorApiculture Advisor
2213.006 Citrus Farm AdvisorCitrus Farm Advisor
2213.007 Conservation OfficerConservation Officer
2213.008 Dairy Farm AdvisorDairy Farm Advisor
2213.009 Farm AdvisorFarm Advisor
2213.010 Farm Advisory OfficerFarm Advisory Officer
2213.011 Farm ConsultantFarm Consultant
2213.012 Farm Drainage AdvisorFarm Drainage Advisor
2213.013 Farm Economic Techniques AdvisorFarm Economic Techniques Advisor
2213.014 Floriculture ConsultantFloriculture Consultant
2213.015 Forest AdvisorForest Advisor
2213.016 Forestry AdvisorForestry Advisor
2213.017 Forestry ConsultantForestry Consultant
2213.018 Forestry Field OfficerForestry Field Officer
2213.019 Grain and Crops AdvisorGrain and Crops Advisor
2213.020 Horticultural ConsultantHorticultural Consultant
2213.021 Horticultural Field ConsultantHorticultural Field Consultant
2213.022 Horticulture AdvisorHorticulture Advisor
2213.023 Orchard ConsultantOrchard Consultant
2213.024 PedologistPedologist
2213.025 Scientific Soil TesterScientific Soil Tester
2213.026 Soil AdvisorSoil Advisor
2213.027 Soil ChemistSoil Chemist
2213.028 Soil ConservationistSoil Conservationist
2213.029 Soil EcologistSoil Ecologist
2213.030 Soil Fertility ExpertSoil Fertility Expert
2213.031 Soil PhysicistSoil Physicist
2213.032 Soil ScientistSoil Scientist
2213.033 Vegetable ConsultantVegetable Consultant
2221.001 AnaesthesiologistAnaesthesiologist
2221.002 AnaesthetistAnaesthetist
2221.003 Cancer SpecialistCancer Specialist
2221.004 CardiologistCardiologist
2221.005 Cardiothoracic SurgeonCardiothoracic Surgeon
2221.006 Child Birth SpecialistChild Birth Specialist
2221.007 Clinical OncologistClinical Oncologist
2221.008 DermatologistDermatologist
2221.009 Diagnostic RadiologistDiagnostic Radiologist
2221.010 Doctor General PracticeDoctor General Practice
2221.011 Doctor Specialised PracticeDoctor Specialised Practice
2221.012 Family DoctorFamily Doctor
2221.013 General PractitionerGeneral Practitioner
2221.014 General SurgeonGeneral Surgeon
2221.015 GPGP
2221.016 GynaecologistGynaecologist
2221.017 Hospital DoctorHospital Doctor
2221.018 Hospital RegistrarHospital Registrar
2221.019 House DoctorHouse Doctor
2221.020 House SurgeonHouse Surgeon
2221.021 Infant Care Medical SpecialistInfant Care Medical Specialist
2221.022 Intensive Care SurgeonIntensive Care Surgeon
2221.023 Medical InternMedical Intern
2221.024 Medical OfficerMedical Officer
2221.025 Medical PractitionerMedical Practitioner
2221.026 Medical Sedation SpecialistMedical Sedation Specialist
2221.027 Medical SpecialistMedical Specialist
2221.028 NephrologistNephrologist
2221.029 NeurologistNeurologist
2221.030 NeurosurgeonNeurosurgeon
2221.031 ObstetricianObstetrician
2221.032 OncologistOncologist
2221.033 OphthalmologistOphthalmologist
2221.034 Orthopaedic SurgeonOrthopaedic Surgeon
2221.035 OtolaryngologistOtolaryngologist
2221.036 PaediatricianPaediatrician
2221.037 PathologistPathologist
2221.038 PhysicianPhysician
2221.039 Plastic SurgeonPlastic Surgeon
2221.040 PsychiatristPsychiatrist
2221.041 PsychogeriatricianPsychogeriatrician
2221.042 Radiation OncologistRadiation Oncologist
2221.043 RadiologistRadiologist
2221.044 RadiotherapistRadiotherapist
2221.045 Resident Medical OfficerResident Medical Officer
2221.046 School DoctorSchool Doctor
2221.047 Sports Medicine PractitionerSports Medicine Practitioner
2221.048 SurgeonSurgeon
2221.049 UrologistUrologist
2221.050 VenereologistVenereologist
2222.001 Dental SurgeonDental Surgeon
2222.002 DentistDentist
2222.003 Oral SurgeonOral Surgeon
2222.004 OrthodontistOrthodontist
2222.005 PaedodontistPaedodontist
2222.006 PeriodontistPeriodontist
2222.007 ProsthodontistProsthodontist
2223.001 Animal DoctorAnimal Doctor
2223.002 Meat VeterinarianMeat Veterinarian
2223.003 Public Health VeterinarianPublic Health Veterinarian
2223.004 VeterinarianVeterinarian
2223.005 Veterinary Diagnostic OfficerVeterinary Diagnostic Officer
2223.006 Veterinary Officer AgricultureVeterinary Officer Agriculture
2223.007 Veterinary PathologistVeterinary Pathologist
2223.008 Veterinary SurgeonVeterinary Surgeon
2224.001 Community PharmacistCommunity Pharmacist
2224.002 Health Service PharmacistHealth Service Pharmacist
2224.003 Hospital ChemistHospital Chemist
2224.004 Hospital Dispensing ChemistHospital Dispensing Chemist
2224.005 Hospital PharmacistHospital Pharmacist
2224.006 Retail ChemistRetail Chemist
2224.007 Retail Dispensing ChemistRetail Dispensing Chemist
2224.008 Retail PharmacistRetail Pharmacist
2225.001 Clinical DietitianClinical Dietitian
2225.002 Community DietitianCommunity Dietitian
2225.003 DieticianDietician
2225.004 DietitianDietitian
2225.005 Hospital DieticianHospital Dietician
2225.006 Hospital DietitianHospital Dietitian
2225.007 Public Health DietitianPublic Health Dietitian
2225.008 Public Health NutritionistPublic Health Nutritionist
2226.001 OculistOculist
2226.002 Opthalmic OpticianOpthalmic Optician
2226.003 OptometristOptometrist
2226.004 Orthoptist Squint CorrectionOrthoptist Squint Correction
2231.001 Baby Health NurseBaby Health Nurse
2231.002 Charge NurseCharge Nurse
2231.003 Child Care NurseChild Care Nurse
2231.004 Child Health NurseChild Health Nurse
2231.005 Community Child and Family NurseCommunity Child and Family Nurse
2231.006 District NurseDistrict Nurse
2231.007 Factory NurseFactory Nurse
2231.008 General NurseGeneral Nurse
2231.009 General Registered NurseGeneral Registered Nurse
2231.010 Hospital MatronHospital Matron
2231.011 Hospital NurseHospital Nurse
2231.012 Industrial NurseIndustrial Nurse
2231.013 Kumau Mahi WhaanuiKumau Mahi Whaanui
2231.014 Kumau Mahi WhanuiKumau Mahi Whanui
2231.015 Maternity NurseMaternity Nurse
2231.016 Mental Health NurseMental Health Nurse
2231.017 Mid WifeMid Wife
2231.018 MidwifeMidwife
2231.019 Naahi Kua ReehitatiaNaahi Kua Reehitatia
2231.020 Naahi Mahi WhaanuiNaahi Mahi Whaanui
2231.021 Nahi Kua RehitatiaNahi Kua Rehitatia
2231.022 Nahi Mahi WhanuiNahi Mahi Whanui
2231.023 Neehi Kua ReehitatiaNeehi Kua Reehitatia
2231.024 Neehi Mahi WhaanuiNeehi Mahi Whaanui
2231.025 Nehi Kua RehitatiaNehi Kua Rehitatia
2231.026 Nehi Mahi WhanuiNehi Mahi Whanui
2231.027 Nurse InspectorNurse Inspector
2231.028 Nursing SisterNursing Sister
2231.029 Occupational Health NurseOccupational Health Nurse
2231.030 Operating Theatre NurseOperating Theatre Nurse
2231.031 Other Midwifery PersonnelOther Midwifery Personnel
2231.032 Plunket NursePlunket Nurse
2231.033 Practice NursePractice Nurse
2231.034 Principal NursePrincipal Nurse
2231.035 Principal Nurse - Rest HomePrincipal Nurse - Rest Home
2231.036 Professional MidwifeProfessional Midwife
2231.037 Psychiatric NursePsychiatric Nurse
2231.038 Psychopaedic NursePsychopaedic Nurse
2231.039 Public Health Education NursePublic Health Education Nurse
2231.040 Public Health NursePublic Health Nurse
2231.041 Public Health Registered NursePublic Health Registered Nurse
2231.042 Registered Geriatric NurseRegistered Geriatric Nurse
2231.043 Registered Hospital NurseRegistered Hospital Nurse
2231.044 Registered Mental NurseRegistered Mental Nurse
2231.045 Registered MidwifeRegistered Midwife
2231.046 Registered NurseRegistered Nurse
2231.047 Registered Practice NurseRegistered Practice Nurse
2231.048 Registered Psychopaedic NurseRegistered Psychopaedic Nurse
2231.049 School Health NurseSchool Health Nurse
2231.050 School NurseSchool Nurse
2231.051 Staff NurseStaff Nurse
2231.052 Tapuhi Kua ReehitatiaTapuhi Kua Reehitatia
2231.053 Tapuhi Kua RehitatiaTapuhi Kua Rehitatia
2231.054 Tapuhi Mahi WhaanuiTapuhi Mahi Whaanui
2231.055 Tapuhi Mahi WhanuiTapuhi Mahi Whanui
2311.001 College of Education LecturerCollege of Education Lecturer
2311.002 Higher Education LecturerHigher Education Lecturer
2311.003 Nurse TutorNurse Tutor
2311.004 Nursing InstructorNursing Instructor
2311.005 Nursing TutorNursing Tutor
2311.006 Polytech TeacherPolytech Teacher
2311.007 Polytechnic LecturerPolytechnic Lecturer
2311.008 Polytechnic TutorPolytechnic Tutor
2311.009 Technology TeacherTechnology Teacher
2311.010 Tertiary Education TeacherTertiary Education Teacher
2311.011 Tertiary LecturerTertiary Lecturer
2311.012 Tertiary TeacherTertiary Teacher
2311.013 Training College TutorTraining College Tutor
2311.014 Tutor in PTETutor in PTE
2311.015 University DemonstratorUniversity Demonstrator
2311.016 University LecturerUniversity Lecturer
2311.017 University ProfessorUniversity Professor
2311.018 University ReaderUniversity Reader
2311.019 University TutorUniversity Tutor
2321.001 High School TeacherHigh School Teacher
2321.002 House Tutor Secondary SchoolHouse Tutor Secondary School
2321.003 Housemaster Secondary SchoolHousemaster Secondary School
2321.004 Kaiako Kura TuaruaKaiako Kura Tuarua
2321.005 Kaiwhakaako Kura TuaruaKaiwhakaako Kura Tuarua
2321.006 Mahita Kura TuaruaMahita Kura Tuarua
2321.007 Night School Teacher Secondary SchoolNight School Teacher Secondary School
2321.008 Secondary Correspondence School TeacherSecondary Correspondence School Teacher
2321.009 Secondary School TeacherSecondary School Teacher
2331.001 Housemaster Primary SchoolHousemaster Primary School
2331.002 Intermediate School TeacherIntermediate School Teacher
2331.003 Intermediate TeacherIntermediate Teacher
2331.004 Kaiako Kura TuatahiKaiako Kura Tuatahi
2331.005 Kaiwhakaako Kura TuatahiKaiwhakaako Kura Tuatahi
2331.006 Mahita Kura TuatahiMahita Kura Tuatahi
2331.007 Night School Teacher Primary SchoolNight School Teacher Primary School
2331.008 Primary Correspondence School TeacherPrimary Correspondence School Teacher
2331.009 Primary School TeacherPrimary School Teacher
2331.010 Primary TeacherPrimary Teacher
2332.001 Bilingual TeacherBilingual Teacher
2332.002 Day Nursery AssistantDay Nursery Assistant
2332.003 Early Childhood TeacherEarly Childhood Teacher
2332.004 Kaiako Kohanga ReoKaiako Kohanga Reo
2332.005 Kaiako Koohanga ReoKaiako Koohanga Reo
2332.006 Kaiako Reo MaaoriKaiako Reo Maaori
2332.007 Kaiako TKRKaiako TKR
2332.008 Kaiwhakaako I Te Reo MaoriKaiwhakaako I Te Reo Maori
2332.009 Kaiwhakaako Kohanga ReoKaiwhakaako Kohanga Reo
2332.010 Kaiwhakaako Koohanga ReoKaiwhakaako Koohanga Reo
2332.011 Kindergarten TeacherKindergarten Teacher
2332.012 Kohanga Reo KaiakoKohanga Reo Kaiako
2332.013 Kohanga Reo KaiawhinaKohanga Reo Kaiawhina
2332.014 Kohanga Reo TeacherKohanga Reo Teacher
2332.015 Kohanga Reo WorkerKohanga Reo Worker
2332.016 Maori Language Nest TeacherMaori Language Nest Teacher
2332.017 Montessori TeacherMontessori Teacher
2332.018 Other Preprimary TeacherOther Preprimary Teacher
2332.019 Play Centre or Playground SupervisorPlay Centre or Playground Supervisor
2332.020 Play Centre SupervisorPlay Centre Supervisor
2332.021 Playcentre SupervisorPlaycentre Supervisor
2332.022 Playground SupervisorPlayground Supervisor
2332.023 Playschool TeacherPlayschool Teacher
2332.024 Pre School TeacherPre School Teacher
2332.025 Preschool CoordinatorPreschool Coordinator
2332.026 Preschool HelperPreschool Helper
2332.027 Preschool Supervisor KindergartenPreschool Supervisor Kindergarten
2332.028 Preschool Supervisor Play CentrePreschool Supervisor Play Centre
2332.029 Supervisor CrecheSupervisor Creche
2332.030 Total Immersion TeacherTotal Immersion Teacher
2341.001 Audio Visual Teaching SpecialistAudio Visual Teaching Specialist
2341.002 Cerebral Palsy School TeacherCerebral Palsy School Teacher
2341.003 EFL TeacherEFL Teacher
2341.004 Elocution TeacherElocution Teacher
2341.005 English Language TeacherEnglish Language Teacher
2341.006 ESL TeacherESL Teacher
2341.007 ESOL TeacherESOL Teacher
2341.008 Guidance Learning TeacherGuidance Learning Teacher
2341.009 IHC TeacherIHC Teacher
2341.010 Inclusive Education CoordinatorInclusive Education Coordinator
2341.011 Itinerant Teacher (Special Needs)Itinerant Teacher (Special Needs)
2341.012 Language TherapistLanguage Therapist
2341.013 Rehabilitation TeacherRehabilitation Teacher
2341.014 Remedial TeacherRemedial Teacher
2341.015 Resource Teacher (Special Needs)Resource Teacher (Special Needs)
2341.016 Special Education Remedial TeacherSpecial Education Remedial Teacher
2341.017 Special Education TeacherSpecial Education Teacher
2341.018 Speech ClinicianSpeech Clinician
2341.019 Speech PathologistSpeech Pathologist
2341.020 Speech TherapistSpeech Therapist
2341.021 Speech-Language TherapistSpeech-Language Therapist
2341.022 Teacher of English as a Second LanguageTeacher of English as a Second Language
2341.023 Teacher of the BlindTeacher of the Blind
2341.024 Teacher of the Deaf and DumbTeacher of the Deaf and Dumb
2351.001 Arts and Craft AdvisorArts and Craft Advisor
2351.002 Curriculum FacilitatorCurriculum Facilitator
2351.003 Education ConsultantEducation Consultant
2351.004 Education Methods SpecialistEducation Methods Specialist
2351.005 Educational AdvisorEducational Advisor
2351.006 Government Education OfficerGovernment Education Officer
2351.007 Preschool AdvisorPreschool Advisor
2351.008 School AdvisorSchool Advisor
2352.001 Education Review OfficerEducation Review Officer
2352.002 Education ReviewerEducation Reviewer
2352.003 School InspectorSchool Inspector
2411.001 AccountantAccountant
2411.002 Audit InspectorAudit Inspector
2411.003 AuditorAuditor
2411.004 Bank AccountantBank Accountant
2411.005 Budgeting AccountantBudgeting Accountant
2411.006 Chartered AccountantChartered Accountant
2411.007 Company AccountantCompany Accountant
2411.008 Cost AccountantCost Accountant
2411.009 Financial AccountantFinancial Accountant
2411.010 GST AuditorGST Auditor
2411.011 Internal AuditorInternal Auditor
2411.012 Investigating AccountantInvestigating Accountant
2411.013 KaikauteKaikaute
2411.014 Kaiwhakahaere KauteKaiwhakahaere Kaute
2411.015 Kaiwhakahaere PuteaKaiwhakahaere Putea
2411.016 Kaiwhakahaere PuuteaKaiwhakahaere Puutea
2411.017 Legal AccountantLegal Accountant
2411.018 Management AccountantManagement Accountant
2411.019 Production AccountantProduction Accountant
2411.020 Production Management AccountantProduction Management Accountant
2411.021 Public AccountantPublic Accountant
2411.022 System Cost AccountantSystem Cost Accountant
2411.023 Tax AccountantTax Accountant
2411.024 Taxation Consultant EconomicTaxation Consultant Economic
2411.025 Trainee AccountantTrainee Accountant
2412.001 Consultant TrainerConsultant Trainer
2412.002 EEO AdvisorEEO Advisor
2412.003 EEO OfficerEEO Officer
2412.004 EEO PractitionerEEO Practitioner
2412.005 Employment OfficerEmployment Officer
2412.006 Human Resources AdvisorHuman Resources Advisor
2412.007 Human Resources ConsultantHuman Resources Consultant
2412.008 Human Resources OfficerHuman Resources Officer
2412.009 Industrial Education OfficerIndustrial Education Officer
2412.010 Industrial Personnel OfficerIndustrial Personnel Officer
2412.011 Industrial Relations AdvisorIndustrial Relations Advisor
2412.012 Industrial Relations ConsultantIndustrial Relations Consultant
2412.013 Industrial Relations OfficerIndustrial Relations Officer
2412.014 Industrial Training OfficerIndustrial Training Officer
2412.015 Liaison OfficerLiaison Officer
2412.016 Personnel ConsultantPersonnel Consultant
2412.017 Personnel OfficerPersonnel Officer
2412.018 Recruiting OfficerRecruiting Officer
2412.019 Staff Appointment OfficerStaff Appointment Officer
2412.020 Staff Development and Training OfficerStaff Development and Training Officer
2412.021 Staff Development OfficerStaff Development Officer
2412.022 Staff OfficerStaff Officer
2412.023 Staff Training OfficerStaff Training Officer
2412.024 Training and Development OfficerTraining and Development Officer
2412.025 Training ConsultantTraining Consultant
2412.026 Training OfficerTraining Officer
2413.001 Business AnalystBusiness Analyst
2413.002 Business ConsultantBusiness Consultant
2413.003 Business ForecasterBusiness Forecaster
2413.004 Communications AdvisorCommunications Advisor
2413.005 Communications OfficerCommunications Officer
2413.006 Farm Management ConsultantFarm Management Consultant
2413.007 Finance ConsultantFinance Consultant
2413.008 Financial AdvisorFinancial Advisor
2413.009 Financial Advisor BrokerFinancial Advisor Broker
2413.010 Financial AnalystFinancial Analyst
2413.011 Financial ConsultantFinancial Consultant
2413.012 Financial PlannerFinancial Planner
2413.013 Fund RaiserFund Raiser
2413.014 FundraiserFundraiser
2413.015 Immigration ConsultantImmigration Consultant
2413.016 Investment AdvisorInvestment Advisor
2413.017 Investment ConsultantInvestment Consultant
2413.018 Management ConsultantManagement Consultant
2413.019 Market AnalystMarket Analyst
2413.020 Market Research AnalystMarket Research Analyst
2413.021 Market Research Project LeaderMarket Research Project Leader
2413.022 Market Research Project ManagerMarket Research Project Manager
2413.023 Market ResearcherMarket Researcher
2413.024 Market Trends ConsultantMarket Trends Consultant
2413.025 Marketing OfficerMarketing Officer
2413.026 Media AdvisorMedia Advisor
2413.027 Press OfficerPress Officer
2413.028 Press SecretaryPress Secretary
2413.029 Public Affairs OfficerPublic Affairs Officer
2413.030 Public Relations OfficerPublic Relations Officer
2413.031 Publicity and Public Relations OfficerPublicity and Public Relations Officer
2413.032 Publicity OfficerPublicity Officer
2413.033 Taxation Consultant AccountingTaxation Consultant Accounting
2421.001 AttorneyAttorney
2421.002 BarristerBarrister
2421.003 Civil LawyerCivil Lawyer
2421.004 Commercial Corporate SolicitorCommercial Corporate Solicitor
2421.005 Conveyancing LawyerConveyancing Lawyer
2421.006 Criminal LawyerCriminal Lawyer
2421.007 LawyerLawyer
2421.008 Legal AdvisorLegal Advisor
2421.009 Legal AdvocateLegal Advocate
2421.010 NotaryNotary
2421.011 SolicitorSolicitor
2421.012 Trade Union Industrial AdvocateTrade Union Industrial Advocate
2422.001 Chief JusticeChief Justice
2422.002 Court of Appeal JudgeCourt of Appeal Judge
2422.003 District Court JudgeDistrict Court Judge
2422.004 Employment Court JudgeEmployment Court Judge
2422.005 Family Court JudgeFamily Court Judge
2422.006 High Court JudgeHigh Court Judge
2422.007 JudgeJudge
2422.008 Maori Land Court JudgeMaori Land Court Judge
2422.009 Referee Small ClaimsReferee Small Claims
2422.010 Tribunal JudgeTribunal Judge
2423.001 ArbitratorArbitrator
2423.002 CoronerCoroner
2423.003 Examiner Trade MarksExaminer Trade Marks
2423.004 FacilitatorFacilitator
2423.005 Industrial ConciliatorIndustrial Conciliator
2423.006 JuristJurist
2423.007 Land RegistrarLand Registrar
2423.008 MediatorMediator
2423.009 NegotiatorNegotiator
2423.010 Official AssigneeOfficial Assignee
2423.011 Other Legal ProfessionalOther Legal Professional
2423.012 Parliamentary DraughtsmanParliamentary Draughtsman
2423.013 Patent AttorneyPatent Attorney
2423.014 Patent ExaminerPatent Examiner
2423.015 Race Relations ConcilliatorRace Relations Concilliator
2423.016 Registrar of CourtsRegistrar of Courts
2423.017 Tenancy MediatorTenancy Mediator
2423.018 Trade Marks Examiner JusticeTrade Marks Examiner Justice
2423.019 University ProctorUniversity Proctor
2431.001 ArchivistArchivist
2431.002 Art ConservatorArt Conservator
2431.003 Art Gallery and Museum CuratorArt Gallery and Museum Curator
2431.004 Art Gallery ConservatorArt Gallery Conservator
2431.005 CuratorCurator
2431.006 Curator Art GalleryCurator Art Gallery
2431.007 Curator MuseumCurator Museum
2431.008 Document ConservatorDocument Conservator
2431.009 Document RestorerDocument Restorer
2431.010 Film ArchivistFilm Archivist
2431.011 Information ArchivistInformation Archivist
2431.012 Museum ConservatorMuseum Conservator
2431.013 Museum Education OfficerMuseum Education Officer
2431.014 Photographic ArchivistPhotographic Archivist
2431.015 Reference ArchivistReference Archivist
2432.001 Childrens LibrarianChildrens Librarian
2432.002 Information Services AdministratorInformation Services Administrator
2432.003 LibrarianLibrarian
2432.004 Mobile LibrarianMobile Librarian
2432.005 Reference LibrarianReference Librarian
2441.001 Development Finance Project AnalystDevelopment Finance Project Analyst
2441.002 Economic ForecasterEconomic Forecaster
2441.003 EconomistEconomist
2441.004 Financial Analyst BrokerFinancial Analyst Broker
2441.005 Research EconomistResearch Economist
2442.001 AnthropologistAnthropologist
2442.002 ArchaeologistArchaeologist
2442.003 CriminologistCriminologist
2442.004 DemographerDemographer
2442.005 Environmental AnalystEnvironmental Analyst
2442.006 Environmental Statistics AnalystEnvironmental Statistics Analyst
2442.007 EthnologistEthnologist
2442.008 GenealogistGenealogist
2442.009 GeographerGeographer
2442.010 HistorianHistorian
2442.011 Labour Market AnalystLabour Market Analyst
2442.012 Policy AnalystPolicy Analyst
2442.013 Political AnalystPolitical Analyst
2442.014 Political ScientistPolitical Scientist
2442.015 Population AnalystPopulation Analyst
2442.016 Research Officer Social SciencesResearch Officer Social Sciences
2442.017 Research StatisticianResearch Statistician
2442.018 Social ResearcherSocial Researcher
2442.019 Social ScientistSocial Scientist
2442.020 Social Statistics AnalystSocial Statistics Analyst
2442.021 SociologistSociologist
2443.001 Braille TranscriberBraille Transcriber
2443.002 EtymologistEtymologist
2443.003 InterpreterInterpreter
2443.004 Language TranslatorLanguage Translator
2443.005 LinguistLinguist
2443.006 PhilologistPhilologist
2443.007 Sign Language TranslatorSign Language Translator
2443.008 TranslatorTranslator
2444.001 Behaviour TherapistBehaviour Therapist
2444.002 Behavioural ResearcherBehavioural Researcher
2444.003 Child Development PsychologistChild Development Psychologist
2444.004 Clinical PsychologistClinical Psychologist
2444.005 Cognitive Behavioural TherapistCognitive Behavioural Therapist
2444.006 Comparative PsychologistComparative Psychologist
2444.007 Counselling PsychologistCounselling Psychologist
2444.008 Criminal PsychologistCriminal Psychologist
2444.009 Educational PsychologistEducational Psychologist
2444.010 Experimental PsychologistExperimental Psychologist
2444.011 Family Counselling PsychologistFamily Counselling Psychologist
2444.012 Forensic PsychologistForensic Psychologist
2444.013 Occupational PsychologistOccupational Psychologist
2444.014 PsychologistPsychologist
2444.015 Psychology AdministratorPsychology Administrator
2444.016 PsychotherapistPsychotherapist
2444.017 Research PsychologistResearch Psychologist
2444.018 Sports PsychologistSports Psychologist
2445.001 Alcohol CounsellorAlcohol Counsellor
2445.002 CounsellorCounsellor
2445.003 Counsellor Social ServiceCounsellor Social Service
2445.004 Drug and Alcohol CounsellorDrug and Alcohol Counsellor
2445.005 Family CounsellorFamily Counsellor
2445.006 Guidance CounsellorGuidance Counsellor
2445.007 Marriage Guidance CounsellorMarriage Guidance Counsellor
2445.008 Personal CounsellorPersonal Counsellor
2445.009 Relationship CounsellorRelationship Counsellor
2445.010 School CounsellorSchool Counsellor
2445.011 Sexual Abuse CounsellorSexual Abuse Counsellor
2445.012 Vocational Guidance CounsellorVocational Guidance Counsellor
2446.001 Consular OfficialConsular Official
2446.002 Diplomatic Information OfficerDiplomatic Information Officer
2446.003 Diplomatic OfficerDiplomatic Officer
2446.004 Diplomatic OfficialDiplomatic Official
2446.005 Diplomatic SecretaryDiplomatic Secretary
2446.006 Embassy SecretaryEmbassy Secretary
2446.007 External Relations Policy OfficerExternal Relations Policy Officer
2446.008 Foreign Affairs and Trade OfficerForeign Affairs and Trade Officer
2446.009 Mission Director DiplomaticMission Director Diplomatic
2446.010 Trade Commissioner AttacheTrade Commissioner Attache
2451.001 Anglican MinisterAnglican Minister
2451.002 Anglican PriestAnglican Priest
2451.003 Catholic PriestCatholic Priest
2451.004 ChaplainChaplain
2451.005 ClergymanClergyman
2451.006 ClergywomanClergywoman
2451.007 Hospital ChaplainHospital Chaplain
2451.008 Industrial ChaplainIndustrial Chaplain
2451.009 Minister of ReligionMinister of Religion
2451.010 PastorPastor
2451.011 PriestPriest
2451.012 Prison ChaplainPrison Chaplain
2451.013 RabbiRabbi
2451.014 Salvation Army OfficerSalvation Army Officer
2451.015 VicarVicar
3111.001 Astronomy TechnicianAstronomy Technician
3111.002 Chemical Manufacturing TechnicianChemical Manufacturing Technician
3111.003 Chemistry TechnicianChemistry Technician
3111.004 Field Trials OfficerField Trials Officer
3111.005 Geological TechnicianGeological Technician
3111.006 Geology TechnicianGeology Technician
3111.007 Hydrological Field TechnicianHydrological Field Technician
3111.008 Hydrology TechnicianHydrology Technician
3111.009 Industrial Laboratory TechnicianIndustrial Laboratory Technician
3111.010 Industrial Research TechnicianIndustrial Research Technician
3111.011 Limnology TechnicianLimnology Technician
3111.012 Meteorological Observer TechnicianMeteorological Observer Technician
3111.013 Meteorological Technical OfficerMeteorological Technical Officer
3111.014 Meteorological TechnicianMeteorological Technician
3111.015 Meteorology TechnicianMeteorology Technician
3111.016 Physical Science TechnicianPhysical Science Technician
3111.017 Physical Sciences Field Station ObserverPhysical Sciences Field Station Observer
3111.018 Physical Sciences Laboratory TechnicianPhysical Sciences Laboratory Technician
3111.019 Physical Sciences Research Laboratory TechnicianPhysical Sciences Research Laboratory Technician
3111.020 Physics TechnicianPhysics Technician
3111.021 Radiation Laboratory TechnicianRadiation Laboratory Technician
3111.022 Research Technician Industrial LaboratoryResearch Technician Industrial Laboratory
3111.023 School Laboratory TechnicianSchool Laboratory Technician
3111.024 University Physical Sciences Workshop TechnicianUniversity Physical Sciences Workshop Technician
3111.025 University Research TechnicianUniversity Research Technician
3111.026 Wool Testing TechnicianWool Testing Technician
3112.001 Building EstimatorBuilding Estimator
3112.002 Cartographic TechnicianCartographic Technician
3112.003 Civil Engineering AssistantCivil Engineering Assistant
3112.004 Clerk of WorksClerk of Works
3112.005 Construction Design TechnicianConstruction Design Technician
3112.006 Construction EstimatorConstruction Estimator
3112.007 Construction Supply PlannerConstruction Supply Planner
3112.008 Hydrographic TechnicianHydrographic Technician
3112.009 Other Civil Engineering TechnicianOther Civil Engineering Technician
3112.010 Quality Controller of Other Civil Engineering TechniciansQuality Controller of Other Civil Engineering Technicians
3112.011 Quality Controller Of Surveyors TechniciansQuality Controller Of Surveyors Technicians
3112.012 Quantity SurveyorQuantity Surveyor
3112.013 Specification Writer ElectricalSpecification Writer Electrical
3112.014 Surveyors TechnicianSurveyors Technician
3112.015 Waste Water Treatment OfficerWaste Water Treatment Officer
3112.016 Work Site Engineering TechnicianWork Site Engineering Technician
3113.001 Electrical Engineering EstimatorElectrical Engineering Estimator
3113.002 Electrical Engineering TechnicianElectrical Engineering Technician
3113.003 Electrical Test TechnicianElectrical Test Technician
3113.004 Electricity Test Room TechnicianElectricity Test Room Technician
3113.005 Power Generation Transmission TechnicianPower Generation Transmission Technician
3113.006 Quality Controller Of Electrical Engineering TechniciansQuality Controller Of Electrical Engineering Technicians
3114.001 Avionics Engineering TechnicianAvionics Engineering Technician
3114.002 Avionics TechnicianAvionics Technician
3114.003 Broadcasting Engineering TechnicianBroadcasting Engineering Technician
3114.004 Broadcasting TechnicianBroadcasting Technician
3114.005 Communications Technical OfficerCommunications Technical Officer
3114.006 Communications TechnicianCommunications Technician
3114.007 Computer Services TechnicianComputer Services Technician
3114.008 Computer Systems TechnicianComputer Systems Technician
3114.009 Computer Technical Service OfficerComputer Technical Service Officer
3114.010 Electronic Engineering EstimatorElectronic Engineering Estimator
3114.011 Electronic Engineering TechnicianElectronic Engineering Technician
3114.012 Electronic Instrument TechnicianElectronic Instrument Technician
3114.013 Electronic Science TechnicianElectronic Science Technician
3114.014 Electronic System Engineering TechnicianElectronic System Engineering Technician
3114.015 Electronics TechnicianElectronics Technician
3114.016 Information Systems TechnicianInformation Systems Technician
3114.017 Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)
3114.018 Other Electronics Engineering TechnicianOther Electronics Engineering Technician
3114.019 Overseer Installation CommunicationsOverseer Installation Communications
3114.020 Quality Controller Of Computer Systems TechniciansQuality Controller Of Computer Systems Technicians
3114.021 Quality Controller Of Other Electronic Engineering TechniciansQuality Controller Of Other Electronic Engineering Technicians
3114.022 Quality Controller Of Telecommunications TechniciansQuality Controller Of Telecommunications Technicians
3114.023 Radar TechnicianRadar Technician
3114.024 Radio Engineering TechnicianRadio Engineering Technician
3114.025 Radio TechnicianRadio Technician
3114.026 Scientific Electronics TechnicianScientific Electronics Technician
3114.027 Telecom TechnicianTelecom Technician
3114.028 Telecommunication Engineering TechnicianTelecommunication Engineering Technician
3114.029 Telecommunications Technical OfficerTelecommunications Technical Officer
3114.030 Telecommunications TechnicianTelecommunications Technician
3114.031 Telephone Equipment ServicemanTelephone Equipment Serviceman
3114.032 Telephone Equipment TechnicianTelephone Equipment Technician
3114.033 Telephone TechnicianTelephone Technician
3114.034 Television and Radio Systems TechnicianTelevision and Radio Systems Technician
3114.035 Television Engineering TechnicianTelevision Engineering Technician
3115.001 Aeronautical Engineering TechnicianAeronautical Engineering Technician
3115.002 Aeronautical Maintenance InstructorAeronautical Maintenance Instructor
3115.003 Aeronautical TechnicianAeronautical Technician
3115.004 Agricultural Engineering TechnicianAgricultural Engineering Technician
3115.005 Air Conditioning TechnicianAir Conditioning Technician
3115.006 Aircraft Engineering TechnicianAircraft Engineering Technician
3115.007 Automotive Engineering TechnicianAutomotive Engineering Technician
3115.008 Heating and Ventilation TechnicianHeating and Ventilation Technician
3115.009 Marine Engineering TechnicianMarine Engineering Technician
3115.010 Mechanical Engineering EstimatorMechanical Engineering Estimator
3115.011 Mechanical Engineering TechnicianMechanical Engineering Technician
3115.012 Mechanical Instrument TechnicianMechanical Instrument Technician
3115.013 Nautical Engineering TechncianNautical Engineering Techncian
3115.014 Naval TechnicianNaval Technician
3115.015 Quality Controller Of Mechanical Engineering TechniciansQuality Controller Of Mechanical Engineering Technicians
3115.016 Tool And Die Design TechnicianTool And Die Design Technician
3116.001 Chemical Engineering TechnicianChemical Engineering Technician
3116.002 Dairy TechnicianDairy Technician
3116.003 Food Engineering TechnicianFood Engineering Technician
3116.004 Fuel Engineering TechnicianFuel Engineering Technician
3116.005 Gas Production and Distribution TechnicianGas Production and Distribution Technician
3116.006 Petroleum Engineering TechnicianPetroleum Engineering Technician
3116.007 Wool Research Textile Engineering TechnicianWool Research Textile Engineering Technician
3118.001 Aeronautical DraughtsmanAeronautical Draughtsman
3118.002 Architectural Draughting TechnicianArchitectural Draughting Technician
3118.003 Architectural DraughtsmanArchitectural Draughtsman
3118.004 Architectural DraughtspersonArchitectural Draughtsperson
3118.005 Building Design TechnicianBuilding Design Technician
3118.006 CAD DraughtsmanCAD Draughtsman
3118.007 Civil Design Draughting TechnicianCivil Design Draughting Technician
3118.008 Civil Design DraughtsmanCivil Design Draughtsman
3118.009 Civil Engineering Draughting TechnicianCivil Engineering Draughting Technician
3118.010 Civil Engineering DraughtsmanCivil Engineering Draughtsman
3118.011 Coal TechnicianCoal Technician
3118.012 Coal TechnologistCoal Technologist
3118.013 Colliery TechnicianColliery Technician
3118.014 Computer DraughtsmanComputer Draughtsman
3118.015 Construction Draughting TechnicianConstruction Draughting Technician
3118.016 Construction DraughtsmanConstruction Draughtsman
3118.017 Draughting OfficerDraughting Officer
3118.018 Draughting TechnicianDraughting Technician
3118.019 Draughts PersonDraughts Person
3118.020 DraughtsmanDraughtsman
3118.021 DraughtspersonDraughtsperson
3118.022 DraughtswomanDraughtswoman
3118.023 Electrical Draughting TechnicianElectrical Draughting Technician
3118.024 Electrical DraughtsmanElectrical Draughtsman
3118.025 Industrial RadiographerIndustrial Radiographer
3118.026 Manufacturing DraughtspersonManufacturing Draughtsperson
3118.027 Marine Draughting TechnicianMarine Draughting Technician
3118.028 Marine DraughtsmanMarine Draughtsman
3118.029 Mechanical Draughting TechnicianMechanical Draughting Technician
3118.030 Mechanical DraughtsmanMechanical Draughtsman
3118.031 Metallurgical TechnicianMetallurgical Technician
3118.032 Mineral AnalystMineral Analyst
3118.033 Mineral SpectroscopistMineral Spectroscopist
3118.034 Mining TechnicianMining Technician
3118.035 Photographic Draughting TechnicianPhotographic Draughting Technician
3118.036 Photographic DraughtsmanPhotographic Draughtsman
3118.037 Plan TracerPlan Tracer
3118.038 Structural Draughting TechnicianStructural Draughting Technician
3118.039 Structural DraughtsmanStructural Draughtsman
3118.040 Structural Engineering Draughting TechnicianStructural Engineering Draughting Technician
3118.041 Surveyors DraughtsmanSurveyors Draughtsman
3118.042 Technical Draughting OfficerTechnical Draughting Officer
3118.043 Town Planning Research TechnicianTown Planning Research Technician
3118.044 Yacht DesignerYacht Designer
3119.001 Non Destructive Testing TechnicianNon Destructive Testing Technician
3119.002 Other Engineering TechnicianOther Engineering Technician
3119.003 Quality Controller Of Other Engineering TechniciansQuality Controller Of Other Engineering Technicians
3119.004 School TechnicianSchool Technician
3119.005 Weights and Measures InspectorWeights and Measures Inspector
3121.001 Applications ProgrammerApplications Programmer
3121.002 Applications TesterApplications Tester
3121.003 Computer ControllerComputer Controller
3121.004 Computer CoordinatorComputer Coordinator
3121.005 Computer OperatorComputer Operator
3121.006 Computer ProgrammerComputer Programmer
3121.007 Computer SchedulerComputer Scheduler
3121.008 Computer Support TechnicianComputer Support Technician
3121.009 Desktop Support SpecialistDesktop Support Specialist
3121.010 EDP Data ControllerEDP Data Controller
3121.011 Information Systems ProgrammerInformation Systems Programmer
3121.012 Kaiwhakahaere RorohikoKaiwhakahaere Rorohiko
3121.013 Systems Operator MathematicalSystems Operator Mathematical
3121.014 Systems ProgrammerSystems Programmer
3121.015 Systems Support IntranetSystems Support Intranet
3121.016 Web AssistantWeb Assistant
3121.017 Web SupportWeb Support
3131.001 Aerial PhotographerAerial Photographer
3131.002 Camera Control Operator TelevisionCamera Control Operator Television
3131.003 Camera OperatorCamera Operator
3131.004 Cinetape OperatorCinetape Operator
3131.005 Commercial PhotographerCommercial Photographer
3131.006 Fashion PhotographerFashion Photographer
3131.007 Film Camera OperatorFilm Camera Operator
3131.008 Kaimahi KaameraKaimahi Kaamera
3131.009 Medical PhotographerMedical Photographer
3131.010 Microfilm TechnicianMicrofilm Technician
3131.011 Motion Picture CameramanMotion Picture Cameraman
3131.012 PhotographerPhotographer
3131.013 Photographic Camera OperatorPhotographic Camera Operator
3131.014 PhotojournalistPhotojournalist
3131.015 Police PhotographerPolice Photographer
3131.016 Portrait PhotographerPortrait Photographer
3131.017 Public Address Equipment OperatorPublic Address Equipment Operator
3131.018 Sound MixerSound Mixer
3131.019 Sound OperatorSound Operator
3131.020 Sound Recording Equipment ControllerSound Recording Equipment Controller
3131.021 Television Camera OperatorTelevision Camera Operator
3131.022 Television CameramanTelevision Cameraman
3131.023 Video Camera OperatorVideo Camera Operator
3131.024 VideographerVideographer
3131.025 Wedding PhotographerWedding Photographer
3132.001 Broadcasting OperatorBroadcasting Operator
3132.002 Broadcasting Station OperatorBroadcasting Station Operator
3132.003 Broadcasting Transmitting and Studio Equipment OperatorBroadcasting Transmitting and Studio Equipment Operator
3132.004 Cinema ProjectionistCinema Projectionist
3132.005 Communications Instrument OfficerCommunications Instrument Officer
3132.006 Communications OperatorCommunications Operator
3132.007 Film Editing Equipment OperatorFilm Editing Equipment Operator
3132.008 Film EditorFilm Editor
3132.009 Film ProjectionistFilm Projectionist
3132.010 Flight Radio Operator OperationsFlight Radio Operator Operations
3132.011 Harbour Communications OfficerHarbour Communications Officer
3132.012 Lighting OperatorLighting Operator
3132.013 Lighting Technician (Studio)Lighting Technician (Studio)
3132.014 Marine Radio OperatorMarine Radio Operator
3132.015 Motion Picture Film ProjectionistMotion Picture Film Projectionist
3132.016 Motion Picture ProjectionistMotion Picture Projectionist
3132.017 Movie ProjectionistMovie Projectionist
3132.018 Post-Production EditorPost-Production Editor
3132.019 Radio Broadcasting Sound TechnicianRadio Broadcasting Sound Technician
3132.020 Radio Communications OperatorRadio Communications Operator
3132.021 Radio Control Room TechnicianRadio Control Room Technician
3132.022 Radio Inspector OfficerRadio Inspector Officer
3132.023 Radio Officer ShipRadio Officer Ship
3132.024 Radio OperatorRadio Operator
3132.025 Radio Station OperatorRadio Station Operator
3132.026 Radio Telephone CommunicatorRadio Telephone Communicator
3132.027 Radio Telephone DespatcherRadio Telephone Despatcher
3132.028 Radio Telephone OperatorRadio Telephone Operator
3132.029 RT OperatorRT Operator
3132.030 Studio Equipment OperatorStudio Equipment Operator
3132.031 Taxi DespatcherTaxi Despatcher
3132.032 Telecommunication Equipment OperatorTelecommunication Equipment Operator
3132.033 Television Broadcasting Sound OperatorTelevision Broadcasting Sound Operator
3132.034 Television Control Room TechnicianTelevision Control Room Technician
3132.035 Television Station OperatorTelevision Station Operator
3132.036 Video EditorVideo Editor
3132.037 Video Tape OperatorVideo Tape Operator
3132.038 Videotape EditorVideotape Editor
3132.039 Vision ControllerVision Controller
3132.040 VT EditorVT Editor
3133.001 Anaesthetic TechnicianAnaesthetic Technician
3133.002 Audio Visual TechnicianAudio Visual Technician
3133.003 Audiometric TechnicianAudiometric Technician
3133.004 AudiometristAudiometrist
3133.005 Cardia Ultrasound TechnicianCardia Ultrasound Technician
3133.006 Cardiac Monitoring TechnicianCardiac Monitoring Technician
3133.007 CardiographerCardiographer
3133.008 Cardiology TechnicianCardiology Technician
3133.009 Diagnostic Medical Radiation TechnicianDiagnostic Medical Radiation Technician
3133.010 Diagnostic Radiation TechnologistDiagnostic Radiation Technologist
3133.011 Diagnostic RadiographerDiagnostic Radiographer
3133.012 ECG TechnicianECG Technician
3133.013 EchocardiographerEchocardiographer
3133.014 Electrocardiograph TechnicianElectrocardiograph Technician
3133.015 Electroencephalographic TechnicianElectroencephalographic Technician
3133.016 Hospital Theatre TechnicianHospital Theatre Technician
3133.017 Medical Electronic Equipment OperatorMedical Electronic Equipment Operator
3133.018 Medical Radiation TechnologistMedical Radiation Technologist
3133.019 Medical Xray TechnicianMedical Xray Technician
3133.020 MRTMRT
3133.021 Neurophysiology TechnicianNeurophysiology Technician
3133.022 Neurosciences Research TechnicianNeurosciences Research Technician
3133.023 Nuclear Medicine TechnologistNuclear Medicine Technologist
3133.024 Nuclear RadiographerNuclear Radiographer
3133.025 Other Medical Equipment ControllerOther Medical Equipment Controller
3133.026 Quality Controller Of Other Medical Equipment ControllersQuality Controller Of Other Medical Equipment Controllers
3133.027 Quality Controller Of RadiographersQuality Controller Of Radiographers
3133.028 RadiochemistRadiochemist
3133.029 RadiographerRadiographer
3133.030 Radioisotope TechnicianRadioisotope Technician
3133.031 Radioisotope TechnologistRadioisotope Technologist
3133.032 SonographerSonographer
3133.033 Therapeutic RadiographerTherapeutic Radiographer
3133.034 UltrasonographerUltrasonographer
3133.035 Xray Darkroom TechnicianXray Darkroom Technician
3133.036 Xray OperatorXray Operator
3141.001 Chief Engineer ShipChief Engineer Ship
3141.002 Marine Engineer ShipsMarine Engineer Ships
3141.003 Ships EngineerShips Engineer
3142.001 BoatswainBoatswain
3142.002 BosunBosun
3142.003 Deck Officer MasterDeck Officer Master
3142.004 DockmasterDockmaster
3142.005 Dredge MasterDredge Master
3142.006 Harbour MasterHarbour Master
3142.007 Harbour PilotHarbour Pilot
3142.008 Hovercraft OperatorHovercraft Operator
3142.009 Launch MasterLaunch Master
3142.010 Master MarinerMaster Mariner
3142.011 Other Ships Deck Officer and PilotOther Ships Deck Officer and Pilot
3142.012 Ships CaptainShips Captain
3142.013 Ships MasterShips Master
3142.014 Ships MateShips Mate
3142.015 Ships Navigating OfficerShips Navigating Officer
3142.016 Ships Officer (Deck) Including MasterShips Officer (Deck) Including Master
3142.017 Ships Officer DeckShips Officer Deck
3142.018 Ships PilotShips Pilot
3142.019 Tug MasterTug Master
3143.001 Aerial Spraying ContractorAerial Spraying Contractor
3143.002 Aerial Topdressing ContractorAerial Topdressing Contractor
3143.003 Aeroplane PilotAeroplane Pilot
3143.004 Aeroplane Pilot and Flight CrewAeroplane Pilot and Flight Crew
3143.005 Agricultural Aeroplane PilotAgricultural Aeroplane Pilot
3143.006 Agricultural Topdressing PilotAgricultural Topdressing Pilot
3143.007 Agriculture Aeroplane PilotAgriculture Aeroplane Pilot
3143.008 Air CrewAir Crew
3143.009 Air Transport PilotAir Transport Pilot
3143.010 Aircraft CaptainAircraft Captain
3143.011 Aircraft Flight EngineerAircraft Flight Engineer
3143.012 Aircraft NavigatorAircraft Navigator
3143.013 Aircraft PilotAircraft Pilot
3143.014 Airline CaptainAirline Captain
3143.015 Airline CopilotAirline Copilot
3143.016 Airline PilotAirline Pilot
3143.017 Balloonist ProfessionalBalloonist Professional
3143.018 Chopper PilotChopper Pilot
3143.019 Commercial PilotCommercial Pilot
3143.020 Flight CrewFlight Crew
3143.021 Flight EngineerFlight Engineer
3143.022 Flight InstructorFlight Instructor
3143.023 Flight NavigatorFlight Navigator
3143.024 Flight Simulator InstructorFlight Simulator Instructor
3143.025 Flying InstructorFlying Instructor
3143.026 Flying Instructor and ExaminerFlying Instructor and Examiner
3143.027 Helicopter PilotHelicopter Pilot
3143.028 Search & Rescue Helicopter PilotSearch & Rescue Helicopter Pilot
3143.029 Top Dressing PilotTop Dressing Pilot
3144.001 Aerodrome ControllerAerodrome Controller
3144.002 Air Traffic ControllerAir Traffic Controller
3144.003 Air Traffic Service OperatorAir Traffic Service Operator
3144.004 Airline Movements Control OfficerAirline Movements Control Officer
3151.001 Accident Prevention Safety InspectorAccident Prevention Safety Inspector
3151.002 Agricultural InspectorAgricultural Inspector
3151.003 Agricultural InstructorAgricultural Instructor
3151.004 Agricultural Veterinary InspectorAgricultural Veterinary Inspector
3151.005 Agriculture InspectorAgriculture Inspector
3151.006 Air Accident InspectorAir Accident Inspector
3151.007 Animal Health OfficerAnimal Health Officer
3151.008 Bridge InspectorBridge Inspector
3151.009 Building InspectorBuilding Inspector
3151.010 Building Site InspectorBuilding Site Inspector
3151.011 Construction InspectorConstruction Inspector
3151.012 Electrical Inspector ConstructionElectrical Inspector Construction
3151.013 Environmental Health OfficerEnvironmental Health Officer
3151.014 Explosives InspectorExplosives Inspector
3151.015 Factory InspectorFactory Inspector
3151.016 Farm InspectorFarm Inspector
3151.017 Farm InstructorFarm Instructor
3151.018 Fisheries InspectorFisheries Inspector
3151.019 Fisheries OfficerFisheries Officer
3151.020 Fisheries Surveillance OfficerFisheries Surveillance Officer
3151.021 Fishery OfficerFishery Officer
3151.022 Forestry InspectorForestry Inspector
3151.023 Foundry InspectorFoundry Inspector
3151.024 Health and Safety InspectorHealth and Safety Inspector
3151.025 Health Education OfficerHealth Education Officer
3151.026 Health InspectorHealth Inspector
3151.027 Horticultural InspectorHorticultural Inspector
3151.028 Housing InspectorHousing Inspector
3151.029 Hygiene Officer Freezing WorksHygiene Officer Freezing Works
3151.030 Industrial Safety OfficerIndustrial Safety Officer
3151.031 Licensed Premises InspectorLicensed Premises Inspector
3151.032 Lighthouse InspectorLighthouse Inspector
3151.033 Livestock InspectorLivestock Inspector
3151.034 Livestock InstructorLivestock Instructor
3151.035 Meat InspectorMeat Inspector
3151.036 Meat Inspector Meat ProductsMeat Inspector Meat Products
3151.037 Meat Inspector VeterinaryMeat Inspector Veterinary
3151.038 Noxious Animals OfficerNoxious Animals Officer
3151.039 Noxious Plants OfficerNoxious Plants Officer
3151.040 Noxious Weeds and Pests InspectorNoxious Weeds and Pests Inspector
3151.041 Occupational Safety InspectorOccupational Safety Inspector
3151.042 Pest and Weed Control OfficerPest and Weed Control Officer
3151.043 Pest Destruction Technical AdvisorPest Destruction Technical Advisor
3151.044 Pest InspectorPest Inspector
3151.045 Pest Management OfficerPest Management Officer
3151.046 Port Safety OfficerPort Safety Officer
3151.047 Poultry InspectorPoultry Inspector
3151.048 Poultry InstructorPoultry Instructor
3151.049 Public Health OfficerPublic Health Officer
3151.050 Quality Controller Of Agricultural Regulatory InspectorsQuality Controller Of Agricultural Regulatory Inspectors
3151.051 Quality Controller Of Health Regulatory InspectorsQuality Controller Of Health Regulatory Inspectors
3151.052 Quality Controller Of Meat Regulatory InspectorsQuality Controller Of Meat Regulatory Inspectors
3151.053 Quality Controller of Safety RegulationsQuality Controller of Safety Regulations
3151.054 Quality InspectorQuality Inspector
3151.055 Road Bridge InspectorRoad Bridge Inspector
3151.056 Safety InspectorSafety Inspector
3151.057 Sanitary InspectorSanitary Inspector
3151.058 Scaffolding InspectorScaffolding Inspector
3151.059 SPCA InspectorSPCA Inspector
3151.060 Works InspectorWorks Inspector
3211.001 Artificial InseminatorArtificial Inseminator
3211.002 Biochemistry TechnicianBiochemistry Technician
3211.003 Biological TechnicianBiological Technician
3211.004 Biology TechnicianBiology Technician
3211.005 Botanical TechnicianBotanical Technician
3211.006 Ecology TechnicianEcology Technician
3211.007 Environmental TechnicianEnvironmental Technician
3211.008 Haematology TechnicianHaematology Technician
3211.009 Hospital Laboratory TechnicianHospital Laboratory Technician
3211.010 Hospital Research Laboratory TechnicianHospital Research Laboratory Technician
3211.011 Life Science TechnicianLife Science Technician
3211.012 Life Sciences Laboratory TechnicianLife Sciences Laboratory Technician
3211.013 Maxillo Facial TechnicianMaxillo Facial Technician
3211.014 Meatworks Laboratory TechnicianMeatworks Laboratory Technician
3211.015 Meatworks TechnologistMeatworks Technologist
3211.016 Medical Bloodbank TechnicianMedical Bloodbank Technician
3211.017 Medical Laboratory AssistantMedical Laboratory Assistant
3211.018 Medical Laboratory TechnicianMedical Laboratory Technician
3211.019 Medical Laboratory TechnologistMedical Laboratory Technologist
3211.020 Medical Research OfficerMedical Research Officer
3211.021 Medical Science TechnicianMedical Science Technician
3211.022 NaturalistNaturalist
3211.023 PhlebotomistPhlebotomist
3211.024 Quality Controller Of Life Science TechniciansQuality Controller Of Life Science Technicians
3211.025 TaxidermistTaxidermist
3211.026 VenepuncturistVenepuncturist
3211.027 Veterinary Laboratory TechnicianVeterinary Laboratory Technician
3211.028 Veterinary TechnicianVeterinary Technician
3211.029 Water and Soil TechnicianWater and Soil Technician
3212.001 Agricultural Research TechnicianAgricultural Research Technician
3212.002 Agricultural TechnicianAgricultural Technician
3212.003 Agronomy TechnicianAgronomy Technician
3212.004 Animal Agricultural TechnicianAnimal Agricultural Technician
3212.005 Animal Breeding TechnicianAnimal Breeding Technician
3212.006 Animal TechnicianAnimal Technician
3212.007 Botany TechnicianBotany Technician
3212.008 Forest Products Development TechnicianForest Products Development Technician
3212.009 Forest Technical OfficerForest Technical Officer
3212.010 Forest TechnicianForest Technician
3212.011 Forest Technician ObserverForest Technician Observer
3212.012 Forestry Science TechnicianForestry Science Technician
3212.013 Forestry TechnicianForestry Technician
3212.014 Laboratory Seed GraderLaboratory Seed Grader
3212.015 Laboratory Seed TesterLaboratory Seed Tester
3212.016 Parks and Reserve Technical OfficerParks and Reserve Technical Officer
3212.017 Plant Research Laboratory TechnicianPlant Research Laboratory Technician
3212.018 Quality Controller Of Agricultural TechniciansQuality Controller Of Agricultural Technicians
3212.019 Quality Controller Of Forest TechniciansQuality Controller Of Forest Technicians
3212.020 Seed AnalystSeed Analyst
3212.021 Seed Certificate TechnicianSeed Certificate Technician
3212.022 Soil Mechanic TechnicianSoil Mechanic Technician
3212.023 Test Baker Wheat ResearchTest Baker Wheat Research
3221.001 Dispensing OpticianDispensing Optician
3221.002 Optical AssistantOptical Assistant
3221.003 Optical DispenserOptical Dispenser
3221.004 Spectacles DispenserSpectacles Dispenser
3222.001 Dental AttendantDental Attendant
3222.002 Dental Health AdvisorDental Health Advisor
3222.003 Dental HygienistDental Hygienist
3222.004 Dental TherapistDental Therapist
3222.005 Dental Tutor SisterDental Tutor Sister
3222.006 Gum TherapistGum Therapist
3222.007 Oral HygienistOral Hygienist
3222.008 School Dental NurseSchool Dental Nurse
3223.001 Artificial Limb Fitter TechnicianArtificial Limb Fitter Technician
3223.002 Artificial Limb MakerArtificial Limb Maker
3223.003 Back or Spine Manipulation SpecialistBack or Spine Manipulation Specialist
3223.004 ChiropodistChiropodist
3223.005 ChiropractorChiropractor
3223.006 Clincial OrthotistClincial Orthotist
3223.007 ErgotherapistErgotherapist
3223.008 Manipulation TherapistManipulation Therapist
3223.009 Occupational TherapistOccupational Therapist
3223.010 Occupational Therapy AssistantOccupational Therapy Assistant
3223.011 Occupational Therapy TeacherOccupational Therapy Teacher
3223.012 Orthopaedic Appliance MakerOrthopaedic Appliance Maker
3223.013 Orthopaedic Appliances RepairerOrthopaedic Appliances Repairer
3223.014 Orthopaedic Footwear MakerOrthopaedic Footwear Maker
3223.015 Orthopaedic TechnicianOrthopaedic Technician
3223.016 OrthotistOrthotist
3223.017 Orthotist TechnicianOrthotist Technician
3223.018 Orthotist TradesmanOrthotist Tradesman
3223.019 OsteopathOsteopath
3223.020 Physical TherapistPhysical Therapist
3223.021 PhysiotherapistPhysiotherapist
3223.022 PodiatristPodiatrist
3223.023 ProsthetistProsthetist
3223.024 Recreation TherapistRecreation Therapist
3223.025 Spinal Health SpecialistSpinal Health Specialist
3223.026 Vocational TherapistVocational Therapist
3223.027 Work Rehabilitation TherapistWork Rehabilitation Therapist
3224.001 Animal Attendant Vaccine LaboratoryAnimal Attendant Vaccine Laboratory
3224.002 Animal Health NurseAnimal Health Nurse
3224.003 Brucellosis Testing AssistantBrucellosis Testing Assistant
3224.004 Herd Testing TechnicianHerd Testing Technician
3224.005 Veterinary AssistantVeterinary Assistant
3224.006 Veterinary NurseVeterinary Nurse
3224.007 Veterinary ReceptionistVeterinary Receptionist
3225.001 Community Pharmacy TechnicianCommunity Pharmacy Technician
3225.002 Dispenser Pharmaceutical HospitalDispenser Pharmaceutical Hospital
3225.003 Dispenser Pharmaceutical RetailDispenser Pharmaceutical Retail
3225.004 Hospital Dispensary AssistantHospital Dispensary Assistant
3225.005 Hospital Pharmacy AssistantHospital Pharmacy Assistant
3225.006 Pharmacy Dispensing TechnicianPharmacy Dispensing Technician
3225.007 Retail Dispensary AssistantRetail Dispensary Assistant
3226.001 AcupuncturistAcupuncturist
3226.002 Alternative Health PractitionerAlternative Health Practitioner
3226.003 AromatherapistAromatherapist
3226.004 Audio Vision TesterAudio Vision Tester
3226.005 AudiologistAudiologist
3226.006 Chinese Medicine PractitionerChinese Medicine Practitioner
3226.007 Dental CeramicistDental Ceramicist
3226.008 Dental Form CasterDental Form Caster
3226.009 Dental Laboratory TechnicianDental Laboratory Technician
3226.010 Dental Mechanic TechnicianDental Mechanic Technician
3226.011 Dental Prothesis Maker RepairerDental Prothesis Maker Repairer
3226.012 Dental TechnicianDental Technician
3226.013 Dental TechnologistDental Technologist
3226.014 Diversional TherapistDiversional Therapist
3226.015 Family Planning AdvisorFamily Planning Advisor
3226.016 Health Needs AssessorHealth Needs Assessor
3226.017 Hearing Aid FitterHearing Aid Fitter
3226.018 HerbalistHerbalist
3226.019 Holistic Massage TherapistHolistic Massage Therapist
3226.020 HomeopathHomeopath
3226.021 HydrotherapistHydrotherapist
3226.022 HypnotherapistHypnotherapist
3226.023 IridologistIridologist
3226.024 Medical AssistantMedical Assistant
3226.025 Medical HerbalistMedical Herbalist
3226.026 Natural Health TherapistNatural Health Therapist
3226.027 NaturopathNaturopath
3226.028 Other Health Associate ProfessionalOther Health Associate Professional
3226.029 ReflexologistReflexologist
3226.030 Vision and Hearing TesterVision and Hearing Tester
3231.001 Community NurseCommunity Nurse
3231.002 Comprehensive Nurse TraineeComprehensive Nurse Trainee
3231.003 Enrolled NurseEnrolled Nurse
3231.004 Health Camp NurseHealth Camp Nurse
3231.005 Kaimahi WhakawhaanauKaimahi Whakawhaanau
3231.006 Karitane NurseKaritane Nurse
3231.007 Physiotherapy NursePhysiotherapy Nurse
3231.008 Psychiatric AssistantPsychiatric Assistant
3231.009 Unregistered Mental Hospital NurseUnregistered Mental Hospital Nurse
3231.010 Unregistered Nurse Male or FemaleUnregistered Nurse Male or Female
3231.011 Unregistered Private NurseUnregistered Private Nurse
3231.012 Unregistered Psychiatric NurseUnregistered Psychiatric Nurse
3311.001 Assurance BrokerAssurance Broker
3311.002 Bond SalesmanBond Salesman
3311.003 Broker Stocks and SharesBroker Stocks and Shares
3311.004 Building Society SalesmanBuilding Society Salesman
3311.005 Commodity BrokerCommodity Broker
3311.006 Equity DealerEquity Dealer
3311.007 Finance BrokerFinance Broker
3311.008 Financial AgentFinancial Agent
3311.009 Financial DealerFinancial Dealer
3311.010 Futures ManagerFutures Manager
3311.011 Futures SalesmanFutures Salesman
3311.012 Insurance BrokerInsurance Broker
3311.013 Life Insurance BrokerLife Insurance Broker
3311.014 Money MarketerMoney Marketer
3311.015 Securities DealerSecurities Dealer
3311.016 Securities SalesmanSecurities Salesman
3311.017 Share AdvisorShare Advisor
3311.018 Share RegistrarShare Registrar
3311.019 SharebrokerSharebroker
3311.020 StockbrokerStockbroker
3312.001 ACC AssessorACC Assessor
3312.002 Accident Claims OfficerAccident Claims Officer
3312.003 Accident Compensation AssessorAccident Compensation Assessor
3312.004 Apihaa InihuaApihaa Inihua
3312.005 Assurance SalesmanAssurance Salesman
3312.006 Brokers Clerk InsuranceBrokers Clerk Insurance
3312.007 Claims AssessorClaims Assessor
3312.008 Claims Insurance ClerkClaims Insurance Clerk
3312.009 Claims InvestigatorClaims Investigator
3312.010 Commercial UnderwriterCommercial Underwriter
3312.011 Examiner Pension ClaimsExaminer Pension Claims
3312.012 Insurance AgentInsurance Agent
3312.013 Insurance AssessorInsurance Assessor
3312.014 Insurance CanvasserInsurance Canvasser
3312.015 Insurance Claims AdjusterInsurance Claims Adjuster
3312.016 Insurance Claims OfficerInsurance Claims Officer
3312.017 Insurance ClerkInsurance Clerk
3312.018 Insurance ConsultantInsurance Consultant
3312.019 Insurance OfficerInsurance Officer
3312.020 Insurance RepresentativeInsurance Representative
3312.021 Insurance SalesmanInsurance Salesman
3312.022 Insurance Settlement ClerkInsurance Settlement Clerk
3312.023 Insurance SurveyorInsurance Surveyor
3312.024 Insurance UnderwriterInsurance Underwriter
3312.025 Life Insurance AgentLife Insurance Agent
3312.026 Life Insurance SalesmanLife Insurance Salesman
3312.027 Life Insurance UnderwriterLife Insurance Underwriter
3312.028 Loss AdjusterLoss Adjuster
3312.029 Marine Insurance UnderwriterMarine Insurance Underwriter
3312.030 Motor Claims AssessorMotor Claims Assessor
3312.031 Personal Insurance AdvisorPersonal Insurance Advisor
3312.032 Personal Insurance UnderwriterPersonal Insurance Underwriter
3313.001 Leasing Agent (Buildings)Leasing Agent (Buildings)
3313.002 Property ConsultantProperty Consultant
3313.003 Property DeveloperProperty Developer
3313.004 Property Development ManagerProperty Development Manager
3313.005 Property SalespersonProperty Salesperson
3313.006 Real Estate AgentReal Estate Agent
3313.007 Real Estate ConsultantReal Estate Consultant
3313.008 Real Estate Sales PersonReal Estate Sales Person
3313.009 Real Estate SalesmanReal Estate Salesman
3313.010 Real Estate SalespersonReal Estate Salesperson
3313.011 Residential SalespersonResidential Salesperson
3314.001 Airline ClerkAirline Clerk
3314.002 Airline Reservations AgentAirline Reservations Agent
3314.003 Booking Travel ClerkBooking Travel Clerk
3314.004 Travel AgentTravel Agent
3314.005 Travel Agent (Corporate)Travel Agent (Corporate)
3314.006 Travel Agent RepresentativeTravel Agent Representative
3314.007 Travel ConsolidatorTravel Consolidator
3314.008 Travel ConsultantTravel Consultant
3314.009 Travel Consultant (Corporate)Travel Consultant (Corporate)
3314.010 Travel Reservation ClerkTravel Reservation Clerk
3314.011 Travel WholesalerTravel Wholesaler
3315.001 Advertising Agent RepresentativeAdvertising Agent Representative
3315.002 Advertising ConsultantAdvertising Consultant
3315.003 Advertising RepresentativeAdvertising Representative
3315.004 Advertising Sales RepresentativeAdvertising Sales Representative
3315.005 Advertising SalesmanAdvertising Salesman
3315.006 Avon RepAvon Rep
3315.007 Business Services RepresentativeBusiness Services Representative
3315.008 Business Services SalesmanBusiness Services Salesman
3315.009 Commercial Sales AgentCommercial Sales Agent
3315.010 Commercial TravellerCommercial Traveller
3315.011 Commission AgentCommission Agent
3315.012 Company RepCompany Rep
3315.013 Company RepresentativeCompany Representative
3315.014 Computer ConsultantComputer Consultant
3315.015 Computer Sales ConsultantComputer Sales Consultant
3315.016 Computer Sales RepresentativeComputer Sales Representative
3315.017 Computer SalesmanComputer Salesman
3315.018 Computer Software Support ConsultantComputer Software Support Consultant
3315.019 Computer Systems ConsultantComputer Systems Consultant
3315.020 Computer Systems SalesmanComputer Systems Salesman
3315.021 Customer Service EngineerCustomer Service Engineer
3315.022 Customer Service Representative (Telemarketing)Customer Service Representative (Telemarketing)
3315.023 Engineering SalesmanEngineering Salesman
3315.024 Export AgentExport Agent
3315.025 Export RepresentativeExport Representative
3315.026 Indent AgentIndent Agent
3315.027 Kaihaere Hokohoko TaongaKaihaere Hokohoko Taonga
3315.028 Kaihoko HaerereKaihoko Haerere
3315.029 Kaihoko TaongaKaihoko Taonga
3315.030 Manufacturers RepresentativeManufacturers Representative
3315.031 Manufacturers Sales AgentManufacturers Sales Agent
3315.032 Marketing RepresentativeMarketing Representative
3315.033 Medical DetailerMedical Detailer
3315.034 Medical Sales RepresentativeMedical Sales Representative
3315.035 Model AgentModel Agent
3315.036 Motor Vehicle Sales RepMotor Vehicle Sales Rep
3315.037 Patent AgentPatent Agent
3315.038 Publishers RepresentativePublishers Representative
3315.039 Publishing ConsultantPublishing Consultant
3315.040 Rawleighs AgentRawleighs Agent
3315.041 Sales RepSales Rep
3315.042 Sales RepresentativeSales Representative
3315.043 Salesman TechnicalSalesman Technical
3315.044 Service ManagerService Manager
3315.045 Service Manager Software SupplyService Manager Software Supply
3315.046 Technical RepresentativeTechnical Representative
3315.047 Technical Sales CoordinatorTechnical Sales Coordinator
3315.048 Technical Service AdvisorTechnical Service Advisor
3315.049 Technical Services SalesmanTechnical Services Salesman
3315.050 Telemarketing RepresentativeTelemarketing Representative
3315.051 Theatrical AgentTheatrical Agent
3315.052 Trade RepresentativeTrade Representative
3315.053 Transport ConsultantTransport Consultant
3316.001 Buyer GeneralBuyer General
3316.002 Company BuyerCompany Buyer
3316.003 Farm Stock BuyerFarm Stock Buyer
3316.004 Furniture BuyerFurniture Buyer
3316.005 Gold BuyerGold Buyer
3316.006 Grain and Produce BuyerGrain and Produce Buyer
3316.007 Livestock AgentLivestock Agent
3316.008 Livestock BuyerLivestock Buyer
3316.009 Log BuyerLog Buyer
3316.010 Print BuyerPrint Buyer
3316.011 Produce AgentProduce Agent
3316.012 Purchasing AgentPurchasing Agent
3316.013 Purchasing BuyerPurchasing Buyer
3316.014 Purchasing OfficerPurchasing Officer
3316.015 Retail BuyerRetail Buyer
3316.016 Skin BuyerSkin Buyer
3316.017 Wholesale BuyerWholesale Buyer
3316.018 Wholesale or Retail BuyerWholesale or Retail Buyer
3316.019 Wool BrokerWool Broker
3316.020 Wool BuyerWool Buyer
3316.021 Wool DealerWool Dealer
3316.022 Wool MerchantWool Merchant
3316.023 Yacht BrokerYacht Broker
3317.001 Antique ValuerAntique Valuer
3317.002 AppraiserAppraiser
3317.003 Commercial ValuerCommercial Valuer
3317.004 Farm AppraiserFarm Appraiser
3317.005 Land ValuerLand Valuer
3317.006 Property ValuerProperty Valuer
3317.007 Registered ValuerRegistered Valuer
3317.008 Rural ValuerRural Valuer
3317.009 Urban ValuerUrban Valuer
3317.010 Valuation OfficerValuation Officer
3317.011 ValuerValuer
3318.001 AuctioneerAuctioneer
3318.002 Furniture AuctioneerFurniture Auctioneer
3318.003 Livestock AuctioneerLivestock Auctioneer
3318.004 Real Estate AuctioneerReal Estate Auctioneer
3318.005 Stock AuctioneerStock Auctioneer
3318.006 Wool AuctioneerWool Auctioneer
3319.001 Stock and Station AgentStock and Station Agent
3321.001 Aapiha Whakahaere MahiAapiha Whakahaere Mahi
3321.002 Administration OfficerAdministration Officer
3321.003 Apiha Whakahaere MahiApiha Whakahaere Mahi
3321.004 Conference OrganiserConference Organiser
3321.005 Event ManagerEvent Manager
3321.006 Office Facilities ManagerOffice Facilities Manager
3321.007 Function OrganiserFunction Organiser
3321.008 Functions Coordinator (Catering)Functions Coordinator (Catering)
3321.009 Functions Manager (Catering)Functions Manager (Catering)
3321.010 Kaiwhakahaere MahiKaiwhakahaere Mahi
3321.011 Sales Administration OfficerSales Administration Officer
3321.012 Tangata Whakahaere MahiTangata Whakahaere Mahi
3321.013 Wedding CoordinatorWedding Coordinator
3322.001 Articled ClerkArticled Clerk
3322.002 Clerk of CourtClerk of Court
3322.003 Conveyancing ClerkConveyancing Clerk
3322.004 Court ClerkCourt Clerk
3322.005 Estate Officer Public TrustEstate Officer Public Trust
3322.006 Kaimahi TureKaimahi Ture
3322.007 Law ClerkLaw Clerk
3322.008 Legal ClerkLegal Clerk
3322.009 Legal ExecutiveLegal Executive
3322.010 Legal Search ClerkLegal Search Clerk
3322.011 Trust OfficerTrust Officer
3323.001 Accounts BookkeeperAccounts Bookkeeper
3323.002 Book KeeperBook Keeper
3323.003 BookkeeperBookkeeper
3323.004 Ledger KeeperLedger Keeper
3324.001 Building Consents OfficerBuilding Consents Officer
3324.002 Building Control OfficerBuilding Control Officer
3324.003 Contracts ManagerContracts Manager
3324.004 Efficiency EngineerEfficiency Engineer
3324.005 ErgonomistErgonomist
3324.006 Industrial Planning OfficerIndustrial Planning Officer
3324.007 Management EngineerManagement Engineer
3324.008 Management Services OfficerManagement Services Officer
3324.009 Methods EngineerMethods Engineer
3324.010 Organisation and Methods AnalystOrganisation and Methods Analyst
3324.011 Organisation and Methods EngineerOrganisation and Methods Engineer
3324.012 Process Improvement CoordinatorProcess Improvement Coordinator
3324.013 Safety ConsultantSafety Consultant
3324.014 Time and Motion Study OfficerTime and Motion Study Officer
3324.015 Work Study and Methods OfficerWork Study and Methods Officer
3324.016 Work Study ObserverWork Study Observer
3324.017 Work Study OfficerWork Study Officer
3324.018 Works Measurement and Method OfficerWorks Measurement and Method Officer
3331.001 Agricultural Port OfficerAgricultural Port Officer
3331.002 Biosecurity OfficerBiosecurity Officer
3331.003 Border Protection OfficerBorder Protection Officer
3331.004 Customs Advisory OfficerCustoms Advisory Officer
3331.005 Customs and Excise OfficerCustoms and Excise Officer
3331.006 Customs Bond AgentCustoms Bond Agent
3331.007 Customs Bond OfficerCustoms Bond Officer
3331.008 Customs ExaminerCustoms Examiner
3331.009 Customs InspectorCustoms Inspector
3331.010 Customs OfficerCustoms Officer
3331.011 Customs Prevention OfficerCustoms Prevention Officer
3331.012 Immigration OfficerImmigration Officer
3331.013 Quarantine and Agriculture Ports OfficerQuarantine and Agriculture Ports Officer
3331.014 Quarantine OfficerQuarantine Officer
3331.015 Quarantine Officer PortsQuarantine Officer Ports
3341.001 Care and Protection Social WorkerCare and Protection Social Worker
3341.002 Case WorkerCase Worker
3341.003 Child Welfare OfficerChild Welfare Officer
3341.004 Community Activities OfficerCommunity Activities Officer
3341.005 Community Centre CoordinatorCommunity Centre Coordinator
3341.006 Community Corrections OfficerCommunity Corrections Officer
3341.007 Community Health WorkerCommunity Health Worker
3341.008 Community Service WorkerCommunity Service Worker
3341.009 Community Services Advisor (Local Authority)Community Services Advisor (Local Authority)
3341.010 Community Social WorkerCommunity Social Worker
3341.011 Community WorkerCommunity Worker
3341.012 Family Support WorkerFamily Support Worker
3341.013 Health Social WorkerHealth Social Worker
3341.014 Kaimahi a IwiKaimahi a Iwi
3341.015 Kaimahi a RoheKaimahi a Rohe
3341.016 Kaimahi aa IwiKaimahi aa Iwi
3341.017 Kaimahi aa RooheKaimahi aa Roohe
3341.018 Kaimahi Awhina TaangataKaimahi Awhina Taangata
3341.019 Kaimahi Awhina TangataKaimahi Awhina Tangata
3341.020 Kaimahi Manaaki TaangataKaimahi Manaaki Taangata
3341.021 Kaimahi Manaaki TangataKaimahi Manaaki Tangata
3341.022 Kaimahi Tiaki TaangataKaimahi Tiaki Taangata
3341.023 Kaimahi Tiaki TangataKaimahi Tiaki Tangata
3341.024 Kaimahi Toko i te OraKaimahi Toko i te Ora
3341.025 Maori Welfare OfficerMaori Welfare Officer
3341.026 Medical Psychiatric Social WorkerMedical Psychiatric Social Worker
3341.027 Mental Welfare WorkerMental Welfare Worker
3341.028 Parole OfficerParole Officer
3341.029 Police Welfare OfficerPolice Welfare Officer
3341.030 Prison Programme CoordinatorPrison Programme Coordinator
3341.031 Prison Welfare WorkerPrison Welfare Worker
3341.032 Probation OfficerProbation Officer
3341.033 Probation WorkerProbation Worker
3341.034 Rehabilitation Field OfficerRehabilitation Field Officer
3341.035 Residential Social WorkerResidential Social Worker
3341.036 Resource Centre Community WorkerResource Centre Community Worker
3341.037 School Social WorkerSchool Social Worker
3341.038 Social Case WorkerSocial Case Worker
3341.039 Social Welfare CaseworkerSocial Welfare Caseworker
3341.040 Social Welfare OfficerSocial Welfare Officer
3341.041 Social WorkerSocial Worker
3341.042 Voluntary WorkerVoluntary Worker
3341.043 Whanau Support WorkerWhanau Support Worker
3341.044 Youth Activities OfficerYouth Activities Officer
3341.045 Youth Justice Social WorkerYouth Justice Social Worker
3341.046 Youth WorkerYouth Worker
3342.001 Access TeacherAccess Teacher
3342.002 Access TutorAccess Tutor
3342.003 Employment Programme Teaching Associate ProfessionalEmployment Programme Teaching Associate Professional
3342.004 Kaiaawhina KaiakoKaiaawhina Kaiako
3342.005 Kaiawhina Kura TuatahiKaiawhina Kura Tuatahi
3342.006 Teacher AideTeacher Aide
3342.007 Teacher Aide Primary SchoolTeacher Aide Primary School
3342.008 Teacher Aide Secondary SchoolTeacher Aide Secondary School
3342.009 Teachers AssistantTeachers Assistant
3342.010 Technical Assistant EducationTechnical Assistant Education
3351.001 Career CounsellorCareer Counsellor
3351.002 Career PractitionerCareer Practitioner
3351.003 Careers AdvisorCareers Advisor
3351.004 Careers Transition Employment AdvisorCareers Transition Employment Advisor
3351.005 Employment AdvisorEmployment Advisor
3351.006 Employment Agency ConsultantEmployment Agency Consultant
3351.007 Employment InterviewerEmployment Interviewer
3351.008 Employment Placement OfficerEmployment Placement Officer
3351.009 Occupational Guidance OfficerOccupational Guidance Officer
3351.010 Placement OfficerPlacement Officer
3351.011 Vocational Guidance OfficerVocational Guidance Officer
3361.001 Advertising CopywriterAdvertising Copywriter
3361.002 Art CriticArt Critic
3361.003 AuthorAuthor
3361.004 Author and CriticAuthor and Critic
3361.005 Book EditorBook Editor
3361.006 Book ReviewerBook Reviewer
3361.007 Broadcasting JournalistBroadcasting Journalist
3361.008 ColumnistColumnist
3361.009 Commercial WriterCommercial Writer
3361.010 Continuity EditorContinuity Editor
3361.011 Copy EditorCopy Editor
3361.012 CopywriterCopywriter
3361.013 CriticCritic
3361.014 DramatistDramatist
3361.015 Economic JournalistEconomic Journalist
3361.016 EditorEditor
3361.017 Editorial AssistantEditorial Assistant
3361.018 Film AssessorFilm Assessor
3361.019 Foreign CorrespondentForeign Correspondent
3361.020 JournalistJournalist
3361.021 Literary CommentatorLiterary Commentator
3361.022 Literary CriticLiterary Critic
3361.023 Magazine EditorMagazine Editor
3361.024 Manuals EditorManuals Editor
3361.025 Manuscript EditorManuscript Editor
3361.026 Media Writer ReporterMedia Writer Reporter
3361.027 Music ReviewerMusic Reviewer
3361.028 News Commentator BroadcastingNews Commentator Broadcasting
3361.029 Newspaper CopywriterNewspaper Copywriter
3361.030 Newspaper CorrespondentNewspaper Correspondent
3361.031 Newspaper EditorNewspaper Editor
3361.032 Newspapers Periodicals EditorNewspapers Periodicals Editor
3361.033 NovelistNovelist
3361.034 PlaywrightPlaywright
3361.035 PoetPoet
3361.036 Press ReporterPress Reporter
3361.037 PressmanPressman
3361.038 Print JournalistPrint Journalist
3361.039 Publications EditorPublications Editor
3361.040 Publicity WriterPublicity Writer
3361.041 Radio JournalistRadio Journalist
3361.042 ReporterReporter
3361.043 Script EditorScript Editor
3361.044 Script WriterScript Writer
3361.045 Sports JournalistSports Journalist
3361.046 Sub-EditorSub-Editor
3361.047 Television JournalistTelevision Journalist
3361.048 Textbook WriterTextbook Writer
3361.049 Works Publication EditorWorks Publication Editor
3361.050 WriterWriter
3361.051 Writer Literary WorksWriter Literary Works
3362.001 Air Brush ArtistAir Brush Artist
3362.002 Art EnamellerArt Enameller
3362.003 Art Restorer PaintingsArt Restorer Paintings
3362.004 Art Teacher PrivateArt Teacher Private
3362.005 ArtistArtist
3362.006 Artist PainterArtist Painter
3362.007 Artistic Etcher EngraverArtistic Etcher Engraver
3362.008 Artistic PrintmakerArtistic Printmaker
3362.009 Bone CarverBone Carver
3362.010 CaricaturistCaricaturist
3362.011 CartoonistCartoonist
3362.012 CarverCarver
3362.013 Chalkboard ArtistChalkboard Artist
3362.014 Community ArtistCommunity Artist
3362.015 CraftspersonCraftsperson
3362.016 Maori CarverMaori Carver
3362.017 Mural ArtistMural Artist
3362.018 MuralistMuralist
3362.019 Photo ColourerPhoto Colourer
3362.020 Portrait PainterPortrait Painter
3362.021 SculptorSculptor
3362.022 Stone CarverStone Carver
3362.023 TattooistTattooist
3362.024 Wood CarverWood Carver
3362.025 Wood Carver CreativeWood Carver Creative
3363.001 Advertising ArtistAdvertising Artist
3363.002 Advertising IllustratorAdvertising Illustrator
3363.003 Advertising Visible ArtistAdvertising Visible Artist
3363.004 AnimatorAnimator
3363.005 Animator Commercial TelevisionAnimator Commercial Television
3363.006 Art DirectorArt Director
3363.007 Art IllustratorArt Illustrator
3363.008 Book IllustratorBook Illustrator
3363.009 CalligrapherCalligrapher
3363.010 Carpet Copyist PlannerCarpet Copyist Planner
3363.011 Carpet DesignerCarpet Designer
3363.012 Ceramic DesignerCeramic Designer
3363.013 Childrens Book IllustratorChildrens Book Illustrator
3363.014 China DesignerChina Designer
3363.015 Clothing (Textiles) DesignerClothing (Textiles) Designer
3363.016 Clothing DesignerClothing Designer
3363.017 Commercial ArtistCommercial Artist
3363.018 Commercial DesignerCommercial Designer
3363.019 Commercial Product DesignerCommercial Product Designer
3363.020 Display and Window DresserDisplay and Window Dresser
3363.021 Display ArtistDisplay Artist
3363.022 Display DresserDisplay Dresser
3363.023 Dress DesignerDress Designer
3363.024 Engineering IllustratorEngineering Illustrator
3363.025 Fashion DesignerFashion Designer
3363.026 Footwear DesignerFootwear Designer
3363.027 Graphic ArtistGraphic Artist
3363.028 Graphic DesignerGraphic Designer
3363.029 IllustratorIllustrator
3363.030 Illustrator DisplayIllustrator Display
3363.031 Industrial DesignerIndustrial Designer
3363.032 Interior DecoratorInterior Decorator
3363.033 Interior DesignerInterior Designer
3363.034 Kitchen DesignerKitchen Designer
3363.035 Lettering DesignerLettering Designer
3363.036 Lithographic ArtistLithographic Artist
3363.037 Medical ArtistMedical Artist
3363.038 Medical IllustratorMedical Illustrator
3363.039 Paste Up ArtistPaste Up Artist
3363.040 Quality Controller Of Clothing DesignersQuality Controller Of Clothing Designers
3363.041 Stage Scenery DesignerStage Scenery Designer
3363.042 Technical Illustrator ArtistTechnical Illustrator Artist
3363.043 Technical Lithographic ArtistTechnical Lithographic Artist
3363.044 Textile Designing WorkerTextile Designing Worker
3363.045 Textile Product DesignerTextile Product Designer
3363.046 Theatre Lighting DesignerTheatre Lighting Designer
3363.047 Ticket WriterTicket Writer
3363.048 Wallpaper DesignerWallpaper Designer
3363.049 Weaving Pattern Card PreparerWeaving Pattern Card Preparer
3363.050 Web Graphic DesignerWeb Graphic Designer
3363.051 Window DresserWindow Dresser
3364.001 AccompanistAccompanist
3364.002 ArrangerArranger
3364.003 Band ConductorBand Conductor
3364.004 Band LeaderBand Leader
3364.005 BandsmanBandsman
3364.006 BuskerBusker
3364.007 ChoirmasterChoirmaster
3364.008 Choral DirectorChoral Director
3364.009 ComposerComposer
3364.010 ConductorConductor
3364.011 InstrumentalistInstrumentalist
3364.012 Lyric WriterLyric Writer
3364.013 Music ArrangerMusic Arranger
3364.014 Music ComposerMusic Composer
3364.015 Music DirectorMusic Director
3364.016 Music TeacherMusic Teacher
3364.017 MusicianMusician
3364.018 Orchestra ConductorOrchestra Conductor
3364.019 Orchestra LeaderOrchestra Leader
3364.020 Orchestral MusicianOrchestral Musician
3364.021 OrchestratorOrchestrator
3364.022 OrganistOrganist
3364.023 PianistPianist
3364.024 Piano TeacherPiano Teacher
3364.025 Programme Selector MusicProgramme Selector Music
3364.026 SingerSinger
3364.027 Singing and Music TeacherSinging and Music Teacher
3364.028 Singing TeacherSinging Teacher
3364.029 Song WriterSong Writer
3364.030 VocalistVocalist
3365.001 Ballet DancerBallet Dancer
3365.002 Ballet TeacherBallet Teacher
3365.003 Ballroom DancerBallroom Dancer
3365.004 ChoreographerChoreographer
3365.005 Classical DancerClassical Dancer
3365.006 Dance TeacherDance Teacher
3365.007 DancerDancer
3365.008 Dancing TeacherDancing Teacher
3365.009 Modern DancerModern Dancer
3366.001 ActorActor
3366.002 ActressActress
3366.003 Artistic DirectorArtistic Director
3366.004 Broadcasting DesignerBroadcasting Designer
3366.005 Director of Photography Film TelevisionDirector of Photography Film Television
3366.006 Directors AssistantDirectors Assistant
3366.007 Film DirectorFilm Director
3366.008 Location DirectorLocation Director
3366.009 Motion Picture DirectorMotion Picture Director
3366.010 Production Assistant (Film)Production Assistant (Film)
3366.011 Production Assistant (Radio)Production Assistant (Radio)
3366.012 Production Assistant (TV)Production Assistant (TV)
3366.013 Production Runner (Radio and TV)Production Runner (Radio and TV)
3366.014 Radio DirectorRadio Director
3366.015 Stage DirectorStage Director
3366.016 Stage ManagerStage Manager
3366.017 Studio DirectorStudio Director
3366.018 Stunt CoordinatorStunt Coordinator
3366.019 StuntmanStuntman
3366.020 StuntpersonStuntperson
3366.021 Television DirectorTelevision Director
3366.022 Theatre DirectorTheatre Director
3366.023 Theatrical DirectorTheatrical Director
3366.024 TV Floor ManagerTV Floor Manager
3366.025 TV Producers AssistantTV Producers Assistant
3367.001 BroadcasterBroadcaster
3367.002 CompereCompere
3367.003 Disc JockeyDisc Jockey
3367.004 DJDJ
3367.005 NewscasterNewscaster
3367.006 NewsreaderNewsreader
3367.007 Radio AnnouncerRadio Announcer
3367.008 Radio BroadcasterRadio Broadcaster
3367.009 Radio PresenterRadio Presenter
3367.010 Sports CommentatorSports Commentator
3367.011 Television AnnouncerTelevision Announcer
3367.012 Television BroadcasterTelevision Broadcaster
3367.013 Television PresenterTelevision Presenter
3367.014 TV PresenterTV Presenter
3368.001 AcrobatAcrobat
3368.002 AstrologerAstrologer
3368.003 Circus PerformerCircus Performer
3368.004 ClownClown
3368.005 ComedianComedian
3368.006 EntertainerEntertainer
3368.007 Female ImpersonatorFemale Impersonator
3368.008 Fortune TellerFortune Teller
3368.009 Handwriting ExpertHandwriting Expert
3368.010 HypnotistHypnotist
3368.011 MagicianMagician
3368.012 Puppet ShowmanPuppet Showman
3368.013 ShowmanShowman
3368.014 Side Show PerformerSide Show Performer
3368.015 Strip Tease ArtistStrip Tease Artist
3368.016 Vaudeville PerformerVaudeville Performer
3368.017 VentriloquistVentriloquist
3369.001 Aerobics InstructorAerobics Instructor
3369.002 Aquafitness InstructorAquafitness Instructor
3369.003 AthleteAthlete
3369.004 Athletic CoachAthletic Coach
3369.005 BoxerBoxer
3369.006 CoachCoach
3369.007 CricketerCricketer
3369.008 Fitness Centre WorkerFitness Centre Worker
3369.009 Fitness ConsultantFitness Consultant
3369.010 Fitness InspectorFitness Inspector
3369.011 Fitness InstructorFitness Instructor
3369.012 GolferGolfer
3369.013 Gym InstructorGym Instructor
3369.014 Gym TrainerGym Trainer
3369.015 Harness Racing DriverHarness Racing Driver
3369.016 Health and Fitness InstructorHealth and Fitness Instructor
3369.017 JockeyJockey
3369.018 Judo InstructorJudo Instructor
3369.019 Martial Arts InstructorMartial Arts Instructor
3369.020 Outdoor InstructorOutdoor Instructor
3369.021 Physical Training InstructorPhysical Training Instructor
3369.022 Professional Sports CoachProfessional Sports Coach
3369.023 Professional SportspersonProfessional Sportsperson
3369.024 Racecourse OfficialRacecourse Official
3369.025 Racecourse StarterRacecourse Starter
3369.026 Racecourse StewardRacecourse Steward
3369.027 Racecourse TimekeeperRacecourse Timekeeper
3369.028 RefereeReferee
3369.029 Riding School InstructorRiding School Instructor
3369.030 Rugby League PlayerRugby League Player
3369.031 Rugby PlayerRugby Player
3369.032 Ski CoachSki Coach
3369.033 Ski InstructorSki Instructor
3369.034 Ski Patrol DirectorSki Patrol Director
3369.035 Ski TutorSki Tutor
3369.036 Snowboard InstructorSnowboard Instructor
3369.037 Sports CoachSports Coach
3369.038 Sports Coach and TrainerSports Coach and Trainer
3369.039 Sports OfficialSports Official
3369.040 Sports TrainerSports Trainer
3369.041 SportsmanSportsman
3369.042 SportspersonSportsperson
3369.043 SportswomanSportswoman
3369.044 Stipendiary StewardStipendiary Steward
3369.045 Surf PatrolmanSurf Patrolman
3369.046 Swimming InstructorSwimming Instructor
3369.047 Swimming TeacherSwimming Teacher
3369.048 Tennis CoachTennis Coach
3369.049 TimekeeperTimekeeper
3369.050 TrainerTrainer
3369.051 UmpireUmpire
3369.052 WrestlerWrestler
3369.053 YachtsmanYachtsman
3371.001 Bible TeacherBible Teacher
3371.002 Christian Mission WorkerChristian Mission Worker
3371.003 Christian Science PractitionerChristian Science Practitioner
3371.004 Church WorkerChurch Worker
3371.005 EvangelistEvangelist
3371.006 Member of Religious OrderMember of Religious Order
3371.007 MissionaryMissionary
3371.008 Missionary Non-OrdainedMissionary Non-Ordained
3371.009 Non-Ordained Religious AssistantNon-Ordained Religious Assistant
3371.010 NunNun
3371.011 Psychic HealerPsychic Healer
3371.012 Religious LaymanReligious Layman
3371.013 Religious SisterReligious Sister
3371.014 Religious WorkerReligious Worker
3371.015 TheologianTheologian
3371.016 Transcendental Meditation PractitionerTranscendental Meditation Practitioner
3371.017 Yoga TeacherYoga Teacher
3381.001 Acclimatisation Field OfficerAcclimatisation Field Officer
3381.002 Acclimatisation RangerAcclimatisation Ranger
3381.003 Beach and Estuary WardenBeach and Estuary Warden
3381.004 Fish and Game WardenFish and Game Warden
3381.005 National Park RangerNational Park Ranger
3381.006 Park RangerPark Ranger
3381.007 Wildlife OfficerWildlife Officer
4111.001 Audio TypistAudio Typist
4111.002 Bank TypistBank Typist
4111.003 Computer Assisted Transcript OperatorComputer Assisted Transcript Operator
4111.004 Dictaphone TypistDictaphone Typist
4111.005 Hansard ReporterHansard Reporter
4111.006 Medical TypistMedical Typist
4111.007 Public TypistPublic Typist
4111.008 Shorthand TypistShorthand Typist
4111.009 Staff TypistStaff Typist
4111.010 StenographerStenographer
4111.011 TypistTypist
4111.012 Typist and Word Processor OperatorTypist and Word Processor Operator
4111.013 Typist ClerkTypist Clerk
4111.014 Typist SecretaryTypist Secretary
4111.015 Verbatim ReporterVerbatim Reporter
4111.016 Word Processing OperatorWord Processing Operator
4111.017 Word ProcessorWord Processor
4111.018 Word Processor OperatorWord Processor Operator
4111.019 WP OperatorWP Operator
4112.001 Coding ClerkCoding Clerk
4112.002 Coding Data Processing ClerkCoding Data Processing Clerk
4112.003 Data Control ClerkData Control Clerk
4112.004 Data Entry ClerkData Entry Clerk
4112.005 Data Entry OperatorData Entry Operator
4112.006 Data Entry SupervisorData Entry Supervisor
4112.007 Data Processing Machine OperatorData Processing Machine Operator
4112.008 Electronic Data ProcessorElectronic Data Processor
4112.009 Flexowriter PrinterFlexowriter Printer
4112.010 Kaiwhakauru HotukuKaiwhakauru Hotuku
4112.011 Kaiwhakauru TataiKaiwhakauru Tatai
4112.012 Kaiwhakaurunga TataiKaiwhakaurunga Tatai
4112.013 Kaiwhakuru HootukuKaiwhakuru Hootuku
4112.014 Key Punch OperatorKey Punch Operator
4112.015 Keyboard OperatorKeyboard Operator
4112.016 Punched Card Machine OperatorPunched Card Machine Operator
4112.017 Quality Controller Of Data Entry OperatorsQuality Controller Of Data Entry Operators
4112.018 Teleprompt OperatorTeleprompt Operator
4112.019 VDU OperatorVDU Operator
4112.020 Visual Display Unit OperatorVisual Display Unit Operator
4114.001 Company Secretary ClericalCompany Secretary Clerical
4114.002 Correspondence ClerkCorrespondence Clerk
4114.003 Executive AssistantExecutive Assistant
4114.004 Farm SecretaryFarm Secretary
4114.005 HekeretariHekeretari
4114.006 Kaiawhina TumuakiKaiawhina Tumuaki
4114.007 Legal SecretaryLegal Secretary
4114.008 Office SecretaryOffice Secretary
4114.009 PA SecretaryPA Secretary
4114.010 Personal AssistantPersonal Assistant
4114.011 Personal SecretaryPersonal Secretary
4114.012 Private SecretaryPrivate Secretary
4114.013 Quality Controller Of SecretarysQuality Controller Of Secretarys
4114.014 School SecretarySchool Secretary
4114.015 SecretarySecretary
4121.001 Accountancy ClerkAccountancy Clerk
4121.002 Accounting ClerkAccounting Clerk
4121.003 Accounting MachinistAccounting Machinist
4121.004 Accounts AdministratorAccounts Administrator
4121.005 Accounts ClerkAccounts Clerk
4121.006 Accounts ControllerAccounts Controller
4121.007 Accounts OfficerAccounts Officer
4121.008 Accounts Payable ClerkAccounts Payable Clerk
4121.009 Accounts Receivable ClerkAccounts Receivable Clerk
4121.010 Adding Machine OperatorAdding Machine Operator
4121.011 Audit AssistantAudit Assistant
4121.012 Audit ClerkAudit Clerk
4121.013 Bookkeeping ClerkBookkeeping Clerk
4121.014 Bookkeeping Machine OperatorBookkeeping Machine Operator
4121.015 Burroughs Machine OperatorBurroughs Machine Operator
4121.016 Calculating Machine OperatorCalculating Machine Operator
4121.017 Calculation ClerkCalculation Clerk
4121.018 Costing ClerkCosting Clerk
4121.019 Costing EstimatorCosting Estimator
4121.020 Debtors ClerkDebtors Clerk
4121.021 Invoicing Machine OperatorInvoicing Machine Operator
4121.022 Kairekoata MoniKairekoata Moni
4121.023 Kaiutuutu KauteKaiutuutu Kaute
4121.024 Karaka Utuutu KauteKaraka Utuutu Kaute
4121.025 Ledger Keeping MachinistLedger Keeping Machinist
4121.026 Legal Accounts ClerkLegal Accounts Clerk
4121.027 Meter Reader ElectricMeter Reader Electric
4121.028 Payments ClerkPayments Clerk
4121.029 Pricing ClerkPricing Clerk
4121.030 Quality Controller Of Audit ClerksQuality Controller Of Audit Clerks
4121.031 Rates ClerkRates Clerk
4121.032 Rating OfficerRating Officer
4121.033 Royalties ClerkRoyalties Clerk
4122.001 Assistant Regional Field SupervisorAssistant Regional Field Supervisor
4122.002 Brokerage ClerkBrokerage Clerk
4122.003 CanvasserCanvasser
4122.004 Census Area SupervisorCensus Area Supervisor
4122.005 Census ClerkCensus Clerk
4122.006 Census EnumeratorCensus Enumerator
4122.007 Census Field SupervisorCensus Field Supervisor
4122.008 Census Processing ManagerCensus Processing Manager
4122.009 Clerk Field CollectionsClerk Field Collections
4122.010 Credit ClerkCredit Clerk
4122.011 Data Capture and Edit Team LeaderData Capture and Edit Team Leader
4122.012 Deputy Census CoordinatorDeputy Census Coordinator
4122.013 EnumeratorEnumerator
4122.014 Field Officer ClericalField Officer Clerical
4122.015 Finance ClerkFinance Clerk
4122.016 Finance OfficerFinance Officer
4122.017 InterviewerInterviewer
4122.018 Loans OfficerLoans Officer
4122.019 Market Research InterviewerMarket Research Interviewer
4122.020 Market Research ReporterMarket Research Reporter
4122.021 Market Survey InterviewerMarket Survey Interviewer
4122.022 Mortgage ClerkMortgage Clerk
4122.023 Phone SurveyorPhone Surveyor
4122.024 Poll InterviewerPoll Interviewer
4122.025 Research InterviewerResearch Interviewer
4122.026 Sales CanvasserSales Canvasser
4122.027 Statistical ClerkStatistical Clerk
4122.028 Statistics ClerkStatistics Clerk
4122.029 Survey Design StatisticianSurvey Design Statistician
4122.030 Survey InterviewerSurvey Interviewer
4122.031 Survey StatisticianSurvey Statistician
4122.032 TelemarketerTelemarketer
4122.033 Telephone CanvasserTelephone Canvasser
4122.034 Telephone Sales PersonTelephone Sales Person
4122.035 Telephone SalespersonTelephone Salesperson
4122.036 Telephone SurveyorTelephone Surveyor
4131.001 Bulk Store SupervisorBulk Store Supervisor
4131.002 Cargo AgentCargo Agent
4131.003 Check WeighmanCheck Weighman
4131.004 Customs AgentCustoms Agent
4131.005 Customs Agents ClerkCustoms Agents Clerk
4131.006 Customs BrokerCustoms Broker
4131.007 Customs ClerkCustoms Clerk
4131.008 Despatch ClerkDespatch Clerk
4131.009 Dispatch and Receiving ClerkDispatch and Receiving Clerk
4131.010 Dispatch ClerkDispatch Clerk
4131.011 Dispatch StoremanDispatch Storeman
4131.012 Dispatch StorepersonDispatch Storeperson
4131.013 Dispatch SupervisorDispatch Supervisor
4131.014 Distribution OfficerDistribution Officer
4131.015 Export ClerkExport Clerk
4131.016 Forwarding AgentForwarding Agent
4131.017 Freight ForwarderFreight Forwarder
4131.018 Import and Export ClerkImport and Export Clerk
4131.019 Inventory ClerkInventory Clerk
4131.020 Inventory OfficerInventory Officer
4131.021 Invoice ClerkInvoice Clerk
4131.022 Invoicing ClerkInvoicing Clerk
4131.023 Inwards Goods ClerkInwards Goods Clerk
4131.024 Kaimahi Whare PutungaKaimahi Whare Putunga
4131.025 Kaimahi WharerangiKaimahi Wharerangi
4131.026 KaitukuKaituku
4131.027 Kaituku TaongaKaituku Taonga
4131.028 Kaiwhakahaere Mau Mai Tuku Atu TaongaKaiwhakahaere Mau Mai Tuku Atu Taonga
4131.029 Kaiwhakahaere RekoataKaiwhakahaere Rekoata
4131.030 Manufacturing DistributorManufacturing Distributor
4131.031 Parts Warehouse ClerkParts Warehouse Clerk
4131.032 Produce Tally ClerkProduce Tally Clerk
4131.033 Property Man TheatreProperty Man Theatre
4131.034 Purchasing and Inventory OfficerPurchasing and Inventory Officer
4131.035 Purchasing ClerkPurchasing Clerk
4131.036 Receiving ClerkReceiving Clerk
4131.037 Sales Clerk EngineeringSales Clerk Engineering
4131.038 Shipping Freight ClerkShipping Freight Clerk
4131.039 Shipping OfficerShipping Officer
4131.040 Shipping Tally ClerkShipping Tally Clerk
4131.041 Ships ProvidoreShips Providore
4131.042 Stock ClerkStock Clerk
4131.043 Stock Control ClerkStock Control Clerk
4131.044 Stock ControllerStock Controller
4131.045 Stock OfficerStock Officer
4131.046 Stockroom ControllerStockroom Controller
4131.047 Storage ClerkStorage Clerk
4131.048 Store Enquiries ClerkStore Enquiries Clerk
4131.049 Storekeeping OfficerStorekeeping Officer
4131.050 Storeperson EnquiriesStoreperson Enquiries
4131.051 Storeperson GeneralStoreperson General
4131.052 Storeperson General AssistantStoreperson General Assistant
4131.053 Storeroom ClerkStoreroom Clerk
4131.054 Stores AssistantStores Assistant
4131.055 Supervisor SuppliesSupervisor Supplies
4131.056 Tally ClerkTally Clerk
4131.057 Taonga WheketereTaonga Wheketere
4131.058 Warehouse ClerkWarehouse Clerk
4131.059 Warehouse StoremanWarehouse Storeman
4131.060 Warehouse StorepersonWarehouse Storeperson
4131.061 Warehouse Supervisor ClericalWarehouse Supervisor Clerical
4131.062 Weighbridge AttendantWeighbridge Attendant
4131.063 Weighing and Tally ClerkWeighing and Tally Clerk
4131.064 Weighing ClerkWeighing Clerk
4131.065 WeighmasterWeighmaster
4132.001 Coordinating ClerkCoordinating Clerk
4132.002 Material and Production Planning ClerkMaterial and Production Planning Clerk
4132.003 Material Planning ClerkMaterial Planning Clerk
4132.004 Materials PlannerMaterials Planner
4132.005 Production Clerk OfficerProduction Clerk Officer
4132.006 Production ControllerProduction Controller
4132.007 Production PlannerProduction Planner
4132.008 Production Planning ClerkProduction Planning Clerk
4132.009 Production Planning SupervisorProduction Planning Supervisor
4132.010 Production SchedulerProduction Scheduler
4132.011 Quality Controller Of Material And Production ClerksQuality Controller Of Material And Production Clerks
4132.012 Schedule ClerkSchedule Clerk
4133.001 Air Transport SupervisorAir Transport Supervisor
4133.002 Boat DispatcherBoat Dispatcher
4133.003 Bus Ticket InspectorBus Ticket Inspector
4133.004 Bus Tram ConductorBus Tram Conductor
4133.005 Cable Car ConductorCable Car Conductor
4133.006 Railway GuardRailway Guard
4133.007 Railway Ticket InspectorRailway Ticket Inspector
4133.008 Railway Traffic DispatcherRailway Traffic Dispatcher
4133.009 Railway Traffic InspectorRailway Traffic Inspector
4133.010 Railway Transport ClerkRailway Transport Clerk
4133.011 Railway Transport Service InspectorRailway Transport Service Inspector
4133.012 Railways Traffic ForemanRailways Traffic Foreman
4133.013 Railways Yard ForemanRailways Yard Foreman
4133.014 Railways Yard MasterRailways Yard Master
4133.015 Road Passenger Transport InspectorRoad Passenger Transport Inspector
4133.016 Road Traffic ControllerRoad Traffic Controller
4133.017 Road Transport DispatcherRoad Transport Dispatcher
4133.018 Shipping ClerkShipping Clerk
4133.019 Supervisor LocomotivesSupervisor Locomotives
4133.020 Supervisor Other Transport and CommunicationsSupervisor Other Transport and Communications
4133.021 Supervisor Railway GoodsSupervisor Railway Goods
4133.022 Supervisor RailwaysSupervisor Railways
4133.023 Supervisor Road TransportSupervisor Road Transport
4133.024 Ticket Collector RailwayTicket Collector Railway
4133.025 Traffic Supervisor Airport AirlinesTraffic Supervisor Airport Airlines
4133.026 Train Control OperatorTrain Control Operator
4133.027 Train ExaminerTrain Examiner
4133.028 Train GuardTrain Guard
4133.029 Transport ClerkTransport Clerk
4133.030 Transport Department InspectorTransport Department Inspector
4133.031 Transport Depot SuperintendentTransport Depot Superintendent
4133.032 Wagon RecorderWagon Recorder
4133.033 WharfingerWharfinger
4141.001 Cataloguing ClerkCataloguing Clerk
4141.002 Childrens Library AssistantChildrens Library Assistant
4141.003 Circulation Desk AssistantCirculation Desk Assistant
4141.004 CompilerCompiler
4141.005 Directory CompilerDirectory Compiler
4141.006 Documentation Clerk OfficerDocumentation Clerk Officer
4141.007 Filing ClerkFiling Clerk
4141.008 Film Library ClerkFilm Library Clerk
4141.009 Index ClerkIndex Clerk
4141.010 Library AssistantLibrary Assistant
4141.011 Listing ClerkListing Clerk
4141.012 Mobile Library AssistantMobile Library Assistant
4141.013 Plan Records OfficerPlan Records Officer
4141.014 Quality Controller Of Library AssistantsQuality Controller Of Library Assistants
4141.015 Quality Controller Of Record And Filing ClerkQuality Controller Of Record And Filing Clerk
4141.016 Record and Filing ClerkRecord and Filing Clerk
4141.017 Records ClerkRecords Clerk
4141.018 Records OfficerRecords Officer
4141.019 Registry Office KeeperRegistry Office Keeper
4141.020 School Library AssistantSchool Library Assistant
4141.021 Ward ClerkWard Clerk
4142.001 Kaikomiri MeraKaikomiri Mera
4142.002 Kaikomiri RetaKaikomiri Reta
4142.003 Kaikoomiri MeeraKaikoomiri Meera
4142.004 Kaikoomiri RetaKaikoomiri Reta
4142.005 Kaikoowhiri KopakiKaikoowhiri Kopaki
4142.006 Kaikoowhiri MeeraKaikoowhiri Meera
4142.007 Kaikoowhiri RetaKaikoowhiri Reta
4142.008 Kaikowhiri KopakiKaikowhiri Kopaki
4142.009 Kaikowhiri MeraKaikowhiri Mera
4142.010 Kaikowhiri RetaKaikowhiri Reta
4142.011 Mail CarrierMail Carrier
4142.012 Mail ClerkMail Clerk
4142.013 Mail ContractorMail Contractor
4142.014 Mail Delivery ContractorMail Delivery Contractor
4142.015 Mail Dispatch Clerk OfficeMail Dispatch Clerk Office
4142.016 Mail Dispatch Clerk Post OfficeMail Dispatch Clerk Post Office
4142.017 Mail Distribution ClerkMail Distribution Clerk
4142.018 Mail SorterMail Sorter
4142.019 Mail Sorting ClerkMail Sorting Clerk
4142.020 MailmanMailman
4142.021 Post Office ClerkPost Office Clerk
4142.022 Post Office Mail ClerkPost Office Mail Clerk
4142.023 Post Office Mail SorterPost Office Mail Sorter
4142.024 Post Office SupervisorPost Office Supervisor
4142.025 Post WomanPost Woman
4142.026 Postal ClerkPostal Clerk
4142.027 Postal DelivererPostal Deliverer
4142.028 Postal Services Supervisor OtherPostal Services Supervisor Other
4142.029 Postal Services Supervisor Post OfficePostal Services Supervisor Post Office
4142.030 Postal SorterPostal Sorter
4142.031 PostiePostie
4142.032 PostmanPostman
4142.033 PostwomanPostwoman
4142.034 Quality Controller Of Mail ClerksQuality Controller Of Mail Clerks
4142.035 Quality Controller Of Mail Delivery ContractorsQuality Controller Of Mail Delivery Contractors
4142.036 Quality Controller Of Mail Sorting ClerksQuality Controller Of Mail Sorting Clerks
4142.037 Quality Controller Of Postal DeliverersQuality Controller Of Postal Deliverers
4142.038 Rural Delivery ContractorRural Delivery Contractor
4142.039 Rural Mail ContractorRural Mail Contractor
4142.040 Rural Mail DelivererRural Mail Deliverer
4142.041 Rural Mail Delivery ContractorRural Mail Delivery Contractor
4143.001 Proof Machine OperatorProof Machine Operator
4143.002 Proof ReaderProof Reader
4143.003 Readers AssistantReaders Assistant
4144.001 Accommodation Officer University HostelsAccommodation Officer University Hostels
4144.002 Addressing Machine OperatorAddressing Machine Operator
4144.003 Apihaa rangahau koreroApihaa rangahau korero
4144.004 Clerical AssistantClerical Assistant
4144.005 Clerical SupervisorClerical Supervisor
4144.006 Clerical WorkerClerical Worker
4144.007 Document ShredderDocument Shredder
4144.008 Duplicating MachinistDuplicating Machinist
4144.009 General ClerkGeneral Clerk
4144.010 General Office ClerkGeneral Office Clerk
4144.011 Girl FridayGirl Friday
4144.012 Government Department ClerkGovernment Department Clerk
4144.013 Human Resources ClerkHuman Resources Clerk
4144.014 Junior ClerkJunior Clerk
4144.015 KaarakaKaaraka
4144.016 Kaaraka o te TariKaaraka o te Tari
4144.017 Kaiawhina Mahi TariKaiawhina Mahi Tari
4144.018 Kaimahi TariKaimahi Tari
4144.019 Kaitautoko Tauira MaaoriKaitautoko Tauira Maaori
4144.020 Kaitiaki PuteaKaitiaki Putea
4144.021 Kaitiaki PuuteaKaitiaki Puutea
4144.022 Kaitiaki TariKaitiaki Tari
4144.023 KarakaKaraka
4144.024 Karaka o te TariKaraka o te Tari
4144.025 Local Body ClerkLocal Body Clerk
4144.026 Local Body OfficerLocal Body Officer
4144.027 Newspaper ClerkNewspaper Clerk
4144.028 Office AssistantOffice Assistant
4144.029 Office BoyOffice Boy
4144.030 Office ClerkOffice Clerk
4144.031 Office JuniorOffice Junior
4144.032 Office Junior ClerkOffice Junior Clerk
4144.033 Office Machine OperatorOffice Machine Operator
4144.034 Office MachinistOffice Machinist
4144.035 Office WorkerOffice Worker
4144.036 Pay ClerkPay Clerk
4144.037 Pay OfficerPay Officer
4144.038 PaymasterPaymaster
4144.039 Payroll ClerkPayroll Clerk
4144.040 Payroll OfficerPayroll Officer
4144.041 Personal Records ClerkPersonal Records Clerk
4144.042 Photocopier OperatorPhotocopier Operator
4144.043 Photocopying Machine OperatorPhotocopying Machine Operator
4144.044 Photographic Machine OperatorPhotographic Machine Operator
4144.045 Plan PrinterPlan Printer
4144.046 Quality Controller Of General ClerksQuality Controller Of General Clerks
4144.047 Quality Controller Of Office Machine OperatorQuality Controller Of Office Machine Operator
4144.048 Railway ClerkRailway Clerk
4144.049 Recreation Clerk OfficerRecreation Clerk Officer
4144.050 Research AssistantResearch Assistant
4144.051 Research WorkerResearch Worker
4144.052 ResearcherResearcher
4144.053 Salaries ClerkSalaries Clerk
4144.054 Salaries OfficerSalaries Officer
4144.055 Staff ClerkStaff Clerk
4144.056 Telex OperatorTelex Operator
4144.057 Timekeeper EmployeesTimekeeper Employees
4144.058 Veterinary ClerkVeterinary Clerk
4144.059 Wages ClerkWages Clerk
4144.060 Xerox OperatorXerox Operator
4211.001 Betting OperatorBetting Operator
4211.002 Booking ClerkBooking Clerk
4211.003 Car Park AttendantCar Park Attendant
4211.004 Caretaker Rubbish TipCaretaker Rubbish Tip
4211.005 Cash ClerkCash Clerk
4211.006 Cash Register OperatorCash Register Operator
4211.007 CashierCashier
4211.008 Cashier ClerkCashier Clerk
4211.009 Check Out OperatorCheck Out Operator
4211.010 Checkout OperatorCheckout Operator
4211.011 Checkout Operators SupervisorCheckout Operators Supervisor
4211.012 Collector Machines and MetersCollector Machines and Meters
4211.013 GatekeeperGatekeeper
4211.014 General CashierGeneral Cashier
4211.015 Grocery Checkout OperatorGrocery Checkout Operator
4211.016 Kaiwhakarite UtuKaiwhakarite Utu
4211.017 Lottery Seller AgentLottery Seller Agent
4211.018 Lotto Seller AgentLotto Seller Agent
4211.019 Parking Lot AttendantParking Lot Attendant
4211.020 Parking Officer Car Park BuildingParking Officer Car Park Building
4211.021 Pool AttendantPool Attendant
4211.022 Pool SupervisorPool Supervisor
4211.023 Quality Controller Of CashiersQuality Controller Of Cashiers
4211.024 Quality Controller Of Ticket Seller CashiersQuality Controller Of Ticket Seller Cashiers
4211.025 Skating Rink AttendantSkating Rink Attendant
4211.026 Swimming Pool AttendantSwimming Pool Attendant
4211.027 TAB Cashier ClerkTAB Cashier Clerk
4211.028 TAB ClerkTAB Clerk
4211.029 TAB OperatorTAB Operator
4211.030 TAB WorkerTAB Worker
4211.031 Tele-Betting OperatorTele-Betting Operator
4211.032 Ticket-Seller CashierTicket-Seller Cashier
4211.033 Till OperatorTill Operator
4211.034 Toll Gate KeeperToll Gate Keeper
4211.035 Totalisator Agency Board WorkerTotalisator Agency Board Worker
4211.036 Tunnel Officer TollsTunnel Officer Tolls
4212.001 Bank ClerkBank Clerk
4212.002 Bank Customer Services ClerkBank Customer Services Clerk
4212.003 Bank Customer Services OfficerBank Customer Services Officer
4212.004 Bank OfficerBank Officer
4212.005 Bank TellerBank Teller
4212.006 Credit Support OfficerCredit Support Officer
4212.007 Currency Exchange OfficerCurrency Exchange Officer
4212.008 Foreign Exchange OfficerForeign Exchange Officer
4212.009 Foreign Exchange TellerForeign Exchange Teller
4212.010 Kaimahi PekeKaimahi Peke
4212.011 Kaitaatai MoniKaitaatai Moni
4212.012 Kaitatai MoniKaitatai Moni
4212.013 Personal BankerPersonal Banker
4212.014 Personal TellerPersonal Teller
4212.015 Quality Controller Of Bank OfficersQuality Controller Of Bank Officers
4213.001 Casino SupervisorCasino Supervisor
4213.002 CroupierCroupier
4213.003 Gaming DealerGaming Dealer
4213.004 Gaming Table Pit BossGaming Table Pit Boss
4213.005 Gaming Table SupervisorGaming Table Supervisor
4215.001 BailiffBailiff
4215.002 Bill and Debt CollectorBill and Debt Collector
4215.003 Bill CollectorBill Collector
4215.004 Debt CollectorDebt Collector
4215.005 Rate Rent CollectorRate Rent Collector
4215.006 Repossesion AgentRepossesion Agent
4215.007 RepossessorRepossessor
4221.001 Aapiha Tuku MoohiotangaAapiha Tuku Moohiotanga
4221.002 Aapiha Tuku WhakaaturangaAapiha Tuku Whakaaturanga
4221.003 Apiha Tuku MohiotangaApiha Tuku Mohiotanga
4221.004 Apiha Tuku WhakaaturangaApiha Tuku Whakaaturanga
4221.005 Dental ReceptionistDental Receptionist
4221.006 Dentists ReceptionistDentists Receptionist
4221.007 Doctors ReceptionistDoctors Receptionist
4221.008 Hospital Admissions ClerkHospital Admissions Clerk
4221.009 Hospital HostessHospital Hostess
4221.010 Hospital ReceptionistHospital Receptionist
4221.011 Hotel ClerkHotel Clerk
4221.012 Hotel or Motel ReceptionistHotel or Motel Receptionist
4221.013 Hotel ReceptionistHotel Receptionist
4221.014 Information Clerk and Other ReceptionistInformation Clerk and Other Receptionist
4221.015 Information OfficerInformation Officer
4221.016 Inland Revenue Customer Services OfficerInland Revenue Customer Services Officer
4221.017 IRD Customer Services OfficerIRD Customer Services Officer
4221.018 Kaiwhakatau ManuhiriKaiwhakatau Manuhiri
4221.019 Medical ReceptionistMedical Receptionist
4221.020 Motel ReceptionistMotel Receptionist
4221.021 Motor Lodge ClerkMotor Lodge Clerk
4221.022 Patient Information OfficerPatient Information Officer
4221.023 Patient ReceptionistPatient Receptionist
4221.024 ReceptionistReceptionist
4221.025 Tourist Information OfficerTourist Information Officer
4221.026 Travel Reception ClerkTravel Reception Clerk
4222.001 Answering Service OperatorAnswering Service Operator
4222.002 Call Centre ManagerCall Centre Manager
4222.003 Call Centre OperatorCall Centre Operator
4222.004 PABX OperatorPABX Operator
4222.005 Public Exchange Operator TelephonePublic Exchange Operator Telephone
4222.006 Telephone AttendantTelephone Attendant
4222.007 Telephone OperatorTelephone Operator
4222.008 Telephone ReceptionistTelephone Receptionist
4222.009 Telephone Services OfficerTelephone Services Officer
4222.010 Telephone Switchboard OperatorTelephone Switchboard Operator
4222.011 Telephone Switchboard SupervisorTelephone Switchboard Supervisor
4222.012 TelephonistTelephonist
4222.013 Telephonist Answering ServiceTelephonist Answering Service
4222.014 Tolls OperatorTolls Operator
4222.015 Tolls SupervisorTolls Supervisor
5111.001 Air HostessAir Hostess
5111.002 Airline StewardAirline Steward
5111.003 Bus HostessBus Hostess
5111.004 Cabin CrewCabin Crew
5111.005 Cabin Flight StewardCabin Flight Steward
5111.006 Cabin Flight StewardessCabin Flight Stewardess
5111.007 Flight AttendantFlight Attendant
5111.008 Flight PurserFlight Purser
5111.009 Flight StewardFlight Steward
5111.010 Ground Steward AirlineGround Steward Airline
5111.011 Ground Stewardess AirlineGround Stewardess Airline
5111.012 Launch HostessLaunch Hostess
5111.013 Marine StewardMarine Steward
5111.014 Rail StewardRail Steward
5111.015 Rail StewardessRail Stewardess
5111.016 Ship Cabin StewardShip Cabin Steward
5111.017 Ships Chief StewardShips Chief Steward
5111.018 Ships PurserShips Purser
5111.019 Ships StewardShips Steward
5111.020 Ships StewardessShips Stewardess
5111.021 Train HostessTrain Hostess
5111.022 Travel AttendantTravel Attendant
5111.023 Travel Attendant AirlineTravel Attendant Airline
5111.024 Travel Attendant TrainTravel Attendant Train
5112.001 Adventure Safari GuideAdventure Safari Guide
5112.002 Adventure Tourism OperatorAdventure Tourism Operator
5112.003 Alpine Fishing Hunting GuideAlpine Fishing Hunting Guide
5112.004 Animal Drawn Vehicle OperatorAnimal Drawn Vehicle Operator
5112.005 Art Gallery AttendantArt Gallery Attendant
5112.006 Art Gallery GuideArt Gallery Guide
5112.007 Dive MasterDive Master
5112.008 Horse Trekking GuideHorse Trekking Guide
5112.009 Mountain GuideMountain Guide
5112.010 Museum AttendantMuseum Attendant
5112.011 Museum GuideMuseum Guide
5112.012 Outdoor Recreation GuideOutdoor Recreation Guide
5112.013 Recreation GuideRecreation Guide
5112.014 River Rafting GuideRiver Rafting Guide
5112.015 Scenic Tour GuideScenic Tour Guide
5112.016 Sightseeing GuideSightseeing Guide
5112.017 Tour and Travel GuideTour and Travel Guide
5112.018 Tour ControllerTour Controller
5112.019 Tour GuideTour Guide
5112.020 Travel GuideTravel Guide
5121.001 Boarding School Hostel MatronBoarding School Hostel Matron
5121.002 ButlerButler
5121.003 Camp Hostel MatronCamp Hostel Matron
5121.004 ChambermaidChambermaid
5121.005 Domestic House StaffDomestic House Staff
5121.006 Domestic ServantDomestic Servant
5121.007 Dormitory SupervisorDormitory Supervisor
5121.008 Executive HousekeeperExecutive Housekeeper
5121.009 Hospital HousekeeperHospital Housekeeper
5121.010 Hostel SupervisorHostel Supervisor
5121.011 Hotel Chief StewardHotel Chief Steward
5121.012 Hotel HousekeeperHotel Housekeeper
5121.013 House Staff Accommodation ServicesHouse Staff Accommodation Services
5121.014 House Steward Non PrivateHouse Steward Non Private
5121.015 House Steward PrivateHouse Steward Private
5121.016 House Stewardess Non PrivateHouse Stewardess Non Private
5121.017 House Stewardess PrivateHouse Stewardess Private
5121.018 Household HelpHousehold Help
5121.019 Housekeeper (Not Private)Housekeeper (Not Private)
5121.020 Housekeeper (Private Service)Housekeeper (Private Service)
5121.021 Housekeeper Supervisor Hotels Or Similar InstitutionHousekeeper Supervisor Hotels Or Similar Institution
5121.022 Housekeeper Supervisor not PrivateHousekeeper Supervisor not Private
5121.023 Housekeeper Supervisor PrivateHousekeeper Supervisor Private
5121.024 Housekeeper Supervisor Residential InstitutionHousekeeper Supervisor Residential Institution
5121.025 Housekeeping Matron Residential InstitutionHousekeeping Matron Residential Institution
5121.026 HousemaidHousemaid
5121.027 Linen Keeper HospitalLinen Keeper Hospital
5121.028 Maid Private ServiceMaid Private Service
5121.029 Nursing Home HousekeeperNursing Home Housekeeper
5121.030 Personal Maid ValetPersonal Maid Valet
5121.031 Prison MatronPrison Matron
5121.032 ValetValet
5122.001 Cafeteria CookCafeteria Cook
5122.002 ChefChef
5122.003 CookCook
5122.004 Cook Camp Construction Farm ShearingCook Camp Construction Farm Shearing
5122.005 Cook HotelCook Hotel
5122.006 Cook RestaurantCook Restaurant
5122.007 Cook TavernCook Tavern
5122.008 Fast Food CookFast Food Cook
5122.009 Food Supervisor Hospital CookFood Supervisor Hospital Cook
5122.010 Head ChefHead Chef
5122.011 KukiKuki
5122.012 Rangatira Mahi KaiRangatira Mahi Kai
5122.013 Ships CookShips Cook
5122.014 Short Order CookShort Order Cook
5122.015 Sous ChefSous Chef
5122.016 Takeaway CookTakeaway Cook
5122.017 Trainee CookTrainee Cook
5123.001 Bar AttendantBar Attendant
5123.002 Bar HostessBar Hostess
5123.003 Bar MaidBar Maid
5123.004 Bar PersonBar Person
5123.005 Bar StewardBar Steward
5123.006 Bar TenderBar Tender
5123.007 BarmaidBarmaid
5123.008 BarmanBarman
5123.009 BarpersonBarperson
5123.010 BartenderBartender
5123.011 Cafe AssistantCafe Assistant
5123.012 Caf� WaiterCaf� Waiter
5123.013 Caf� WaitressCaf� Waitress
5123.014 Cafe WorkerCafe Worker
5123.015 Cafeteria AssistantCafeteria Assistant
5123.016 Cafeteria WorkerCafeteria Worker
5123.017 Canteen AssistantCanteen Assistant
5123.018 Canteen WorkerCanteen Worker
5123.019 Catering AssistantCatering Assistant
5123.020 Catering Counter AssistantCatering Counter Assistant
5123.021 Catering Counter SupervisorCatering Counter Supervisor
5123.022 Cellar PersonCellar Person
5123.023 CellarmanCellarman
5123.024 Cinema AttendantCinema Attendant
5123.025 Cinema UsherCinema Usher
5123.026 Cloakroom AttendantCloakroom Attendant
5123.027 Club StewardClub Steward
5123.028 Club StewardessClub Stewardess
5123.029 Coffee Bar AssistantCoffee Bar Assistant
5123.030 Coffee Lounge AssistantCoffee Lounge Assistant
5123.031 Coffee Shop AssistantCoffee Shop Assistant
5123.032 CounterhandCounterhand
5123.033 Court BailiffCourt Bailiff
5123.034 Crew Member McDonaldsCrew Member McDonalds
5123.035 Crier Custodian Law CourtsCrier Custodian Law Courts
5123.036 Dining Room SupervisorDining Room Supervisor
5123.037 Dishwasher RestaurantDishwasher Restaurant
5123.038 DoorkeeperDoorkeeper
5123.039 DoormanDoorman
5123.040 Fast Food AssistantFast Food Assistant
5123.041 Fast Food ServerFast Food Server
5123.042 Fish and Chip Shop WorkerFish and Chip Shop Worker
5123.043 Food Counter AssistantFood Counter Assistant
5123.044 Head BartenderHead Bartender
5123.045 Head WaiterHead Waiter
5123.046 Head WaitressHead Waitress
5123.047 Kaiawhina Mahi Kai Tere te MaoaKaiawhina Mahi Kai Tere te Maoa
5123.048 Kaiawhina Mahi Toha KaiKaiawhina Mahi Toha Kai
5123.049 Kaihokohoko InuKaihokohoko Inu
5123.050 Kaihokohoko WaipiroKaihokohoko Waipiro
5123.051 Kaimahi KawheKaimahi Kawhe
5123.052 Kaimahi PaparaakautaKaimahi Paparaakauta
5123.053 Kaimahi PaparakautaKaimahi Paparakauta
5123.054 Kaimahi Waahi KaiKaimahi Waahi Kai
5123.055 Kaimahi Wahi KaiKaimahi Wahi Kai
5123.056 Kaimahi WhareumuKaimahi Whareumu
5123.057 Kaitohatoha Kai InuKaitohatoha Kai Inu
5123.058 Kaitohu Whakataka KaiKaitohu Whakataka Kai
5123.059 Kitchen AssistantKitchen Assistant
5123.060 Kitchen DishwasherKitchen Dishwasher
5123.061 Kitchen HandKitchen Hand
5123.062 KitchenhandKitchenhand
5123.063 Lavatory AttendantLavatory Attendant
5123.064 Lounge AssistantLounge Assistant
5123.065 Lunch Bar AssistantLunch Bar Assistant
5123.066 Lunch Bar WorkerLunch Bar Worker
5123.067 Lunchbar AssistantLunchbar Assistant
5123.068 Maitre dMaitre d
5123.069 Maitre dHotelMaitre dHotel
5123.070 Maitre dRestaurantMaitre dRestaurant
5123.071 MaitredMaitred
5123.072 Night Club HostessNight Club Hostess
5123.073 Parcels AttendantParcels Attendant
5123.074 Potato ChipperPotato Chipper
5123.075 Restaurant HostessRestaurant Hostess
5123.076 Restaurant WorkerRestaurant Worker
5123.077 Restroom AttendantRestroom Attendant
5123.078 Salad WorkerSalad Worker
5123.079 Sandwich HandSandwich Hand
5123.080 Snack Bar AttendantSnack Bar Attendant
5123.081 SommelierSommelier
5123.082 Supervisor Cafeteria Coffee BarSupervisor Cafeteria Coffee Bar
5123.083 Take Away Food AssistantTake Away Food Assistant
5123.084 Take Away Lunch Bar AssistantTake Away Lunch Bar Assistant
5123.085 Take Away Lunchbar AssistantTake Away Lunchbar Assistant
5123.086 Takeaway Lunch Bar AssistantTakeaway Lunch Bar Assistant
5123.087 Takeaway Lunchbar AssistantTakeaway Lunchbar Assistant
5123.088 Takeaways AssistantTakeaways Assistant
5123.089 Tangata Hokohoko InuTangata Hokohoko Inu
5123.090 Tangata Hokohoko WaipiroTangata Hokohoko Waipiro
5123.091 Tangata Tohatoha Kai InuTangata Tohatoha Kai Inu
5123.092 Tea AttendantTea Attendant
5123.093 Tea LadyTea Lady
5123.094 Tea PersonTea Person
5123.095 TeapersonTeaperson
5123.096 Theatre Cloakroom AttendantTheatre Cloakroom Attendant
5123.097 Theatre UsherTheatre Usher
5123.098 Ticket TakerTicket Taker
5123.099 Toilet AttendantToilet Attendant
5123.100 Usher and Cloakroom AttendantUsher and Cloakroom Attendant
5123.101 Usher Orderly Law CourtsUsher Orderly Law Courts
5123.102 Wait PersonWait Person
5123.103 WaiterWaiter
5123.104 WaitressWaitress
5123.105 Wine StewardWine Steward
5123.106 Wine StewardessWine Stewardess
5131.001 Ambulance OfficerAmbulance Officer
5131.002 Ambulance ParamedicAmbulance Paramedic
5131.003 CaregiverCaregiver
5131.004 Chairside AssistantChairside Assistant
5131.005 Child Care GiverChild Care Giver
5131.006 Childcare GiverChildcare Giver
5131.007 Dental Assistant ChairsideDental Assistant Chairside
5131.008 Dental Surgery AssistantDental Surgery Assistant
5131.009 Dentists NurseDentists Nurse
5131.010 Elderly Care GiverElderly Care Giver
5131.011 Elderly Home CarerElderly Home Carer
5131.012 First Aid InstructorFirst Aid Instructor
5131.013 Geriatric Care GiverGeriatric Care Giver
5131.014 Geriatric Home CarerGeriatric Home Carer
5131.015 Health AssistantHealth Assistant
5131.016 Home Aide AssistantHome Aide Assistant
5131.017 Home Aide NursingHome Aide Nursing
5131.018 Home Aide or Health AssistantHome Aide or Health Assistant
5131.019 Home Aide RegisteredHome Aide Registered
5131.020 Home HelpHome Help
5131.021 Hospital AidHospital Aid
5131.022 Hospital AideHospital Aide
5131.023 Hospital Clothing AssistantHospital Clothing Assistant
5131.024 Hospital DomesticHospital Domestic
5131.025 Hospital OrderlyHospital Orderly
5131.026 Hospital PorterHospital Porter
5131.027 Hospital Ward AssistantHospital Ward Assistant
5131.028 Kaiawhina Mahi NaahiKaiawhina Mahi Naahi
5131.029 Kaiawhina Mahi NahiKaiawhina Mahi Nahi
5131.030 Kaiawhina Mahi NeehiKaiawhina Mahi Neehi
5131.031 Kaiawhina Mahi NehiKaiawhina Mahi Nehi
5131.032 Kaiawhina Mahi TapuhiKaiawhina Mahi Tapuhi
5131.033 Kaiawhina NeehiKaiawhina Neehi
5131.034 Kaiawhina NehiKaiawhina Nehi
5131.035 Kaiawhina TapuhiKaiawhina Tapuhi
5131.036 Kaiawhina TuroroKaiawhina Turoro
5131.037 Kaiawhina TuuroroKaiawhina Tuuroro
5131.038 Naahi AwhinaNaahi Awhina
5131.039 Nahi AwhinaNahi Awhina
5131.040 Neehi AwhinaNeehi Awhina
5131.041 Nehi AwhinaNehi Awhina
5131.042 Nurse AideNurse Aide
5131.043 Nurse AssistantNurse Assistant
5131.044 ParamedicParamedic
5131.045 Physiotherapists AidePhysiotherapists Aide
5131.046 Psychiatric AidePsychiatric Aide
5131.047 Psychopaedic AssistantPsychopaedic Assistant
5131.048 Psychopeadic AssistantPsychopeadic Assistant
5131.049 Quality Controller Of Hospital OrderliesQuality Controller Of Hospital Orderlies
5131.050 Residential Care GiverResidential Care Giver
5131.051 Rest Home WorkerRest Home Worker
5131.052 Supervisor St Johns AmbulanceSupervisor St Johns Ambulance
5131.053 Tapuhi AwhinaTapuhi Awhina
5131.054 Unregistered Geriatric NurseUnregistered Geriatric Nurse
5131.055 Unregistered Nurse AideUnregistered Nurse Aide
5141.001 AestheticianAesthetician
5141.002 BarberBarber
5141.003 BeauticianBeautician
5141.004 Beauty ConsultantBeauty Consultant
5141.005 Beauty TherapistBeauty Therapist
5141.006 Colour TherapistColour Therapist
5141.007 Cosmetic ConsultantCosmetic Consultant
5141.008 CosmeticianCosmetician
5141.009 CosmeticistCosmeticist
5141.010 Electrolysis AssistantElectrolysis Assistant
5141.011 ElectrolysistElectrolysist
5141.012 EpilationistEpilationist
5141.013 Hair Dresser LadiesHair Dresser Ladies
5141.014 Hair Dresser MensHair Dresser Mens
5141.015 Hair StylistHair Stylist
5141.016 Hair Stylist LadiesHair Stylist Ladies
5141.017 Hair Stylist MensHair Stylist Mens
5141.018 HairdresserHairdresser
5141.019 Hairdressers AssistantHairdressers Assistant
5141.020 Hairstylist LadiesHairstylist Ladies
5141.021 Hairstylist MensHairstylist Mens
5141.022 Holistic Massage Therapy MasseurHolistic Massage Therapy Masseur
5141.023 Holistic Massage Therapy MasseuseHolistic Massage Therapy Masseuse
5141.024 Kaihakari MakaweKaihakari Makawe
5141.025 Kairaakai MakaweKairaakai Makawe
5141.026 Kairakai MakaweKairakai Makawe
5141.027 Kaitapahi MakaweKaitapahi Makawe
5141.028 Kaiwhakapaipai MakaweKaiwhakapaipai Makawe
5141.029 Ladies HairdresserLadies Hairdresser
5141.030 Make Up Artist Stage StudioMake Up Artist Stage Studio
5141.031 Make Up ConsultantMake Up Consultant
5141.032 Makeup ArtistMakeup Artist
5141.033 ManicuristManicurist
5141.034 Massage PractitionerMassage Practitioner
5141.035 Massage TherapistMassage Therapist
5141.036 MasseurMasseur
5141.037 MasseuseMasseuse
5141.038 Mens HairdresserMens Hairdresser
5141.039 Nail TechnicianNail Technician
5141.040 Physical Therapy AssistantPhysical Therapy Assistant
5141.041 Sauna Bath AttendantSauna Bath Attendant
5141.042 TrichologistTrichologist
5141.043 Unisex HairdresserUnisex Hairdresser
5141.044 Unisex StylistUnisex Stylist
5141.045 Weight Loss ConsultantWeight Loss Consultant
5141.046 Wig Maker SupplierWig Maker Supplier
5142.001 BabysitterBabysitter
5142.002 Car Seat CoordinatorCar Seat Coordinator
5142.003 Child AssistantChild Assistant
5142.004 Child Car Seat CoordinatorChild Car Seat Coordinator
5142.005 Child Care AssistantChild Care Assistant
5142.006 Child Care WorkerChild Care Worker
5142.007 Child MinderChild Minder
5142.008 Childcare AssistantChildcare Assistant
5142.009 Childcare WorkerChildcare Worker
5142.010 Creche WorkerCreche Worker
5142.011 Kaiawhina Kohanga ReoKaiawhina Kohanga Reo
5142.012 Kaiawhina Koohanga ReoKaiawhina Koohanga Reo
5142.013 Mothers HelpMothers Help
5142.014 NannyNanny
5142.015 NursemaidNursemaid
5142.016 Nursery AttendantNursery Attendant
5143.001 Crematorium WorkerCrematorium Worker
5143.002 EmbalmerEmbalmer
5143.003 Funeral AttendantFuneral Attendant
5143.004 Funeral DirectorFuneral Director
5143.005 MorticianMortician
5143.006 UndertakerUndertaker
5143.007 Undertakers AssistantUndertakers Assistant
5151.001 Aircraft Accident FirefighterAircraft Accident Firefighter
5151.002 Aircraft Crash FirefighterAircraft Crash Firefighter
5151.003 Airport FirefighterAirport Firefighter
5151.004 Crash Fireman Officer AircraftCrash Fireman Officer Aircraft
5151.005 Fire Brigade OfficerFire Brigade Officer
5151.006 Fire Equipment Officer ForestFire Equipment Officer Forest
5151.007 Fire FighterFire Fighter
5151.008 Fire Fighter ForestFire Fighter Forest
5151.009 Fire Prevention OfficerFire Prevention Officer
5151.010 Fire Protection Officer ForestFire Protection Officer Forest
5151.011 FirefighterFirefighter
5151.012 Firefighter ForestFirefighter Forest
5151.013 Fireman GeneralFireman General
5151.014 Rescue Fire FighterRescue Fire Fighter
5151.015 Rural Fire FighterRural Fire Fighter
5152.001 Community ConstableCommunity Constable
5152.002 ConstableConstable
5152.003 DetectiveDetective
5152.004 Ministry Of Transport Traffic OfficerMinistry Of Transport Traffic Officer
5152.005 Parking Meter ReaderParking Meter Reader
5152.006 Parking WardenParking Warden
5152.007 Personal Protection OfficerPersonal Protection Officer
5152.008 Police Commissioned OfficerPolice Commissioned Officer
5152.009 Police ConstablePolice Constable
5152.010 Police DetectivePolice Detective
5152.011 Police Dog HandlerPolice Dog Handler
5152.012 Police OfficerPolice Officer
5152.013 Police RecruitPolice Recruit
5152.014 Police SergeantPolice Sergeant
5152.015 Police SuperintendentPolice Superintendent
5152.016 Police TraineePolice Trainee
5152.017 Police Watchouse OfficerPolice Watchouse Officer
5152.018 Police WomanPolice Woman
5152.019 PolicemanPoliceman
5152.020 PolicewomanPolicewoman
5152.021 Road Safety OfficerRoad Safety Officer
5152.022 Traffic Inspector RoadTraffic Inspector Road
5152.023 Traffic OfficerTraffic Officer
5152.024 Traffic WardenTraffic Warden
5152.025 Tunnel Officer TrafficTunnel Officer Traffic
5153.001 Aapiha Whakahaere HerehereAapiha Whakahaere Herehere
5153.002 Aapiha Whakatika Whakaora MauhereAapiha Whakatika Whakaora Mauhere
5153.003 Apiha Whakahaere HerehereApiha Whakahaere Herehere
5153.004 Apiha Whakatika Whakaora MauhereApiha Whakatika Whakaora Mauhere
5153.005 Correction Facility WorkerCorrection Facility Worker
5153.006 PouawhiPouawhi
5153.007 Prison GuardPrison Guard
5153.008 Prison OfficerPrison Officer
5153.009 Prison WardenPrison Warden
5153.010 Warden (Prison)Warden (Prison)
5153.011 WarderWarder
5154.001 Aapiha MarumaruAapiha Marumaru
5154.002 Aapiha MataaraAapiha Mataara
5154.003 Apiha MarumaruApiha Marumaru
5154.004 Apiha MataaraApiha Mataara
5154.005 Armoured Car Driver SecurityArmoured Car Driver Security
5154.006 Aviation Security OfficerAviation Security Officer
5154.007 Bank EscortBank Escort
5154.008 BouncerBouncer
5154.009 Commissionaire SecurityCommissionaire Security
5154.010 Egress OfficerEgress Officer
5154.011 Forest GuardForest Guard
5154.012 Museum GuardMuseum Guard
5154.013 Night WatchmanNight Watchman
5154.014 Park WardenPark Warden
5154.015 PatrolmanPatrolman
5154.016 Port Security OfficerPort Security Officer
5154.017 Private DetectivePrivate Detective
5154.018 Private Enquiry AgentPrivate Enquiry Agent
5154.019 Private GuardPrivate Guard
5154.020 Private InvestigatorPrivate Investigator
5154.021 Security AdvisorSecurity Advisor
5154.022 Security AgentSecurity Agent
5154.023 Security ConsultantSecurity Consultant
5154.024 Security CourierSecurity Courier
5154.025 Security GuardSecurity Guard
5154.026 Security OfficerSecurity Officer
5154.027 Shop Floor WalkerShop Floor Walker
5154.028 Store DetectiveStore Detective
5154.029 TaituaraTaituara
5154.030 TaituaraaTaituaraa
5154.031 Tangata MataaraTangata Mataara
5155.001 Air Force NavigatorAir Force Navigator
5155.002 Airforce PilotAirforce Pilot
5155.003 AirmanAirman
5155.004 AirwomanAirwoman
5155.005 Armed ForcesArmed Forces
5155.006 Army Armoured Vehicle CrewArmy Armoured Vehicle Crew
5155.007 Army OfficerArmy Officer
5155.008 Artillery SignallerArtillery Signaller
5155.009 HoiaHoia
5155.010 Military PolicemanMilitary Policeman
5155.011 Naval OfficerNaval Officer
5155.012 Naval RaterNaval Rater
5155.013 Naval RatingNaval Rating
5155.014 Navy OfficerNavy Officer
5155.015 Navy RatingNavy Rating
5155.016 Navy SeamanNavy Seaman
5155.017 Petty Officer NavyPetty Officer Navy
5155.018 RNZAF PilotRNZAF Pilot
5155.019 Sailor NavySailor Navy
5155.020 SoldierSoldier
5211.001 Agricultural Equipment Parts SalespersonAgricultural Equipment Parts Salesperson
5211.002 Amway DistributorAmway Distributor
5211.003 Amway SellerAmway Seller
5211.004 Auto Parts SalesmanAuto Parts Salesman
5211.005 Automobile SalepersonAutomobile Saleperson
5211.006 Automotive Parts SalespersonAutomotive Parts Salesperson
5211.007 Bicycle SalespersonBicycle Salesperson
5211.008 Book Shop AssistantBook Shop Assistant
5211.009 Bottle Store AssistantBottle Store Assistant
5211.010 Bottle Store AttendantBottle Store Attendant
5211.011 Boutique Sales AssistantBoutique Sales Assistant
5211.012 Car Parts SalesmanCar Parts Salesman
5211.013 Car Parts SalespersonCar Parts Salesperson
5211.014 Car SalesmanCar Salesman
5211.015 Car SalespersonCar Salesperson
5211.016 Checkout AssistantCheckout Assistant
5211.017 Clothing Sales ConsultantClothing Sales Consultant
5211.018 CorsetiereCorsetiere
5211.019 Cycle SalespersonCycle Salesperson
5211.020 Deli AssistantDeli Assistant
5211.021 Delicatessan AssistantDelicatessan Assistant
5211.022 DemonstratorDemonstrator
5211.023 Fashion Sales AssistantFashion Sales Assistant
5211.024 FloristFlorist
5211.025 Florists AssistantFlorists Assistant
5211.026 Food DemonstratorFood Demonstrator
5211.027 Forecourt AttendantForecourt Attendant
5211.028 Garage AttendantGarage Attendant
5211.029 Gas Station AttendantGas Station Attendant
5211.030 Grocery AssistantGrocery Assistant
5211.031 Grocery WorkerGrocery Worker
5211.032 Hardware Sales AssistantHardware Sales Assistant
5211.033 Home Appliance SalespersonHome Appliance Salesperson
5211.034 Installer Blinds Luxaflex HollandInstaller Blinds Luxaflex Holland
5211.035 Kaiawhina HokohokoKaiawhina Hokohoko
5211.036 Kaiawhina KaihokohokoKaiawhina Kaihokohoko
5211.037 Kaiawhina ToaKaiawhina Toa
5211.038 Kaiawhina Toa HokohokoKaiawhina Toa Hokohoko
5211.039 KaihokoKaihoko
5211.040 KaihokohokoKaihokohoko
5211.041 Kaimahi Whare PenehiiniKaimahi Whare Penehiini
5211.042 Kaimahi Whare PenehiniKaimahi Whare Penehini
5211.043 Mail Order SalesmanMail Order Salesman
5211.044 MerchandiserMerchandiser
5211.045 Motor Vehicle SalesmanMotor Vehicle Salesman
5211.046 Motor Vehicle SalespersonMotor Vehicle Salesperson
5211.047 Night FillerNight Filler
5211.048 Orderman Wholesale or RetailOrderman Wholesale or Retail
5211.049 Party Plan SellerParty Plan Seller
5211.050 Petrol AttendantPetrol Attendant
5211.051 Petrol Pump AttendantPetrol Pump Attendant
5211.052 Petroleum Distribution AgentPetroleum Distribution Agent
5211.053 Petroleum Transfer TechnicianPetroleum Transfer Technician
5211.054 Pharmacy SalespersonPharmacy Salesperson
5211.055 Promotion SalespersonPromotion Salesperson
5211.056 Retail AssistantRetail Assistant
5211.057 Retail OfficerRetail Officer
5211.058 Retail Pharmacy AssistantRetail Pharmacy Assistant
5211.059 Retail Sales ConsultantRetail Sales Consultant
5211.060 Retail SalesmanRetail Salesman
5211.061 Retail SalespersonRetail Salesperson
5211.062 Sales AssistantSales Assistant
5211.063 Sales ConsultantSales Consultant
5211.064 Sales DemonstratorSales Demonstrator
5211.065 Sales ManSales Man
5211.066 Sales MerchandiserSales Merchandiser
5211.067 Sales PersonSales Person
5211.068 Sales Promotions SupervisorSales Promotions Supervisor
5211.069 Sales SupervisorSales Supervisor
5211.070 Sales Supervisor RetailSales Supervisor Retail
5211.071 Sales Supervisor WholesaleSales Supervisor Wholesale
5211.072 Sales WorkerSales Worker
5211.073 SalesmanSalesman
5211.074 Salesman Automotive Parts RetailSalesman Automotive Parts Retail
5211.075 SalespersonSalesperson
5211.076 Salesperson Educational AidSalesperson Educational Aid
5211.077 SaleswomanSaleswoman
5211.078 Service Station AttendantService Station Attendant
5211.079 Shop AssistantShop Assistant
5211.080 Shop Shelf FillerShop Shelf Filler
5211.081 Shop Shelf StackerShop Shelf Stacker
5211.082 Shop ShelverShop Shelver
5211.083 Spare Parts SalesmanSpare Parts Salesman
5211.084 Sports Goods SalesmanSports Goods Salesman
5211.085 Stamp DealerStamp Dealer
5211.086 Store AssistantStore Assistant
5211.087 Supermarket Shelf StackerSupermarket Shelf Stacker
5211.088 Tangata HokohokoTangata Hokohoko
5211.089 Timber Sales Officer ForestryTimber Sales Officer Forestry
5211.090 Truck Parts SalespersonTruck Parts Salesperson
5211.091 Tupperware DealerTupperware Dealer
5211.092 Tyre Repairer GarageTyre Repairer Garage
5211.093 Tyre SalesmanTyre Salesman
5211.094 Used Car SalespersonUsed Car Salesperson
5211.095 Vehicle SalesmanVehicle Salesman
5211.096 Vehicle SalespersonVehicle Salesperson
5211.097 Video Shop AssistantVideo Shop Assistant
5211.098 Warehouse SalesmanWarehouse Salesman
5221.001 Amusement Fairground AttendantAmusement Fairground Attendant
5221.002 Bread ContractorBread Contractor
5221.003 Bread Contractor VendorBread Contractor Vendor
5221.004 HawkerHawker
5221.005 Ice Cream VendorIce Cream Vendor
5221.006 Milk ManMilk Man
5221.007 Milk VendorMilk Vendor
5221.008 MilkmanMilkman
5221.009 Newsagent Vendor StreetNewsagent Vendor Street
5221.010 Salesman DriverSalesman Driver
5221.011 Side Show WorkerSide Show Worker
5221.012 Street VendorStreet Vendor
5221.013 Street Vendor and Related WorkerStreet Vendor and Related Worker
5221.014 Van SalesmanVan Salesman
5231.001 Artists ModelArtists Model
5231.002 Fashion and Other ModelFashion and Other Model
5231.003 Fashion ModelFashion Model
5231.004 ModelModel
5231.005 Modelling InstructorModelling Instructor
5231.006 Photographic ModelPhotographic Model
6111.001 Arable FarmerArable Farmer
6111.002 Crop FarmerCrop Farmer
6111.003 Crop GrowerCrop Grower
6111.004 Crop WorkerCrop Worker
6111.005 Field Crop Farm CadetField Crop Farm Cadet
6111.006 Field Crop Farm ManagerField Crop Farm Manager
6111.007 Field Crop Farm SupervisorField Crop Farm Supervisor
6111.008 Field Crop FarmerField Crop Farmer
6111.009 Field Crop GrowerField Crop Grower
6111.010 Field Crop Grower and Related WorkerField Crop Grower and Related Worker
6111.011 Field Crop WorkerField Crop Worker
6111.012 Flax CutterFlax Cutter
6111.013 Flax Farm ManagerFlax Farm Manager
6111.014 Flax Farm WorkerFlax Farm Worker
6111.015 Glasshouse WorkerGlasshouse Worker
6111.016 Greenhouse Worker Market GardenGreenhouse Worker Market Garden
6111.017 Hop FarmerHop Farmer
6111.018 Hop GrowerHop Grower
6111.019 Hop PickerHop Picker
6111.020 Kumara GrowerKumara Grower
6111.021 Maize FarmerMaize Farmer
6111.022 Market Garden ManagerMarket Garden Manager
6111.023 Market Garden WorkerMarket Garden Worker
6111.024 Market GardenerMarket Gardener
6111.025 Market Gardener and Related WorkerMarket Gardener and Related Worker
6111.026 Market Gardener Glass HouseMarket Gardener Glass House
6111.027 Market Gardening CadetMarket Gardening Cadet
6111.028 Market Gardening FarmerMarket Gardening Farmer
6111.029 Market Gardening SupervisorMarket Gardening Supervisor
6111.030 Mushroom GrowerMushroom Grower
6111.031 Mushroom Grower FarmerMushroom Grower Farmer
6111.032 Mushroom HandMushroom Hand
6111.033 Mushroom PickerMushroom Picker
6111.034 Organic Crop GrowerOrganic Crop Grower
6111.035 Other Field Crop FarmerOther Field Crop Farmer
6111.036 Potato FarmerPotato Farmer
6111.037 Potato GrowerPotato Grower
6111.038 Quality Controller Of Market Gardeners And WorkersQuality Controller Of Market Gardeners And Workers
6111.039 Tobacco Crop HandTobacco Crop Hand
6111.040 Tobacco GrowerTobacco Grower
6111.041 Tobacco PickerTobacco Picker
6111.042 Tomato Farm WorkerTomato Farm Worker
6111.043 Tomato FarmerTomato Farmer
6111.044 Tomato GrowerTomato Grower
6111.045 Tomato PickerTomato Picker
6111.046 Vegetable Farm WorkerVegetable Farm Worker
6111.047 Vegetable FarmerVegetable Farmer
6111.048 Vegetable GrowerVegetable Grower
6111.049 Vegetable Picker GraderVegetable Picker Grader
6112.001 Apple OrchardistApple Orchardist
6112.002 Apple PickerApple Picker
6112.003 Berry Fruit GrowerBerry Fruit Grower
6112.004 Berry Fruit WorkerBerry Fruit Worker
6112.005 Berry PickerBerry Picker
6112.006 Berryfruit Farm ManagerBerryfruit Farm Manager
6112.007 Berryfruit Farm SupervisorBerryfruit Farm Supervisor
6112.008 Berryfruit FarmerBerryfruit Farmer
6112.009 Berryfruit GrowerBerryfruit Grower
6112.010 Berryfruit WorkerBerryfruit Worker
6112.011 Citrus Fruit FarmerCitrus Fruit Farmer
6112.012 Currant GrowerCurrant Grower
6112.013 Farmer OrchardistFarmer Orchardist
6112.014 Fruit Farm HandFruit Farm Hand
6112.015 Fruit Farm Manager OrchardFruit Farm Manager Orchard
6112.016 Fruit Farm Supervisor OrchardFruit Farm Supervisor Orchard
6112.017 Fruit Grader Packer in OrchardFruit Grader Packer in Orchard
6112.018 Fruit GrowerFruit Grower
6112.019 Fruit Grower OrchardFruit Grower Orchard
6112.020 Fruit Grower Worker OrchardFruit Grower Worker Orchard
6112.021 Fruit PickerFruit Picker
6112.022 Grape GrowerGrape Grower
6112.023 Grape Grower Or Wine MakerGrape Grower Or Wine Maker
6112.024 Grape Growing Vineyard WorkerGrape Growing Vineyard Worker
6112.025 Kaikohi AAporoKaikohi AAporo
6112.026 Kaikohi AporoKaikohi Aporo
6112.027 Kaikohi Hua RaakauKaikohi Hua Raakau
6112.028 Kaikohi Hua RakauKaikohi Hua Rakau
6112.029 Kaimahi Waahi Whakatipu Hua RaakauKaimahi Waahi Whakatipu Hua Raakau
6112.030 Kaimahi Wahi Whakatipu Hua RakauKaimahi Wahi Whakatipu Hua Rakau
6112.031 Kaitiaki Hua RaakauKaitiaki Hua Raakau
6112.032 Kaitiaki Hua RakauKaitiaki Hua Rakau
6112.033 Kaiwehewehe Hua RaakauKaiwehewehe Hua Raakau
6112.034 Kaiwehewehe Hua RakauKaiwehewehe Hua Rakau
6112.035 Kaiwhakahaere Uru Hua RaakauKaiwhakahaere Uru Hua Raakau
6112.036 Kaiwhakahaere Uru Hua RakauKaiwhakahaere Uru Hua Rakau
6112.037 Kaiwhakahaere Waahi Whakatipu Hua RaakauKaiwhakahaere Waahi Whakatipu Hua Raakau
6112.038 Kaiwhakahaere Wahi Whakatipu Hua RakauKaiwhakahaere Wahi Whakatipu Hua Rakau
6112.039 Kiwifruit GrowerKiwifruit Grower
6112.040 Kiwifruit OrchardistKiwifruit Orchardist
6112.041 OenologistOenologist
6112.042 Orchard HandOrchard Hand
6112.043 Orchard LabourerOrchard Labourer
6112.044 Orchard ManagerOrchard Manager
6112.045 Orchard SupervisorOrchard Supervisor
6112.046 Orchard WorkerOrchard Worker
6112.047 OrchardistOrchardist
6112.048 Orchardist CadetOrchardist Cadet
6112.049 Pipfruit GrowerPipfruit Grower
6112.050 Quality Controller Of Fruit Grower WorkersQuality Controller Of Fruit Grower Workers
6112.051 Raspberry GrowerRaspberry Grower
6112.052 Stone Fruit GrowerStone Fruit Grower
6112.053 Strawberry GrowerStrawberry Grower
6112.054 Subtropical Fruit GrowerSubtropical Fruit Grower
6112.055 VigneronVigneron
6112.056 Vineyard HandVineyard Hand
6112.057 Vineyard ManagerVineyard Manager
6112.058 Vineyard SupervisorVineyard Supervisor
6112.059 Vineyard WorkerVineyard Worker
6112.060 ViticulturistViticulturist
6112.061 Wine BlenderWine Blender
6112.062 Wine MakerWine Maker
6112.063 Wine Making WorkerWine Making Worker
6112.064 WinemakerWinemaker
6113.001 Agricultural Horticulture WorkerAgricultural Horticulture Worker
6113.002 ArboristArborist
6113.003 Bulb GrowerBulb Grower
6113.004 Caretaker ParksCaretaker Parks
6113.005 FloraculturistFloraculturist
6113.006 Flower GrowerFlower Grower
6113.007 GardenerGardener
6113.008 Green KeeperGreen Keeper
6113.009 Greenhouse Worker NurseryGreenhouse Worker Nursery
6113.010 GreenkeeperGreenkeeper
6113.011 Greenkeeper Sport and Recreation GroundsGreenkeeper Sport and Recreation Grounds
6113.012 Greens SuperintendentGreens Superintendent
6113.013 Grounds or Green KeeperGrounds or Green Keeper
6113.014 GroundsmanGroundsman
6113.015 Groundsman Sports and RecreationGroundsman Sports and Recreation
6113.016 GroundspersonGroundsperson
6113.017 Hedge Cutting ContractorHedge Cutting Contractor
6113.018 Horticultural AssistantHorticultural Assistant
6113.019 Horticultural Nursery AdvisorHorticultural Nursery Advisor
6113.020 Horticultural SuperintendentHorticultural Superintendent
6113.021 Horticultural WorkerHorticultural Worker
6113.022 HorticulturalistHorticulturalist
6113.023 Horticulture WorkerHorticulture Worker
6113.024 HorticulturistHorticulturist
6113.025 Jobbing GardenerJobbing Gardener
6113.026 Kaimahi KaariKaimahi Kaari
6113.027 Kaimahi KariKaimahi Kari
6113.028 Kaimahi WhenuaKaimahi Whenua
6113.029 Kaitiaki Mahinga KaariKaitiaki Mahinga Kaari
6113.030 Kaitiaki Mahinga KariKaitiaki Mahinga Kari
6113.031 Landscape ContractorLandscape Contractor
6113.032 Landscape GardenerLandscape Gardener
6113.033 Landscaping Gardening WorkerLandscaping Gardening Worker
6113.034 Lawn Mowing ContractorLawn Mowing Contractor
6113.035 Lawnmowing ContractorLawnmowing Contractor
6113.036 Medicinal Plant GrowerMedicinal Plant Grower
6113.037 Nursery AssistantNursery Assistant
6113.038 Nursery FarmerNursery Farmer
6113.039 Nursery GrowerNursery Grower
6113.040 Nursery LabourerNursery Labourer
6113.041 Nursery ManagerNursery Manager
6113.042 Nursery WorkerNursery Worker
6113.043 NurserymanNurseryman
6113.044 Orchid GrowerOrchid Grower
6113.045 Quality Controller Of GardenersQuality Controller Of Gardeners
6113.046 Quality Controller Of Grounds Or Green KeeperQuality Controller Of Grounds Or Green Keeper
6113.047 Quality Controller Of Landscape GardenersQuality Controller Of Landscape Gardeners
6113.048 Racecourse GroundspersonRacecourse Groundsperson
6113.049 Racecourse Maintenance WorkerRacecourse Maintenance Worker
6113.050 School GroundspersonSchool Groundsperson
6113.051 Seed GrowerSeed Grower
6113.052 Tree DoctorTree Doctor
6113.053 Tree SurgeonTree Surgeon
6113.054 Tropical Plant GrowerTropical Plant Grower
6113.055 Turf LayerTurf Layer
6121.001 Beef Farm WorkerBeef Farm Worker
6121.002 Beef FarmerBeef Farmer
6121.003 Bull FarmerBull Farmer
6121.004 Cat BreederCat Breeder
6121.005 Cattle BreederCattle Breeder
6121.006 Cattle Farm ManagerCattle Farm Manager
6121.007 Cattle Farm SupervisorCattle Farm Supervisor
6121.008 Cattle Farm WorkerCattle Farm Worker
6121.009 Cattle FarmerCattle Farmer
6121.010 Cattle Station WorkerCattle Station Worker
6121.011 Cattle Stud FarmerCattle Stud Farmer
6121.012 Dairy Farm CadetDairy Farm Cadet
6121.013 Dairy Farm HandDairy Farm Hand
6121.014 Dairy Farm ManagerDairy Farm Manager
6121.015 Dairy Farm SupervisorDairy Farm Supervisor
6121.016 Dairy Farm WorkerDairy Farm Worker
6121.017 Dairy FarmerDairy Farmer
6121.018 Dairy Stud FarmerDairy Stud Farmer
6121.019 Deer Farm ManagerDeer Farm Manager
6121.020 Deer Farm SupervisorDeer Farm Supervisor
6121.021 Deer Farm WorkerDeer Farm Worker
6121.022 Deer FarmerDeer Farmer
6121.023 Deer Stud FarmerDeer Stud Farmer
6121.024 Dog BreederDog Breeder
6121.025 Fitch FarmerFitch Farmer
6121.026 Goat BreederGoat Breeder
6121.027 Goat Farm ManagerGoat Farm Manager
6121.028 Goat Farm SupervisorGoat Farm Supervisor
6121.029 Goat Farm WorkerGoat Farm Worker
6121.030 Goat FarmerGoat Farmer
6121.031 Goat Stud FarmerGoat Stud Farmer
6121.032 GrazierGrazier
6121.033 Horse BreederHorse Breeder
6121.034 Horse Breeder WorkerHorse Breeder Worker
6121.035 Horse Stud FarmerHorse Stud Farmer
6121.036 Kaimiraka KauKaimiraka Kau
6121.037 Kaipaamu HipiKaipaamu Hipi
6121.038 Kaipamu HipiKaipamu Hipi
6121.039 Kaitiaki Paamu HipiKaitiaki Paamu Hipi
6121.040 Kaitiaki Pamu HipiKaitiaki Pamu Hipi
6121.041 Kaiwhakahaere Paamu HipiKaiwhakahaere Paamu Hipi
6121.042 Kaiwhakahaere Pamu HipiKaiwhakahaere Pamu Hipi
6121.043 Livestock FarmerLivestock Farmer
6121.044 Llama FarmerLlama Farmer
6121.045 Milking Equipment OperatorMilking Equipment Operator
6121.046 Ostrich FarmerOstrich Farmer
6121.047 Other Livestock Farm ManagerOther Livestock Farm Manager
6121.048 Other Livestock Farm SupervisorOther Livestock Farm Supervisor
6121.049 Other Livestock Farm WorkerOther Livestock Farm Worker
6121.050 Other Livestock FarmerOther Livestock Farmer
6121.051 Pig Farm ManagerPig Farm Manager
6121.052 Pig Farm SupervisorPig Farm Supervisor
6121.053 Pig Farm WorkerPig Farm Worker
6121.054 Pig FarmerPig Farmer
6121.055 Pig Stud FarmerPig Stud Farmer
6121.056 Possum FarmerPossum Farmer
6121.057 Rabbit FarmerRabbit Farmer
6121.058 Racehorse Stud WorkerRacehorse Stud Worker
6121.059 Share MilkerShare Milker
6121.060 SharemilkerSharemilker
6121.061 Sheep Dipping ContractorSheep Dipping Contractor
6121.062 Sheep Farm CadetSheep Farm Cadet
6121.063 Sheep Farm HandSheep Farm Hand
6121.064 Sheep Farm ManagerSheep Farm Manager
6121.065 Sheep Farm SupervisorSheep Farm Supervisor
6121.066 Sheep Farm WorkerSheep Farm Worker
6121.067 Sheep FarmerSheep Farmer
6121.068 Sheep RunholderSheep Runholder
6121.069 Sheep Station HandSheep Station Hand
6121.070 Sheep Station ManagerSheep Station Manager
6121.071 Sheep Station OwnerSheep Station Owner
6121.072 Sheep Station SupervisorSheep Station Supervisor
6121.073 Sheep Stud FarmerSheep Stud Farmer
6121.074 Stud GroomStud Groom
6121.075 Stud Racehorse BreederStud Racehorse Breeder
6121.076 Stud Racehorse Farm ManagerStud Racehorse Farm Manager
6121.077 Stud Racehorse Farm SupervisorStud Racehorse Farm Supervisor
6121.078 Town Milk SupplierTown Milk Supplier
6121.079 Water Buffalo FarmerWater Buffalo Farmer
6121.080 Yak FarmerYak Farmer
6122.001 Mixed Livestock Farm ManagerMixed Livestock Farm Manager
6122.002 Mixed Livestock Farm SupervisorMixed Livestock Farm Supervisor
6122.003 Mixed Livestock Farm WorkerMixed Livestock Farm Worker
6122.004 Mixed Livestock FarmerMixed Livestock Farmer
6123.001 Chicken CatcherChicken Catcher
6123.002 Chicken FarmerChicken Farmer
6123.003 Chicken Hatchery AssistantChicken Hatchery Assistant
6123.004 Chicken Poultry Farm WorkerChicken Poultry Farm Worker
6123.005 Chicken SexerChicken Sexer
6123.006 Duck FarmerDuck Farmer
6123.007 Egg CollectorEgg Collector
6123.008 Egg ProducerEgg Producer
6123.009 Goose FarmerGoose Farmer
6123.010 Pheasant FarmerPheasant Farmer
6123.011 Poultry Farm HandPoultry Farm Hand
6123.012 Poultry Farm ManagerPoultry Farm Manager
6123.013 Poultry Farm SupervisorPoultry Farm Supervisor
6123.014 Poultry Farm WorkerPoultry Farm Worker
6123.015 Poultry FarmerPoultry Farmer
6123.016 Poultry Hatcher BreederPoultry Hatcher Breeder
6123.017 Poultry Hatchery ManagerPoultry Hatchery Manager
6123.018 Poultry Hatchery SupervisorPoultry Hatchery Supervisor
6123.019 Poultry Hatchery WorkerPoultry Hatchery Worker
6123.020 Poultry Worker FactoryPoultry Worker Factory
6123.021 Turkey FarmerTurkey Farmer
6124.001 ApiaristApiarist
6124.002 Apiarist and Apiary WorkerApiarist and Apiary Worker
6124.003 Apiary CadetApiary Cadet
6124.004 Apiary ManagerApiary Manager
6124.005 Apiary SupervisorApiary Supervisor
6124.006 Apiary WorkerApiary Worker
6124.007 Bee KeeperBee Keeper
6124.008 BeekeeperBeekeeper
6124.009 Beekeeping WorkerBeekeeping Worker
6124.010 Honey GraderHoney Grader
6124.011 Worker Bee FarmWorker Bee Farm
6125.001 Agricultural WorkerAgricultural Worker
6125.002 Animal Attendant FarmAnimal Attendant Farm
6125.003 Bush Clearer Scrub CutterBush Clearer Scrub Cutter
6125.004 Crop and Livestock Farm ManagerCrop and Livestock Farm Manager
6125.005 Crop and Livestock Farm SupervisorCrop and Livestock Farm Supervisor
6125.006 Crop and Livestock FarmerCrop and Livestock Farmer
6125.007 Crop and Livestock WorkerCrop and Livestock Worker
6125.008 Crop HandCrop Hand
6125.009 Farm AssistantFarm Assistant
6125.010 Farm HandFarm Hand
6125.011 Farm LabourerFarm Labourer
6125.012 Farm WorkerFarm Worker
6125.013 Farmer (nod)Farmer (nod)
6125.014 General Farm ManagerGeneral Farm Manager
6125.015 General Farm SupervisorGeneral Farm Supervisor
6125.016 General FarmerGeneral Farmer
6125.017 Grubber and Clearer LandGrubber and Clearer Land
6125.018 HaymakerHaymaker
6125.019 KaiahuwhenuaKaiahuwhenua
6125.020 Kaiawhina AhuwhenuaKaiawhina Ahuwhenua
6125.021 Kaiawhina Mahi PaamuKaiawhina Mahi Paamu
6125.022 Kaiawhina Mahi PamuKaiawhina Mahi Pamu
6125.023 Kaiawhina PaamuKaiawhina Paamu
6125.024 Kaiawhina PamuKaiawhina Pamu
6125.025 Kaimahi AhuwhenuaKaimahi Ahuwhenua
6125.026 Kaimahi PaamuKaimahi Paamu
6125.027 Kaimahi PamuKaimahi Pamu
6125.028 KaipaamuKaipaamu
6125.029 KaipamuKaipamu
6125.030 Kaitautoko Mahi PaamuKaitautoko Mahi Paamu
6125.031 Kaitautoko Mahi PamuKaitautoko Mahi Pamu
6125.032 LandgirlLandgirl
6125.033 Mixed Farm ManagerMixed Farm Manager
6125.034 Mixed Farm SupervisorMixed Farm Supervisor
6125.035 Mixed FarmerMixed Farmer
6125.036 Station HandStation Hand
6125.037 Tussock WorkerTussock Worker
6125.038 Willow CutterWillow Cutter
6126.001 Cattle DroverCattle Drover
6126.002 Dairy Herd Milk TesterDairy Herd Milk Tester
6126.003 DroverDrover
6126.004 Farm StablehandFarm Stablehand
6126.005 Fleece ClasserFleece Classer
6126.006 Groom Stable HandGroom Stable Hand
6126.007 Head ShepherdHead Shepherd
6126.008 HerdsmanHerdsman
6126.009 Horse Box AttendantHorse Box Attendant
6126.010 Horse BreakerHorse Breaker
6126.011 Horse TrainerHorse Trainer
6126.012 Horse Trainer CadetHorse Trainer Cadet
6126.013 Kaikuti HipiKaikuti Hipi
6126.014 Kaipoipoi Huruhuru HipiKaipoipoi Huruhuru Hipi
6126.015 Kaipoipoi WuruKaipoipoi Wuru
6126.016 Kaipoipoi WuuruKaipoipoi Wuuru
6126.017 Milk Sample CollectorMilk Sample Collector
6126.018 MustererMusterer
6126.019 Quality Controller Of Horse Trainer Groom Or StablehandsQuality Controller Of Horse Trainer Groom Or Stablehands
6126.020 Quality Controller Of Wool ClassersQuality Controller Of Wool Classers
6126.021 Race Horse TrainerRace Horse Trainer
6126.022 Racing Dog TrainerRacing Dog Trainer
6126.023 Sampling OfficerSampling Officer
6126.024 ShearerShearer
6126.025 Shearing ContractorShearing Contractor
6126.026 Shearing Shed HandShearing Shed Hand
6126.027 Shearing Shed OverseerShearing Shed Overseer
6126.028 Shearing Shed Wool PresserShearing Shed Wool Presser
6126.029 Shearing Shed WorkerShearing Shed Worker
6126.030 Sheep ShearerSheep Shearer
6126.031 ShepherdShepherd
6126.032 Stable HandStable Hand
6126.033 StablehandStablehand
6126.034 Stock Drafter FarmStock Drafter Farm
6126.035 StockmanStockman
6126.036 StrapperStrapper
6126.037 Wool BalerWool Baler
6126.038 Wool ClasserWool Classer
6126.039 Wool Classer GraderWool Classer Grader
6126.040 Wool Classer Shearing ShedWool Classer Shearing Shed
6126.041 Wool Grader Shearing ShedWool Grader Shearing Shed
6126.042 Wool HandWool Hand
6126.043 Wool HandlerWool Handler
6126.044 Wool LabourerWool Labourer
6126.045 Wool SorterWool Sorter
6126.046 WoolclasserWoolclasser
6131.001 Axeman ForestAxeman Forest
6131.002 Bush Clearer CutterBush Clearer Cutter
6131.003 Bush Clearing ContractorBush Clearing Contractor
6131.004 Bush Clearing Scrub Cutter ForestBush Clearing Scrub Cutter Forest
6131.005 Bush ManBush Man
6131.006 Bush WorkerBush Worker
6131.007 BushmanBushman
6131.008 Cross Cut Sawyer ForestCross Cut Sawyer Forest
6131.009 Feller and Crosscutter ForestryFeller and Crosscutter Forestry
6131.010 Firewood CutterFirewood Cutter
6131.011 Forest Foreman Overseer LoggingForest Foreman Overseer Logging
6131.012 Forest HandForest Hand
6131.013 Forest LabourerForest Labourer
6131.014 Forest SupervisorForest Supervisor
6131.015 Forestry ContractorForestry Contractor
6131.016 Forestry Field AssistantForestry Field Assistant
6131.017 Forestry Foreman OverseerForestry Foreman Overseer
6131.018 Forestry Gang SupervisorForestry Gang Supervisor
6131.019 Forestry LabourerForestry Labourer
6131.020 Forestry Protection OfficerForestry Protection Officer
6131.021 Forestry WorkerForestry Worker
6131.022 Hauling Engine Contractor LoggingHauling Engine Contractor Logging
6131.023 Hauling Engine Driver LoggingHauling Engine Driver Logging
6131.024 Kaiawhina Mahi Whakato Tiaki Rakau NgahereKaiawhina Mahi Whakato Tiaki Rakau Ngahere
6131.025 Kaiawhina Mahi Whakatoo Tiaki Raakau NgahereKaiawhina Mahi Whakatoo Tiaki Raakau Ngahere
6131.026 Kaimahi NgahereKaimahi Ngahere
6131.027 Kaimahi PuihiKaimahi Puihi
6131.028 Leading Bushman LoggingLeading Bushman Logging
6131.029 Leading Forest HandLeading Forest Hand
6131.030 Leading Hand LoggingLeading Hand Logging
6131.031 Log AssessorLog Assessor
6131.032 Log Hauler BushLog Hauler Bush
6131.033 Log Raft MakerLog Raft Maker
6131.034 LoggerLogger
6131.035 Logging ContractorLogging Contractor
6131.036 Logging OperatorLogging Operator
6131.037 Logging Pruner TreeLogging Pruner Tree
6131.038 Logging SupervisorLogging Supervisor
6131.039 Logging TopperLogging Topper
6131.040 LumberjackLumberjack
6131.041 Moss GathererMoss Gatherer
6131.042 Plantation Worker ForestryPlantation Worker Forestry
6131.043 Planter Trees ForestryPlanter Trees Forestry
6131.044 Prop CutterProp Cutter
6131.045 Pruner ForestPruner Forest
6131.046 Quality Controller Of Forestry ContractorsQuality Controller Of Forestry Contractors
6131.047 Quality Controller Of LoggersQuality Controller Of Loggers
6131.048 Scrub CutterScrub Cutter
6131.049 Scrub Cutting ContractorScrub Cutting Contractor
6131.050 Skiddy ForestSkiddy Forest
6131.051 Sniper ForestSniper Forest
6131.052 Spaghnum Moss GathererSpaghnum Moss Gatherer
6131.053 Timber GetterTimber Getter
6131.054 Tree FellerTree Feller
6131.055 Tree PlanterTree Planter
6131.056 Tree TopperTree Topper
6131.057 WaokoWaoko
6131.058 Woodsman ForemanWoodsman Foreman
6141.001 CrayfisherCrayfisher
6141.002 Deep Sea Fishing Boat SkipperDeep Sea Fishing Boat Skipper
6141.003 Diver FishingDiver Fishing
6141.004 Fish BaiterFish Baiter
6141.005 FishermanFisherman
6141.006 FisherpersonFisherperson
6141.007 Fishing Boat CaptainFishing Boat Captain
6141.008 Fishing Boat SkipperFishing Boat Skipper
6141.009 Fishing Launch ProprietorFishing Launch Proprietor
6141.010 Fishing SkipperFishing Skipper
6141.011 Kaihi IkaKaihi Ika
6141.012 Kaihii IkaKaihii Ika
6141.013 Kaihopu IkaKaihopu Ika
6141.014 Oyster FisherOyster Fisher
6141.015 Paua GathererPaua Gatherer
6141.016 Paua Gatherer DiverPaua Gatherer Diver
6141.017 Rock Lobster FisherRock Lobster Fisher
6141.018 Seaweed GathererSeaweed Gatherer
6141.019 Shell Fish GathererShell Fish Gatherer
6141.020 Shell FisherShell Fisher
6141.021 Shellfish GathererShellfish Gatherer
6141.022 Tangata Hi IkaTangata Hi Ika
6141.023 Tangata Hii IkaTangata Hii Ika
6141.024 Tangata Hopu IkaTangata Hopu Ika
6141.025 Trawler HandTrawler Hand
6141.026 TrawlermanTrawlerman
6141.027 WhitebaiterWhitebaiter
6142.001 Fish Farm ManagerFish Farm Manager
6142.002 Fish Farm WorkerFish Farm Worker
6142.003 Fish FarmerFish Farmer
6142.004 Fish Hatchery ManagerFish Hatchery Manager
6142.005 Fish Hatchery WorkerFish Hatchery Worker
6142.006 Marine Farm SupervisorMarine Farm Supervisor
6142.007 Marine FarmerMarine Farmer
6142.008 Mussel Farm ManagerMussel Farm Manager
6142.009 Mussel Oyster Farm WorkerMussel Oyster Farm Worker
6142.010 Mussel Oyster FarmerMussel Oyster Farmer
6142.011 Oyster Farm ManagerOyster Farm Manager
6142.012 Quality Controller Of Mussel Oyster Farmer And WorkerQuality Controller Of Mussel Oyster Farmer And Worker
6142.013 Salmon Farm ManagerSalmon Farm Manager
6142.014 Salmon Farm WorkerSalmon Farm Worker
6142.015 Salmon FarmerSalmon Farmer
6142.016 Shellfish Farm ManagerShellfish Farm Manager
6142.017 Shellfish Farm WorkerShellfish Farm Worker
6142.018 Shellfish FarmerShellfish Farmer
6143.001 Commercial ShooterCommercial Shooter
6143.002 Deer CullerDeer Culler
6143.003 Deer HunterDeer Hunter
6143.004 Deer RecovererDeer Recoverer
6143.005 Deer Shooter CommercialDeer Shooter Commercial
6143.006 Hunter and TrapperHunter and Trapper
6143.007 MuttonbirderMuttonbirder
6143.008 Pest Destruction WorkerPest Destruction Worker
6143.009 Possum TrapperPossum Trapper
6143.010 RabbiterRabbiter
6143.011 ShooterShooter
6143.012 TrapperTrapper
6144.001 Animal AssistantAnimal Assistant
6144.002 Animal AttendantAnimal Attendant
6144.003 Animal Control OfficerAnimal Control Officer
6144.004 Animal KeeperAnimal Keeper
6144.005 Animal Welfare WorkerAnimal Welfare Worker
6144.006 Aquarium WorkerAquarium Worker
6144.007 Aviary KeeperAviary Keeper
6144.008 Boarding Kennel AttendantBoarding Kennel Attendant
6144.009 Boarding Kennel ProprietorBoarding Kennel Proprietor
6144.010 Cattery AttendantCattery Attendant
6144.011 Cattery ProprietorCattery Proprietor
6144.012 Dog Beautician GroomerDog Beautician Groomer
6144.013 Dog Control OfficerDog Control Officer
6144.014 Dog Kennel Boarding ProprietorDog Kennel Boarding Proprietor
6144.015 Dog RangerDog Ranger
6144.016 Game WardenGame Warden
6144.017 Guide Dog TrainerGuide Dog Trainer
6144.018 Humane OfficerHumane Officer
6144.019 Hydatids OfficerHydatids Officer
6144.020 Kennels AssistantKennels Assistant
6144.021 Pet GroomerPet Groomer
6144.022 Pound KeeperPound Keeper
6144.023 SPCA WorkerSPCA Worker
6144.024 Zoo AttendantZoo Attendant
6144.025 Zoo KeeperZoo Keeper
6144.026 Zoo WorkerZoo Worker
7111.001 Artificial Stone SetterArtificial Stone Setter
7111.002 Block LayerBlock Layer
7111.003 BlocklayerBlocklayer
7111.004 Brick LayerBrick Layer
7111.005 BricklayerBricklayer
7111.006 Bricklayer and/or BlocklayerBricklayer and/or Blocklayer
7111.007 Bricklaying ContractorBricklaying Contractor
7111.008 Bricklaying PointerBricklaying Pointer
7111.009 Bricklaying StopperBricklaying Stopper
7111.010 Cast Stone Products MakerCast Stone Products Maker
7111.011 Ceramic TilerCeramic Tiler
7111.012 Chimney RepairmanChimney Repairman
7111.013 Construction SetterConstruction Setter
7111.014 Construction StonemasonConstruction Stonemason
7111.015 Hand Carver StoneHand Carver Stone
7111.016 Headstone MakerHeadstone Maker
7111.017 Kiln BuilderKiln Builder
7111.018 Marble CutterMarble Cutter
7111.019 Marble MasonMarble Mason
7111.020 Marble PolisherMarble Polisher
7111.021 Marble ProcessorMarble Processor
7111.022 Marble SawyerMarble Sawyer
7111.023 Marble SplitterMarble Splitter
7111.024 Masonry Carver MonumentalMasonry Carver Monumental
7111.025 Masonry Cutter MonumentalMasonry Cutter Monumental
7111.026 Masonry FixerMasonry Fixer
7111.027 Masonry Setter MonumentalMasonry Setter Monumental
7111.028 Monument InstallerMonument Installer
7111.029 Monumental MasonMonumental Mason
7111.030 Polishing and Stone Cutting Lathe OperatorPolishing and Stone Cutting Lathe Operator
7111.031 SteeplejackSteeplejack
7111.032 Stone Grinder Planer PolisherStone Grinder Planer Polisher
7111.033 Stone MasonStone Mason
7111.034 Stone Masonry SetterStone Masonry Setter
7111.035 Stone Sawyer SplitterStone Sawyer Splitter
7111.036 Stone Turner LatheStone Turner Lathe
7111.037 StonemasonStonemason
7111.038 Terrazzo WorkerTerrazzo Worker
7111.039 Tile LayerTile Layer
7111.040 Tile SetterTile Setter
7111.041 TilerTiler
7111.042 Wall and Floor TilerWall and Floor Tiler
7112.001 Boatbuilding SupervisorBoatbuilding Supervisor
7112.002 Bridge BuilderBridge Builder
7112.003 Bridge CarpenterBridge Carpenter
7112.004 BuilderBuilder
7112.005 Builder HousingBuilder Housing
7112.006 Building ContractorBuilding Contractor
7112.007 Building Maintenance RepairmanBuilding Maintenance Repairman
7112.008 Building Supervisor ConstructionBuilding Supervisor Construction
7112.009 CarpenterCarpenter
7112.010 Carpenter ContractorCarpenter Contractor
7112.011 Carpenter MaintenanceCarpenter Maintenance
7112.012 Carpenter or JoinerCarpenter or Joiner
7112.013 Commercial CarpenterCommercial Carpenter
7112.014 Construction Foreman ChargehandConstruction Foreman Chargehand
7112.015 Fibreglass Boat BuilderFibreglass Boat Builder
7112.016 Home RenovatorHome Renovator
7112.017 JoinerJoiner
7112.018 Kaamura Whakaaetanga UtuKaamura Whakaaetanga Utu
7112.019 Kaamura Whakaritenga UtuKaamura Whakaritenga Utu
7112.020 Kaihanga Taputapu WhareKaihanga Taputapu Whare
7112.021 Kamura Whakaaetanga UtuKamura Whakaaetanga Utu
7112.022 Kamura Whakaritenga UtuKamura Whakaritenga Utu
7112.023 Mine Carpenter Rough CarpentryMine Carpenter Rough Carpentry
7112.024 Panel ErectorPanel Erector
7112.025 Prefabricated Buildings Maker and ErectorPrefabricated Buildings Maker and Erector
7112.026 Production Supervisor ConstructionProduction Supervisor Construction
7112.027 Registered Master BuilderRegistered Master Builder
7112.028 Residential BuilderResidential Builder
7112.029 Ship BuilderShip Builder
7112.030 Ships CarpenterShips Carpenter
7112.031 Ships JoinerShips Joiner
7112.032 Shipwright InspectorShipwright Inspector
7112.033 ShopfitterShopfitter
7112.034 Wharf CarpenterWharf Carpenter
7112.035 Wood Caravan BuilderWood Caravan Builder
7112.036 Wood JoinerWood Joiner
7112.037 Yacht BuilderYacht Builder
7121.001 Dry Wall PlastererDry Wall Plasterer
7121.002 Fibrous Plaster Wallboard InstallerFibrous Plaster Wallboard Installer
7121.003 Fibrous PlastererFibrous Plasterer
7121.004 Gib Board StopperGib Board Stopper
7121.005 Gib StopperGib Stopper
7121.006 Interior PlastererInterior Plasterer
7121.007 Ornamental PlastererOrnamental Plasterer
7121.008 Plasterboard FixerPlasterboard Fixer
7121.009 Plasterboard StopperPlasterboard Stopper
7121.010 PlastererPlasterer
7121.011 Solid PlastererSolid Plasterer
7121.012 Stucco PlastererStucco Plasterer
7122.001 Auto GlazierAuto Glazier
7122.002 GlazierGlazier
7122.003 Glazier Leaded GlassGlazier Leaded Glass
7122.004 Leadlight GlazierLeadlight Glazier
7122.005 Mirror InstallerMirror Installer
7122.006 Window Glass FitterWindow Glass Fitter
7123.001 KaiwhakarerewaiKaiwhakarerewai
7123.002 Kaiwhakauru Taputapu WaiKaiwhakauru Taputapu Wai
7123.003 Maintenance PlumberMaintenance Plumber
7123.004 PlumberPlumber
7124.001 Auto StriperAuto Striper
7124.002 Automobile PainterAutomobile Painter
7124.003 Brush HandBrush Hand
7124.004 Car PainterCar Painter
7124.005 Car Spray PainterCar Spray Painter
7124.006 Coach PainterCoach Painter
7124.007 CoachpainterCoachpainter
7124.008 DecoratorDecorator
7124.009 Highway Lane MarkerHighway Lane Marker
7124.010 House PainterHouse Painter
7124.011 Kaipeita Kaiwhakapaipai WhareKaipeita Kaiwhakapaipai Whare
7124.012 Kaipeita WhareKaipeita Whare
7124.013 Metal CoaterMetal Coater
7124.014 Metal SprayerMetal Sprayer
7124.015 Motor Vehicle PainterMotor Vehicle Painter
7124.016 Painter and DecoratorPainter and Decorator
7124.017 Painter and PaperhangerPainter and Paperhanger
7124.018 Painter DecoratorPainter Decorator
7124.019 Painter Decorator or PaperhangerPainter Decorator or Paperhanger
7124.020 Painter PaperhangerPainter Paperhanger
7124.021 Painting ContractorPainting Contractor
7124.022 PaperhangerPaperhanger
7124.023 Road MarkerRoad Marker
7124.024 Rust ProoferRust Proofer
7124.025 Ships PainterShips Painter
7124.026 Sign MakerSign Maker
7124.027 Sign ManufacturerSign Manufacturer
7124.028 Sign PainterSign Painter
7124.029 Sign WriterSign Writer
7124.030 SigncrafterSigncrafter
7124.031 SignwriterSignwriter
7124.032 Spray PainterSpray Painter
7124.033 SpraypainterSpraypainter
7124.034 Structural Steel PainterStructural Steel Painter
7124.035 Tangata Peita WhareTangata Peita Whare
7131.001 Aircraft ElectricianAircraft Electrician
7131.002 Appliance ElectricianAppliance Electrician
7131.003 Appliance ServicemanAppliance Serviceman
7131.004 Auto ElectricianAuto Electrician
7131.005 Automotive ElectricianAutomotive Electrician
7131.006 Car ElectricianCar Electrician
7131.007 Domestic Appliance FitterDomestic Appliance Fitter
7131.008 Domestic ElectricianDomestic Electrician
7131.009 Electrical Appliance ServicemanElectrical Appliance Serviceman
7131.010 Electrical Appliance ServicerElectrical Appliance Servicer
7131.011 Electrical ContractorElectrical Contractor
7131.012 Electrical InstallerElectrical Installer
7131.013 Electrical RepairmanElectrical Repairman
7131.014 ElectricianElectrician
7131.015 Home Appliance RepairerHome Appliance Repairer
7131.016 Home Appliance ServicemanHome Appliance Serviceman
7131.017 Industrial ElectricianIndustrial Electrician
7131.018 Kaimahi HihikoKaimahi Hihiko
7131.019 Kaimahi HikoKaimahi Hiko
7131.020 Kaimahi HikohikoKaimahi Hikohiko
7131.021 Kaimahi Whakatikatika Taputapu HikoKaimahi Whakatikatika Taputapu Hiko
7131.022 Kaimahi Whakauru HikoKaimahi Whakauru Hiko
7131.023 Kaimahi Whakauru Taputapu HikoKaimahi Whakauru Taputapu Hiko
7131.024 Kaiwhakatika HihikoKaiwhakatika Hihiko
7131.025 Locomotive ElectricianLocomotive Electrician
7131.026 Maintenance ElectricianMaintenance Electrician
7131.027 Mine ElectricianMine Electrician
7131.028 Neon Lighting ElectricianNeon Lighting Electrician
7131.029 Ships ElectricianShips Electrician
7131.030 Transport ElectricianTransport Electrician
7131.031 Vehicle ElectricianVehicle Electrician
7131.032 Whiteware ServicemanWhiteware Serviceman
7211.001 Brass Founder MoulderBrass Founder Moulder
7211.002 CoremakerCoremaker
7211.003 Foundry MoulderFoundry Moulder
7211.004 Metal Mould MakerMetal Mould Maker
7211.005 Metal Mould Maker SupervisorMetal Mould Maker Supervisor
7212.001 Aircraft Body MakerAircraft Body Maker
7212.002 Aluminium WorkerAluminium Worker
7212.003 Auto Body RepairerAuto Body Repairer
7212.004 Blind Maker VenetianBlind Maker Venetian
7212.005 Blind Repairer VenetianBlind Repairer Venetian
7212.006 Boiler MakerBoiler Maker
7212.007 BoilermakerBoilermaker
7212.008 Boilermaker WelderBoilermaker Welder
7212.009 Boilermakers SupervisorBoilermakers Supervisor
7212.010 BrassmithBrassmith
7212.011 Canister MakerCanister Maker
7212.012 Chassis StraightenerChassis Straightener
7212.013 Coach BuilderCoach Builder
7212.014 Coach Building SupervisorCoach Building Supervisor
7212.015 CoachbuilderCoachbuilder
7212.016 CoppersmithCoppersmith
7212.017 Duct ErectorDuct Erector
7212.018 Fabrication Engineer (Welding)Fabrication Engineer (Welding)
7212.019 Fitter and WelderFitter and Welder
7212.020 Fitter and Welder SupervisorFitter and Welder Supervisor
7212.021 Fitter WelderFitter Welder
7212.022 Furniture Maker MetalFurniture Maker Metal
7212.023 Heavy Fabrication EngineerHeavy Fabrication Engineer
7212.024 Installer SheetmetalInstaller Sheetmetal
7212.025 Light Farbrication EngineerLight Farbrication Engineer
7212.026 Machine RiveterMachine Riveter
7212.027 Metal Boat or Ship BuilderMetal Boat or Ship Builder
7212.028 Metal Caravan BuilderMetal Caravan Builder
7212.029 Metal Coach and Carriage BuilderMetal Coach and Carriage Builder
7212.030 Metal Marker Sheet Machine ShopMetal Marker Sheet Machine Shop
7212.031 Metal SheeterMetal Sheeter
7212.032 Metal ShipwrightMetal Shipwright
7212.033 Motor Body BuilderMotor Body Builder
7212.034 Panel BeaterPanel Beater
7212.035 PanelbeaterPanelbeater
7212.036 Perambulator MakerPerambulator Maker
7212.037 Plate LayerPlate Layer
7212.038 Pressure WelderPressure Welder
7212.039 Process Worker Sheet MetalProcess Worker Sheet Metal
7212.040 Quality Controller Of PanelbeatersQuality Controller Of Panelbeaters
7212.041 RiveterRiveter
7212.042 Sheet Metal MarkerSheet Metal Marker
7212.043 Sheet Metal Production SupervisorSheet Metal Production Supervisor
7212.044 Sheet Metal Work SupervisorSheet Metal Work Supervisor
7212.045 Sheet Metal Worker AircraftSheet Metal Worker Aircraft
7212.046 Sheetmetal EngineerSheetmetal Engineer
7212.047 Sheetmetal WorkerSheetmetal Worker
7212.048 Sheet-Metal WorkerSheet-Metal Worker
7212.049 Ship PlaterShip Plater
7212.050 Shipwright and Plater Metal SupervisorShipwright and Plater Metal Supervisor
7212.051 Stainless Steel FabricatorStainless Steel Fabricator
7212.052 TinsmithTinsmith
7212.053 Truck BuilderTruck Builder
7212.054 Vehicle Body BuilderVehicle Body Builder
7212.055 Vehicle Body RepairmanVehicle Body Repairman
7212.056 Welding TradespersonWelding Tradesperson
7221.001 BlacksmithBlacksmith
7221.002 Blacksmiths StrikerBlacksmiths Striker
7221.003 FarrierFarrier
7221.004 Farrier Shoeing SmithFarrier Shoeing Smith
7221.005 Wrought Iron WorkerWrought Iron Worker
7222.001 Die CutterDie Cutter
7222.002 Die MakerDie Maker
7222.003 Die SinkerDie Sinker
7222.004 DiemakerDiemaker
7222.005 Engineering Pattern MakerEngineering Pattern Maker
7222.006 Engineering Pattern Maker SupervisorEngineering Pattern Maker Supervisor
7222.007 Jig MounterJig Mounter
7222.008 Metal Foundry Template MakerMetal Foundry Template Maker
7222.009 Metal Pattern MakerMetal Pattern Maker
7222.010 Metal Profile CutterMetal Profile Cutter
7222.011 Pattern MakerPattern Maker
7222.012 Pattern Making SupervisorPattern Making Supervisor
7222.013 Quality Controller Of Pattern MakersQuality Controller Of Pattern Makers
7222.014 Tool MakerTool Maker
7222.015 Tool or Die MakerTool or Die Maker
7222.016 Tool or Die Maker SupervisorTool or Die Maker Supervisor
7222.017 ToolmakerToolmaker
7222.018 Toolmaker and DesignerToolmaker and Designer
7222.019 Toolmakers SupervisorToolmakers Supervisor
7223.001 Auto Diesel FitterAuto Diesel Fitter
7223.002 Factory Workshop Engineering FitterFactory Workshop Engineering Fitter
7223.003 Fitter TurnerFitter Turner
7223.004 Mechanical FitterMechanical Fitter
7223.005 Metal Lathe TradespersonMetal Lathe Tradesperson
7223.006 Petrol Pump FitterPetrol Pump Fitter
7223.007 Quality Controller Of Fitter TurnersQuality Controller Of Fitter Turners
7223.008 Service Engineering FitterService Engineering Fitter
7223.009 Water Works FitterWater Works Fitter
7223.010 Waterworks FitterWaterworks Fitter
7223.011 Waterworks Maintenance FitterWaterworks Maintenance Fitter
7224.001 Saw DoctorSaw Doctor
7224.002 Saw RepairerSaw Repairer
7224.003 Saw SetterSaw Setter
7224.004 Saw SharpenerSaw Sharpener
7224.005 SawdoctorSawdoctor
7231.001 Agricultural Machinery MechanicAgricultural Machinery Mechanic
7231.002 Air Conditioning MechanicAir Conditioning Mechanic
7231.003 Air Transport Workshop PlannerAir Transport Workshop Planner
7231.004 Aircraft Engine MechanicAircraft Engine Mechanic
7231.005 Aircraft Engineering ServicemanAircraft Engineering Serviceman
7231.006 Aircraft Engineering TradespersonAircraft Engineering Tradesperson
7231.007 Aircraft Simulator MechanicAircraft Simulator Mechanic
7231.008 Auto EngineerAuto Engineer
7231.009 Auto MechanicAuto Mechanic
7231.010 Auto WreckerAuto Wrecker
7231.011 Automobile MechanicAutomobile Mechanic
7231.012 Automotive DismantlerAutomotive Dismantler
7231.013 Automotive MechanicAutomotive Mechanic
7231.014 Automotive Mechanic EngineerAutomotive Mechanic Engineer
7231.015 Automotive SurveyorAutomotive Surveyor
7231.016 Bicycle RepairmanBicycle Repairman
7231.017 Brake RepairmanBrake Repairman
7231.018 Brake/Clutch FitterBrake/Clutch Fitter
7231.019 Car DismantlerCar Dismantler
7231.020 Car MechanicCar Mechanic
7231.021 Car WreckerCar Wrecker
7231.022 Coin Machine MechanicCoin Machine Mechanic
7231.023 Cold Storage Maintenace ServicemanCold Storage Maintenace Serviceman
7231.024 Construction Machinery MechanicConstruction Machinery Mechanic
7231.025 Cooling System MechanicCooling System Mechanic
7231.026 Diesel InjectorDiesel Injector
7231.027 Diesel MechanicDiesel Mechanic
7231.028 Earthmoving Machinery MechanicEarthmoving Machinery Mechanic
7231.029 Garage Mechanic AutomobileGarage Mechanic Automobile
7231.030 Garden Machinery RepairerGarden Machinery Repairer
7231.031 Heating and Ventilating MechanicHeating and Ventilating Mechanic
7231.032 Heating and Ventilation MechanicHeating and Ventilation Mechanic
7231.033 Heating Control MechanicHeating Control Mechanic
7231.034 Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning MechanicHeating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Mechanic
7231.035 Hosiery Knitting Machine MechanicHosiery Knitting Machine Mechanic
7231.036 Installer Refrigeration Air ConditioningInstaller Refrigeration Air Conditioning
7231.037 Jacquard Machine RepairerJacquard Machine Repairer
7231.038 Juke Box ServicemanJuke Box Serviceman
7231.039 Knitting Machine SetterKnitting Machine Setter
7231.040 Lawn Mower MechanicLawn Mower Mechanic
7231.041 Lawnmower MechanicLawnmower Mechanic
7231.042 Licensed Aircraft MechanicLicensed Aircraft Mechanic
7231.043 Locomotive MaintainerLocomotive Maintainer
7231.044 Loom FixerLoom Fixer
7231.045 Loom TunerLoom Tuner
7231.046 Lube Bay Attendant or OperatorLube Bay Attendant or Operator
7231.047 Machinery MechanicMachinery Mechanic
7231.048 Maintenance FitterMaintenance Fitter
7231.049 Maintenance MechanicMaintenance Mechanic
7231.050 Maintenance Plant ServicemanMaintenance Plant Serviceman
7231.051 Maintenance Serviceman Cold StorageMaintenance Serviceman Cold Storage
7231.052 Marine Engine FitterMarine Engine Fitter
7231.053 Marine MechanicMarine Mechanic
7231.054 Marine Superintendant MaintenanceMarine Superintendant Maintenance
7231.055 Mechanical Products Inspector and TesterMechanical Products Inspector and Tester
7231.056 Metal Working Machine MechanicMetal Working Machine Mechanic
7231.057 Meter TesterMeter Tester
7231.058 Mill Serviceman Sawmill MaintenanceMill Serviceman Sawmill Maintenance
7231.059 Mine Machinery MechanicMine Machinery Mechanic
7231.060 Motor MechanicMotor Mechanic
7231.061 Motor Mower MechanicMotor Mower Mechanic
7231.062 Motor Mower RepairerMotor Mower Repairer
7231.063 Motor Vehicle InspectorMotor Vehicle Inspector
7231.064 Motor Vehicle MechanicMotor Vehicle Mechanic
7231.065 Motorcycle MechanicMotorcycle Mechanic
7231.066 Muffler/Exhaust FitterMuffler/Exhaust Fitter
7231.067 Outboard Motor MechanicOutboard Motor Mechanic
7231.068 Parking Meter MechanicParking Meter Mechanic
7231.069 Patrol Officer Automobile AssociationPatrol Officer Automobile Association
7231.070 Petrol Pump Maintenance MechanicPetrol Pump Maintenance Mechanic
7231.071 Plant Maintenance MechanicPlant Maintenance Mechanic
7231.072 Printing Machine MechanicPrinting Machine Mechanic
7231.073 Pump MechanicPump Mechanic
7231.074 Refrigeration InstallerRefrigeration Installer
7231.075 Refrigeration MechanicRefrigeration Mechanic
7231.076 Refrigeration ServicemanRefrigeration Serviceman
7231.077 Refrigeration Systems MechanicRefrigeration Systems Mechanic
7231.078 Scooter Motorbike MechanicScooter Motorbike Mechanic
7231.079 Sewing Machine MechanicSewing Machine Mechanic
7231.080 Ships Engine Room MechanicShips Engine Room Mechanic
7231.081 Slot Machine ServicemanSlot Machine Serviceman
7231.082 Small Engine MechanicSmall Engine Mechanic
7231.083 Testing Machine EngineerTesting Machine Engineer
7231.084 Textile Machine MechanicTextile Machine Mechanic
7231.085 Tractor MechanicTractor Mechanic
7231.086 Tractor ServicerTractor Servicer
7231.087 Truck MechanicTruck Mechanic
7231.088 Vehicle DismantlerVehicle Dismantler
7231.089 Vehicle Radiator MechanicVehicle Radiator Mechanic
7231.090 Ventilation and Air Conditioning InstallerVentilation and Air Conditioning Installer
7231.091 Ventilation MechanicVentilation Mechanic
7231.092 Weaving and Knitting Machine SetterWeaving and Knitting Machine Setter
7231.093 Woodworking Machine MechanicWoodworking Machine Mechanic
7241.001 Automatic Signal Maintenance ManAutomatic Signal Maintenance Man
7241.002 Dynamo FitterDynamo Fitter
7241.003 Electric Motor and Generator FitterElectric Motor and Generator Fitter
7241.004 Electrical Air Conditioning FitterElectrical Air Conditioning Fitter
7241.005 Electrical FitterElectrical Fitter
7241.006 Electrical Instrument FitterElectrical Instrument Fitter
7241.007 Electrical Mechanic FitterElectrical Mechanic Fitter
7241.008 Electrical Signal Adjuster FitterElectrical Signal Adjuster Fitter
7241.009 Electrical Signalling Systems FitterElectrical Signalling Systems Fitter
7241.010 Electrical Switch and Control Gear FitterElectrical Switch and Control Gear Fitter
7241.011 Electrical Switchboard FitterElectrical Switchboard Fitter
7241.012 Elevator FitterElevator Fitter
7241.013 Elevator Repair PersonElevator Repair Person
7241.014 Fire Alarm TechnicianFire Alarm Technician
7241.015 Fire Equipment Serviceman ElectricalFire Equipment Serviceman Electrical
7241.016 Lift FitterLift Fitter
7241.017 Lift MechanicLift Mechanic
7241.018 Transformer FitterTransformer Fitter
7242.001 Alarm InstallerAlarm Installer
7242.002 Avionics Engineering TradespersonAvionics Engineering Tradesperson
7242.003 Avionics MechanicAvionics Mechanic
7242.004 Burglar Alarm InstallerBurglar Alarm Installer
7242.005 Computer Engineering MechanicComputer Engineering Mechanic
7242.006 Computer Engineering ServicemanComputer Engineering Serviceman
7242.007 Electronic AdjusterElectronic Adjuster
7242.008 Electronic FitterElectronic Fitter
7242.009 Electronic ServicemanElectronic Serviceman
7242.010 Electronic Signal Adjuster FitterElectronic Signal Adjuster Fitter
7242.011 Electronics ServicepersonElectronics Serviceperson
7242.012 Industrial Electronics RepairerIndustrial Electronics Repairer
7242.013 Office Machinery MechanicOffice Machinery Mechanic
7242.014 Photocopier TechnicianPhotocopier Technician
7242.015 Photocopying Machine MechanicPhotocopying Machine Mechanic
7242.016 Reprographic Machine MechanicReprographic Machine Mechanic
7242.017 Security Systems FitterSecurity Systems Fitter
7242.018 Security Systems InstallerSecurity Systems Installer
7242.019 Typewriter Serviceman MechanicTypewriter Serviceman Mechanic
7243.001 Aerial Erector Radio TelevisionAerial Erector Radio Television
7243.002 Aerial InstallerAerial Installer
7243.003 Radar Fitter and RepairerRadar Fitter and Repairer
7243.004 Radio and Television FitterRadio and Television Fitter
7243.005 Radio and Television RepairerRadio and Television Repairer
7243.006 Rigger Television RepairerRigger Television Repairer
7243.007 Televions or Audio Equipment RepairerTelevions or Audio Equipment Repairer
7243.008 Television ServicemanTelevision Serviceman
7243.009 Television Technician RepairTelevision Technician Repair
7243.010 TV RepairmanTV Repairman
7311.001 Camera RepairerCamera Repairer
7311.002 Camera RepairmanCamera Repairman
7311.003 Clock MakerClock Maker
7311.004 GunsmithGunsmith
7311.005 HorologistHorologist
7311.006 Industrial Instrument MakerIndustrial Instrument Maker
7311.007 Industrial Instrument RepairerIndustrial Instrument Repairer
7311.008 Industrial Instrument ServicemanIndustrial Instrument Serviceman
7311.009 Industrial Precision Instrument Maker RepairerIndustrial Precision Instrument Maker Repairer
7311.010 Key MakerKey Maker
7311.011 LocksmithLocksmith
7311.012 Locksmiths SupervisorLocksmiths Supervisor
7311.013 Medical Instrument RepairerMedical Instrument Repairer
7311.014 Optical Glass CutterOptical Glass Cutter
7311.015 Optical Glass GrinderOptical Glass Grinder
7311.016 Optical Glass PolisherOptical Glass Polisher
7311.017 Optical Instrument Maker and RepairerOptical Instrument Maker and Repairer
7311.018 Optical Instrument RepairerOptical Instrument Repairer
7311.019 Optical MechanicOptical Mechanic
7311.020 Optical TechnicianOptical Technician
7311.021 Photographic Equipment AssemblerPhotographic Equipment Assembler
7311.022 Photographic Equipment MechanicPhotographic Equipment Mechanic
7311.023 Precision Instrument MakerPrecision Instrument Maker
7311.024 Precision Instrument Maker Repairer SupervisorPrecision Instrument Maker Repairer Supervisor
7311.025 Precision Instrument RepairerPrecision Instrument Repairer
7311.026 Quality Controller Of LocksmithsQuality Controller Of Locksmiths
7311.027 Scale Mechanic Weights and MeasuresScale Mechanic Weights and Measures
7311.028 Scientific Instrument RepairerScientific Instrument Repairer
7311.029 Surgical Instrument MakerSurgical Instrument Maker
7311.030 Survey Instrument RepairerSurvey Instrument Repairer
7311.031 Surveying Instrument ManufacturerSurveying Instrument Manufacturer
7311.032 Watch MakerWatch Maker
7311.033 Watch RepairerWatch Repairer
7311.034 WatchmakerWatchmaker
7311.035 Watchmaker and RepairerWatchmaker and Repairer
7312.001 Musical Instrument MakerMusical Instrument Maker
7312.002 Musical Instrument RepairerMusical Instrument Repairer
7312.003 Musical Instrument TunerMusical Instrument Tuner
7312.004 Piano TunerPiano Tuner
7313.001 FaceterFaceter
7313.002 Gem CutterGem Cutter
7313.003 Gem Cutter and PolisherGem Cutter and Polisher
7313.004 Gem PolisherGem Polisher
7313.005 Gem SetterGem Setter
7313.006 GoldsmithGoldsmith
7313.007 Greenstone WorkerGreenstone Worker
7313.008 Jade WorkerJade Worker
7313.009 JewellerJeweller
7313.010 Jewellery EngraverJewellery Engraver
7313.011 Jewellery Form CasterJewellery Form Caster
7313.012 Jewellery ManufacturerJewellery Manufacturer
7313.013 Jewellery RepairerJewellery Repairer
7313.014 Jewellery WorkerJewellery Worker
7313.015 LapidaryLapidary
7313.016 Manufacturing JewellerManufacturing Jeweller
7313.017 Paua Shell Cutter PolisherPaua Shell Cutter Polisher
7313.018 Precious Metal CutterPrecious Metal Cutter
7313.019 Quality Controller Of Gem Cutter And PolishersQuality Controller Of Gem Cutter And Polishers
7313.020 Quality Controller Of Jeweller And Jewellery WorkersQuality Controller Of Jeweller And Jewellery Workers
7313.021 SilversmithSilversmith
7321.001 Glass BevellerGlass Beveller
7321.002 Glass CutterGlass Cutter
7321.003 Glass Cutter and BevellerGlass Cutter and Beveller
7321.004 Glass EngraverGlass Engraver
7321.005 Glass EtcherGlass Etcher
7321.006 Glass FinisherGlass Finisher
7321.007 Glass SandblasterGlass Sandblaster
7321.008 Lens Glass MoulderLens Glass Moulder
7321.009 Lens Grinding Machine OperatorLens Grinding Machine Operator
7321.010 Lens Polishing Machine OperatorLens Polishing Machine Operator
7321.011 Quality Controller Of Glass Cutter And BevellersQuality Controller Of Glass Cutter And Bevellers
7321.012 Slitter Optical GlassSlitter Optical Glass
7331.001 Balloon PrinterBalloon Printer
7331.002 Block Engraver Maker PrintingBlock Engraver Maker Printing
7331.003 Block PrinterBlock Printer
7331.004 Carton PrinterCarton Printer
7331.005 CompositorCompositor
7331.006 Computer TypesetterComputer Typesetter
7331.007 Desktop PublisherDesktop Publisher
7331.008 ElectrotyperElectrotyper
7331.009 Engraver Machine Operator SignsEngraver Machine Operator Signs
7331.010 Feeder Printing Press SupervisorFeeder Printing Press Supervisor
7331.011 Flexographic PrinterFlexographic Printer
7331.012 Flyer Flyhand PrintingFlyer Flyhand Printing
7331.013 Graphic Pre-Press TradespersonGraphic Pre-Press Tradesperson
7331.014 Gravure PrinterGravure Printer
7331.015 Hot Metal CompositorHot Metal Compositor
7331.016 Intertype OperatorIntertype Operator
7331.017 Jobbing PrinterJobbing Printer
7331.018 Letter Press PrinterLetter Press Printer
7331.019 Letterpress Machine PrinterLetterpress Machine Printer
7331.020 Letterpress Machine SupervisorLetterpress Machine Supervisor
7331.021 Letterpress MachinistLetterpress Machinist
7331.022 Letterpress PrinterLetterpress Printer
7331.023 Litho Carton PrinterLitho Carton Printer
7331.024 Lithographic MachinistLithographic Machinist
7331.025 Lithographic Plate Stone EngraverLithographic Plate Stone Engraver
7331.026 Lithographic Plate Stone Maker polisherLithographic Plate Stone Maker polisher
7331.027 Offset DuplicatorOffset Duplicator
7331.028 Offset MachinistOffset Machinist
7331.029 Offset PressmanOffset Pressman
7331.030 Offset PrinterOffset Printer
7331.031 Paperboard Packaging PrinterPaperboard Packaging Printer
7331.032 Photo Typesetting Machine OperatorPhoto Typesetting Machine Operator
7331.033 PrinterPrinter
7331.034 Printer WallpaperPrinter Wallpaper
7331.035 Printing and Publishing Production SupervisorPrinting and Publishing Production Supervisor
7331.036 Printing FounderPrinting Founder
7331.037 Printing ImposerPrinting Imposer
7331.038 Printing Machine OperatorPrinting Machine Operator
7331.039 Printing MachinistPrinting Machinist
7331.040 Printing Press FeederPrinting Press Feeder
7331.041 Printing SupervisorPrinting Supervisor
7331.042 Printing TypesetterPrinting Typesetter
7331.043 Printing WorkerPrinting Worker
7331.044 Quality Controller Of Screen PrintersQuality Controller Of Screen Printers
7331.045 Reel Fed Machine SupervisorReel Fed Machine Supervisor
7331.046 Reel-Fed MachinistReel-Fed Machinist
7331.047 Roll WinderRoll Winder
7331.048 Rotary MachinistRotary Machinist
7331.049 Rotary Press OperatorRotary Press Operator
7331.050 Screen PrinterScreen Printer
7331.051 Screen Printing SupervisorScreen Printing Supervisor
7331.052 ScreenerScreener
7331.053 ScreenprinterScreenprinter
7331.054 Screenprinting SupervisorScreenprinting Supervisor
7331.055 Sheet Fed Machine SupervisorSheet Fed Machine Supervisor
7331.056 Sheet Fed MachinistSheet Fed Machinist
7331.057 Sheet Fed PrinterSheet Fed Printer
7331.058 Silk Screen PrinterSilk Screen Printer
7331.059 Stencil Cutter Screen PrintingStencil Cutter Screen Printing
7331.060 StereotyperStereotyper
7331.061 T Shirt PrinterT Shirt Printer
7331.062 Template PrinterTemplate Printer
7331.063 Type OperatorType Operator
7331.064 Typecaster MetalTypecaster Metal
7331.065 Typecasting Machine OperatorTypecasting Machine Operator
7331.066 TypesetterTypesetter
7331.067 Typesetter and CompositorTypesetter and Compositor
7331.068 Typesetter LinotypeTypesetter Linotype
7331.069 Typesetting and Compositing SupervisorTypesetting and Compositing Supervisor
7331.070 TypographerTypographer
7332.001 BinderBinder
7332.002 Bindery WorkerBindery Worker
7332.003 Binding Assistant WorkerBinding Assistant Worker
7332.004 Book BinderBook Binder
7332.005 Book Binding SupervisorBook Binding Supervisor
7332.006 Book EmbosserBook Embosser
7332.007 Book FinisherBook Finisher
7332.008 Book RepairerBook Repairer
7332.009 BookbinderBookbinder
7332.010 Bookbinder MachinistBookbinder Machinist
7332.011 Bookbinding SupervisorBookbinding Supervisor
7332.012 Paper EmbosserPaper Embosser
7333.001 Camera Operator PrintingCamera Operator Printing
7333.002 Cameraman PhotogravureCameraman Photogravure
7333.003 Graphic PhotoprocessorGraphic Photoprocessor
7333.004 Metal Engraver Etcher PrintingMetal Engraver Etcher Printing
7333.005 Photo EngraverPhoto Engraver
7333.006 Photo LithographerPhoto Lithographer
7333.007 Photo Mechanical Cameraman PrintingPhoto Mechanical Cameraman Printing
7333.008 Photo Mounter Router PrintingPhoto Mounter Router Printing
7333.009 Photo RetoucherPhoto Retoucher
7333.010 PhotoengraverPhotoengraver
7333.011 Photographic EtcherPhotographic Etcher
7333.012 PhotolithographerPhotolithographer
7333.013 Printing Process Engraver EtcherPrinting Process Engraver Etcher
7411.001 ButcherButcher
7411.002 Butcher Wholesale and RetailButcher Wholesale and Retail
7411.003 Kaihoko MiitiKaihoko Miiti
7411.004 Kaihoko MitiKaihoko Miti
7411.005 Kaitapahi MiitiKaitapahi Miiti
7411.006 Kaitapahi MitiKaitapahi Miti
7411.007 Meat GraderMeat Grader
7411.008 PutiaPutia
7411.009 PuutiaPuutia
7412.001 BakerBaker
7412.002 Baker Cake PastryBaker Cake Pastry
7412.003 Biscuit MakerBiscuit Maker
7412.004 Bread BakerBread Baker
7412.005 Cake DecoratorCake Decorator
7412.006 Cake Decorator or FinisherCake Decorator or Finisher
7412.007 Cake MakerCake Maker
7412.008 Food Cake Decorator FinisherFood Cake Decorator Finisher
7412.009 Kaitaka ParaoaKaitaka Paraoa
7412.010 Kaiwhakamaoa ParaoaKaiwhakamaoa Paraoa
7412.011 Pastry CookPastry Cook
7412.012 PastrycookPastrycook
7412.013 Pastrycook Cake MakerPastrycook Cake Maker
7412.014 Quality Controller Of BakersQuality Controller Of Bakers
7412.015 Tangata Mahi ParaoaTangata Mahi Paraoa
7421.001 Antique Furniture RestorerAntique Furniture Restorer
7421.002 Antique Restorer WoodenAntique Restorer Wooden
7421.003 Architects Model MakerArchitects Model Maker
7421.004 Cabinet MakerCabinet Maker
7421.005 Cabinet Making SupervisorCabinet Making Supervisor
7421.006 CabinetmakerCabinetmaker
7421.007 Chair MakerChair Maker
7421.008 Coffin MakerCoffin Maker
7421.009 CooperCooper
7421.010 French PolisherFrench Polisher
7421.011 Furniture FinisherFurniture Finisher
7421.012 Furniture Maker WoodFurniture Maker Wood
7421.013 Furniture PolisherFurniture Polisher
7421.014 Furniture RestorerFurniture Restorer
7421.015 Marquetry InlayerMarquetry Inlayer
7421.016 Model Maker WoodModel Maker Wood
7421.017 Overseer Wood Joinery FurnitureOverseer Wood Joinery Furniture
7421.018 Parquetry WorkerParquetry Worker
7421.019 Picture FramerPicture Framer
7421.020 Production Chargehand Wood Joinery FurnitureProduction Chargehand Wood Joinery Furniture
7421.021 Quality Controller Of Cabinet MakersQuality Controller Of Cabinet Makers
7421.022 Spray Polisher WoodSpray Polisher Wood
7421.023 Veneer WorkerVeneer Worker
7421.024 WheelwrightWheelwright
7421.025 Wood BenderWood Bender
7421.026 Wooden Pattern MakerWooden Pattern Maker
7421.027 Woodwork InstructorWoodwork Instructor
7431.001 Bespoke TailorBespoke Tailor
7431.002 Boutique DressmakerBoutique Dressmaker
7431.003 Chart CutterChart Cutter
7431.004 Clothing CutterClothing Cutter
7431.005 Coat HandCoat Hand
7431.006 Corset and Foundations CorsetiereCorset and Foundations Corsetiere
7431.007 Cutter FurCutter Fur
7431.008 Dress MakerDress Maker
7431.009 DressmakerDressmaker
7431.010 Fabric CutterFabric Cutter
7431.011 Fur GraderFur Grader
7431.012 Fur TailorFur Tailor
7431.013 FurrierFurrier
7431.014 Garment CutterGarment Cutter
7431.015 Garment MakerGarment Maker
7431.016 Garment MarkerGarment Marker
7431.017 Garment Pattern CutterGarment Pattern Cutter
7431.018 Garment Pattern MakerGarment Pattern Maker
7431.019 Glove CutterGlove Cutter
7431.020 Glove Maker FabricGlove Maker Fabric
7431.021 Leather Chart CutterLeather Chart Cutter
7431.022 Leather Garment CutterLeather Garment Cutter
7431.023 Lingerie MakerLingerie Maker
7431.024 Quality Controller Of Textile Products MarkerQuality Controller Of Textile Products Marker
7431.025 Sewer FurSewer Fur
7431.026 Shirt MakerShirt Maker
7431.027 TailorTailor
7431.028 Tailors TrimmerTailors Trimmer
7431.029 Textile Products CutterTextile Products Cutter
7431.030 Textile Products Cutting WorkerTextile Products Cutting Worker
7431.031 Textile Products MakerTextile Products Maker
7431.032 Textile Products Marker and CutterTextile Products Marker and Cutter
7431.033 Textile Products Marking WorkerTextile Products Marking Worker
7431.034 Textile Products Pattern MakerTextile Products Pattern Maker
7431.035 Tie MakerTie Maker
7431.036 Trouser HandTrouser Hand
7431.037 Upholsterer Pattern MakerUpholsterer Pattern Maker
7431.038 Upholstery Pattern MakerUpholstery Pattern Maker
7431.039 Vest HandVest Hand
7431.040 Viewer Clothing FactoryViewer Clothing Factory
7431.041 Wardrobe AssistantWardrobe Assistant
7431.042 Wardrobe MistressWardrobe Mistress
7432.001 Automobile UpholstererAutomobile Upholsterer
7432.002 Awning MakerAwning Maker
7432.003 Blind Maker and Installer not VenetianBlind Maker and Installer not Venetian
7432.004 Blind Maker not VenetianBlind Maker not Venetian
7432.005 Canvas Awning InstallerCanvas Awning Installer
7432.006 Canvas Upholstery CutterCanvas Upholstery Cutter
7432.007 Canvas WorkerCanvas Worker
7432.008 Canvas Worker SupervisorCanvas Worker Supervisor
7432.009 Car Coach TrimmerCar Coach Trimmer
7432.010 Car Coach UpholstererCar Coach Upholsterer
7432.011 Car TrimmerCar Trimmer
7432.012 Car UpholstererCar Upholsterer
7432.013 Chair UpholstererChair Upholsterer
7432.014 Furniture TrimmerFurniture Trimmer
7432.015 Furniture UpholstererFurniture Upholsterer
7432.016 Horsehair WorkerHorsehair Worker
7432.017 Mattress MakerMattress Maker
7432.018 Mattress Maker WorkerMattress Maker Worker
7432.019 Mattress SewerMattress Sewer
7432.020 Motor TrimmerMotor Trimmer
7432.021 Quality Controller Of Canvas WorkersQuality Controller Of Canvas Workers
7432.022 Quality Controller Of Furniture UpholsterersQuality Controller Of Furniture Upholsterers
7432.023 Quality Controller Of Vehicle Upholsterer And TrimmerQuality Controller Of Vehicle Upholsterer And Trimmer
7432.024 Soft Furnishing UpholstererSoft Furnishing Upholsterer
7432.025 Springerup Upholstery MattressesSpringerup Upholstery Mattresses
7432.026 Tarpaulin MakerTarpaulin Maker
7432.027 Vehicle TrimmerVehicle Trimmer
7432.028 Vehicle UpholstererVehicle Upholsterer
7432.029 Vehicle Upholsterer and TrimmerVehicle Upholsterer and Trimmer
7432.030 Wire Mattress MakerWire Mattress Maker
7433.001 Carpet and Other Floor Covering LayerCarpet and Other Floor Covering Layer
7433.002 Carpet and Vinyl LayerCarpet and Vinyl Layer
7433.003 Carpet CutterCarpet Cutter
7433.004 Carpet InstallerCarpet Installer
7433.005 Carpet LayerCarpet Layer
7433.006 Carpet Layer PlannerCarpet Layer Planner
7433.007 Carpet Vinyl FitterCarpet Vinyl Fitter
7433.008 Floor Covering InstallerFloor Covering Installer
7433.009 Floor Layer ParquetryFloor Layer Parquetry
7433.010 Floor SanderFloor Sander
7433.011 Flooring ContractorFlooring Contractor
7433.012 Flooring SpecialistFlooring Specialist
7433.013 FloorsanderFloorsander
7433.014 Layer FlooringLayer Flooring
7433.015 Layer Flooring Particle BoardLayer Flooring Particle Board
7433.016 Lino LayerLino Layer
7433.017 Linoleum LayerLinoleum Layer
7433.018 Quality Controller of Carpet and Other Floor LayersQuality Controller of Carpet and Other Floor Layers
7433.019 Vinyl LayerVinyl Layer
7441.001 Boot RepairerBoot Repairer
7441.002 CobblerCobbler
7441.003 Footwear RepairerFootwear Repairer
7441.004 Quality Controller Of Shoe RepairersQuality Controller Of Shoe Repairers
7441.005 Saddler and Harness MakerSaddler and Harness Maker
7441.006 Shoe RepairerShoe Repairer
8111.001 Bentonite Miner SluicerBentonite Miner Sluicer
8111.002 Building Stone QuarrymanBuilding Stone Quarryman
8111.003 Cement Clay Lime QuarrymanCement Clay Lime Quarryman
8111.004 Coal Crushing Machine OperatorCoal Crushing Machine Operator
8111.005 Coal HewerCoal Hewer
8111.006 Coal MinerCoal Miner
8111.007 CollierCollier
8111.008 Copper MinerCopper Miner
8111.009 Crusher Operator MineralsCrusher Operator Minerals
8111.010 Gold MinerGold Miner
8111.011 Gravel WorkerGravel Worker
8111.012 Marble QuarrymanMarble Quarryman
8111.013 Mine DrillerMine Driller
8111.014 Mine SamplerMine Sampler
8111.015 Mine WorkerMine Worker
8111.016 MinerMiner
8111.017 Mining BlasterMining Blaster
8111.018 Mining ChargemanMining Chargeman
8111.019 Mining Plant OperatorMining Plant Operator
8111.020 Mining SurfacemanMining Surfaceman
8111.021 Mining WorkerMining Worker
8111.022 Production Foreman Overseer Mining QuarryingProduction Foreman Overseer Mining Quarrying
8111.023 Production Supervisor Miners QuarrymenProduction Supervisor Miners Quarrymen
8111.024 Production Supervisor Mining Plant OperatorsProduction Supervisor Mining Plant Operators
8111.025 Quality Controller of Quarry and Mine WorkersQuality Controller of Quarry and Mine Workers
8111.026 Quarry and Mine Working SupervisorQuarry and Mine Working Supervisor
8111.027 Quarry HandQuarry Hand
8111.028 Quarry WorkerQuarry Worker
8111.029 Quarrying BlasterQuarrying Blaster
8111.030 Quarrying Overseer ForemanQuarrying Overseer Foreman
8111.031 Quarrying Shot FirerQuarrying Shot Firer
8111.032 Quarrying WorkerQuarrying Worker
8111.033 Sand Pit WorkerSand Pit Worker
8111.034 Scheelite MinerScheelite Miner
8111.035 Shift Boss MineShift Boss Mine
8111.036 Shot FirerShot Firer
8111.037 Shuttle Car Operator MineShuttle Car Operator Mine
8111.038 Silver MinerSilver Miner
8112.001 Crusher QuarryCrusher Quarry
8112.002 Grinder QuarryGrinder Quarry
8112.003 Lime MillerLime Miller
8112.004 Mineral and Stone TreaterMineral and Stone Treater
8112.005 Ore Crusher OperatorOre Crusher Operator
8112.006 Quarry Jig OperatorQuarry Jig Operator
8112.007 Rock and Clay GrinderRock and Clay Grinder
8112.008 Screen Worker Mine or QuarryScreen Worker Mine or Quarry
8112.009 Stone CrusherStone Crusher
8112.010 Stone SplitterStone Splitter
8113.001 Bore DrillerBore Driller
8113.002 Bore Driller Thermal SteamBore Driller Thermal Steam
8113.003 Cable DrillerCable Driller
8113.004 Derrick WorkerDerrick Worker
8113.005 DrillerDriller
8113.006 Oil and Gas CaserOil and Gas Caser
8113.007 Oil and Gas CementerOil and Gas Cementer
8113.008 Oil and Gas DerrickmanOil and Gas Derrickman
8113.009 Oil Rig FloormanOil Rig Floorman
8113.010 Overseer Foreman Oil and Gas DrillingOverseer Foreman Oil and Gas Drilling
8113.011 Rotary DrillerRotary Driller
8113.012 Roughneck Oil Well DrillingRoughneck Oil Well Drilling
8113.013 Supervisor Oil And Gas DrillingSupervisor Oil And Gas Drilling
8113.014 Well BorerWell Borer
8113.015 Well CaserWell Caser
8113.016 Well DrillerWell Driller
8113.017 Well SinkerWell Sinker
8121.001 Cupola FurnacemanCupola Furnaceman
8121.002 Die Press Operator ForgingDie Press Operator Forging
8121.003 Drop Hammer OperatorDrop Hammer Operator
8121.004 Electric Arc FurnacemanElectric Arc Furnaceman
8121.005 Forge Hammer OperatorForge Hammer Operator
8121.006 Forging Press OperatorForging Press Operator
8121.007 Furnace Operator Metallic SupervisorFurnace Operator Metallic Supervisor
8121.008 Furnaceman Ore SmeltingFurnaceman Ore Smelting
8121.009 Ingot OperatorIngot Operator
8121.010 Metal AnnealerMetal Annealer
8121.011 Metal HardenerMetal Hardener
8121.012 Metal Melter ReheaterMetal Melter Reheater
8121.013 Metal TempererMetal Temperer
8121.014 Metallic Furnace OperatorMetallic Furnace Operator
8121.015 Metallic Furnace SupervisorMetallic Furnace Supervisor
8121.016 Pot OperatorPot Operator
8121.017 Power Hammer OperatorPower Hammer Operator
8121.018 Press Operator Metal ForgingPress Operator Metal Forging
8121.019 Quality Controller Of Metallic Furnace OperatorsQuality Controller Of Metallic Furnace Operators
8121.020 Steam Hammer OperatorSteam Hammer Operator
8122.001 Continuous Rod Casting Machine OperatorContinuous Rod Casting Machine Operator
8122.002 Die Casting Machine OperatorDie Casting Machine Operator
8122.003 FettlerFettler
8122.004 Foundry WorkerFoundry Worker
8122.005 Iron Machinist FoundryIron Machinist Foundry
8122.006 Metal BurnisherMetal Burnisher
8122.007 Metal CasterMetal Caster
8122.008 Metal Casting SupervisorMetal Casting Supervisor
8122.009 Metal Conveyor OperatorMetal Conveyor Operator
8122.010 Metal Pourer FoundryMetal Pourer Foundry
8122.011 Quality Controller of Metal CastersQuality Controller of Metal Casters
8122.012 Rolling Mill OperatorRolling Mill Operator
8122.013 Sandblaster Metal CastingsSandblaster Metal Castings
8122.014 Shot Blaster CastingsShot Blaster Castings
8122.015 Steel CasterSteel Caster
8122.016 Steel Tube Mill OperatorSteel Tube Mill Operator
8122.017 Steel WorkerSteel Worker
8122.018 Steel Working Process WorkerSteel Working Process Worker
8122.019 SteelworkerSteelworker
8122.020 Steelworking Process WorkerSteelworking Process Worker
8123.001 Argon WelderArgon Welder
8123.002 BrazerBrazer
8123.003 Carbon Dioxide WelderCarbon Dioxide Welder
8123.004 Electric Arc CutterElectric Arc Cutter
8123.005 Electric Arc WelderElectric Arc Welder
8123.006 Flame CutterFlame Cutter
8123.007 Gas CutterGas Cutter
8123.008 General WelderGeneral Welder
8123.009 Lead BurnerLead Burner
8123.010 Lead WorkerLead Worker
8123.011 Oxyacetylene Gas WelderOxyacetylene Gas Welder
8123.012 Solderer and BrazerSolderer and Brazer
8123.013 Spot Welder OperatorSpot Welder Operator
8123.014 Welder and Flame CutterWelder and Flame Cutter
8123.015 Welding InspectorWelding Inspector
8123.016 Welding SuperintendentWelding Superintendent
8124.001 Manipulator Metal Rolling Mill WorkerManipulator Metal Rolling Mill Worker
8124.002 Metal DrawerMetal Drawer
8124.003 Metal Drawer or ExtruderMetal Drawer or Extruder
8124.004 Metal Drawer SupervisorMetal Drawer Supervisor
8124.005 Metal ExtruderMetal Extruder
8124.006 Metal Extruder OperatorMetal Extruder Operator
8124.007 Metal Extrusion Press OperatorMetal Extrusion Press Operator
8124.008 Metal NormaliserMetal Normaliser
8124.009 Metal Pipe and Tube DrawerMetal Pipe and Tube Drawer
8124.010 Wire DrawerWire Drawer
8124.011 Wire Drawing Process WorkerWire Drawing Process Worker
8131.001 Brick and Tile Drawer and SetterBrick and Tile Drawer and Setter
8131.002 Brick and Tile KilnmanBrick and Tile Kilnman
8131.003 Brick and Tile Maker Moulder PresserBrick and Tile Maker Moulder Presser
8131.004 Brick MakerBrick Maker
8131.005 BrickmakerBrickmaker
8131.006 Brickmaking Process WorkerBrickmaking Process Worker
8131.007 Ceramic Porcelain Pottery PresserCeramic Porcelain Pottery Presser
8131.008 Ceramics WorkerCeramics Worker
8131.009 CeramistCeramist
8131.010 Clay MixerClay Mixer
8131.011 Clay Mould Plant OperatorClay Mould Plant Operator
8131.012 Clay Product Plant OperatorClay Product Plant Operator
8131.013 Glass FurnacemanGlass Furnaceman
8131.014 Kiln Burner LimeKiln Burner Lime
8131.015 Kilnman Ovenman KilnburnerKilnman Ovenman Kilnburner
8131.016 Non Metallic Mineral Products Kiln OperatorNon Metallic Mineral Products Kiln Operator
8131.017 Non Metallic Mineral Products Kiln or Furnace OperatorNon Metallic Mineral Products Kiln or Furnace Operator
8131.018 Nonmetallic Mineral Products Kiln OperatorNonmetallic Mineral Products Kiln Operator
8131.019 Porcelain Factory WorkerPorcelain Factory Worker
8131.020 PotterPotter
8131.021 Pottery and Porcelain CutterPottery and Porcelain Cutter
8131.022 Pottery and Porcelain ModellerPottery and Porcelain Modeller
8131.023 Pottery and Porcelain Mould MakerPottery and Porcelain Mould Maker
8131.024 Pottery and Porcelain Mould Making SupervisorPottery and Porcelain Mould Making Supervisor
8131.025 Pottery Insulator MakerPottery Insulator Maker
8131.026 Pottery Pipe MakerPottery Pipe Maker
8131.027 Pottery Process WorkerPottery Process Worker
8131.028 Tile MakerTile Maker
8132.001 Bottle Making Machine OperatorBottle Making Machine Operator
8132.002 Ceramics Dipper and GlazerCeramics Dipper and Glazer
8132.003 Ceramics EnamellerCeramics Enameller
8132.004 Decorative Glass FinisherDecorative Glass Finisher
8132.005 Factory Hand Fibreglass MouldingFactory Hand Fibreglass Moulding
8132.006 Fibreglass Laminating Process WorkerFibreglass Laminating Process Worker
8132.007 Fibreglass LaminatorFibreglass Laminator
8132.008 Fibreglass Pattern MakerFibreglass Pattern Maker
8132.009 Fibreglass Process WorkerFibreglass Process Worker
8132.010 Fibreglass WorkerFibreglass Worker
8132.011 Fibreglass Worker and MakerFibreglass Worker and Maker
8132.012 FibreglasserFibreglasser
8132.013 Glass and Ceramics DecoratorGlass and Ceramics Decorator
8132.014 Glass and Ceramics Decorator SupervisorGlass and Ceramics Decorator Supervisor
8132.015 Glass and Ceramics Painter and DecoratorGlass and Ceramics Painter and Decorator
8132.016 Glass BenderGlass Bender
8132.017 Glass BlowerGlass Blower
8132.018 Glass DecoratorGlass Decorator
8132.019 Glass Drawing Machine OperatorGlass Drawing Machine Operator
8132.020 Glass Drawing Machine Operator SupervisorGlass Drawing Machine Operator Supervisor
8132.021 Glass Fibre MakerGlass Fibre Maker
8132.022 Glass Fibre Process WorkerGlass Fibre Process Worker
8132.023 Glass FlangerGlass Flanger
8132.024 Glass MakerGlass Maker
8132.025 Glass Making Process WorkerGlass Making Process Worker
8132.026 Glass Mould BlowerGlass Mould Blower
8132.027 Glass PolisherGlass Polisher
8132.028 Glass Pressing and Drawing Machine SupervisorGlass Pressing and Drawing Machine Supervisor
8132.029 Glass Pressing Machine OperatorGlass Pressing Machine Operator
8132.030 Glass SilvererGlass Silverer
8132.031 Glass WorkerGlass Worker
8132.032 Glaze MakerGlaze Maker
8132.033 Mirror SilvererMirror Silverer
8132.034 Plate Glass RollerPlate Glass Roller
8132.035 Quality Controller Of Glass And Ceramics PaintersQuality Controller Of Glass And Ceramics Painters
8132.036 Scientific Glass BlowerScientific Glass Blower
8132.037 Sun Tint Filmer GlassSun Tint Filmer Glass
8141.001 Benchman SawmillBenchman Sawmill
8141.002 Breast Bench SawyerBreast Bench Sawyer
8141.003 Chipper OperatorChipper Operator
8141.004 Log Chipping Machine OperatorLog Chipping Machine Operator
8141.005 Planer Timber MachineryPlaner Timber Machinery
8141.006 Post CutterPost Cutter
8141.007 Precision Timber MachinistPrecision Timber Machinist
8141.008 Quality Controller Of Timber Grader ClassersQuality Controller Of Timber Grader Classers
8141.009 Sawmill Band Saw OperatorSawmill Band Saw Operator
8141.010 Sawmill DockerSawmill Docker
8141.011 Sawmill Firewood MachinistSawmill Firewood Machinist
8141.012 Sawmill HandSawmill Hand
8141.013 Sawmill Peel OperatorSawmill Peel Operator
8141.014 Sawmill Process WorkerSawmill Process Worker
8141.015 Sawmill SkidmanSawmill Skidman
8141.016 Sawmill Table HandSawmill Table Hand
8141.017 Sawmill TallymanSawmill Tallyman
8141.018 Sawmill Timber Machine OperatorSawmill Timber Machine Operator
8141.019 Sawmill WorkerSawmill Worker
8141.020 Sawmill YardmanSawmill Yardman
8141.021 SawmillerSawmiller
8141.022 SawyerSawyer
8141.023 Sawyer WoodworkSawyer Woodwork
8141.024 Solidwood Process OperatorSolidwood Process Operator
8141.025 Tailer Out SawmillTailer Out Sawmill
8141.026 Tallyman Timber YardTallyman Timber Yard
8141.027 Timber Classer Grader SupervisorTimber Classer Grader Supervisor
8141.028 Timber Forest Products InspectorTimber Forest Products Inspector
8141.029 Timber Grader ClasserTimber Grader Classer
8141.030 Timber Inspector ForestsTimber Inspector Forests
8141.031 Timber Overseer ForestryTimber Overseer Forestry
8141.032 Timber Processing Machine OperatorTimber Processing Machine Operator
8141.033 Timber Processing Machine SupervisorTimber Processing Machine Supervisor
8141.034 Timber SorterTimber Sorter
8141.035 Timber StripperTimber Stripper
8142.001 Beater Operator PulpBeater Operator Pulp
8142.002 Bleacher Operator Pulp MakingBleacher Operator Pulp Making
8142.003 Boilerman Paper Pulp ProductionBoilerman Paper Pulp Production
8142.004 Paper Pulp Digestor OperatorPaper Pulp Digestor Operator
8142.005 Paper Pulp Preparer Production WorkerPaper Pulp Preparer Production Worker
8142.006 Paper Pulp Production SupervisorPaper Pulp Production Supervisor
8142.007 Pulp Mill WorkerPulp Mill Worker
8142.008 Pulp Production SupervisorPulp Production Supervisor
8142.009 Pulp Production WorkerPulp Production Worker
8142.010 Quality Controller Of Pulp Production WorkersQuality Controller Of Pulp Production Workers
8142.011 Wood Grinder Paper PulpWood Grinder Paper Pulp
8142.012 Wood Pulp WorkerWood Pulp Worker
8143.001 Fibreboard MakerFibreboard Maker
8143.002 Paper BlendmanPaper Blendman
8143.003 Paper MakerPaper Maker
8143.004 Paper Making Machine OperatorPaper Making Machine Operator
8143.005 Paper Making Production SupervisorPaper Making Production Supervisor
8143.006 Paper Mill Drier ManPaper Mill Drier Man
8143.007 Paper Mill FinisherPaper Mill Finisher
8143.008 Paper Mill MachinistPaper Mill Machinist
8143.009 Paper Production Back End Machine OperatorPaper Production Back End Machine Operator
8143.010 Paper Production SupervisorPaper Production Supervisor
8143.011 Paper Production WorkerPaper Production Worker
8143.012 Paper Products Coating MachinistPaper Products Coating Machinist
8143.013 Paper Slitting Machine OperatorPaper Slitting Machine Operator
8143.014 Paper Supercalender OperatorPaper Supercalender Operator
8143.015 Paper TesterPaper Tester
8143.016 Quality Controller of Paper Production WorkersQuality Controller of Paper Production Workers
8143.017 Strawboard MakerStrawboard Maker
8143.018 Wet End Machine Operator Paper MakingWet End Machine Operator Paper Making
8143.019 Wood Grinding Paper Pulp WorkerWood Grinding Paper Pulp Worker
8151.001 Cement Grinder MillerCement Grinder Miller
8151.002 Chemical CrusherChemical Crusher
8151.003 Chemical Crusher Grinder Mixer SupervisorChemical Crusher Grinder Mixer Supervisor
8151.004 Chemical Crushing Grinding and Mixing OperatorsChemical Crushing Grinding and Mixing Operators
8151.005 Chemical GrinderChemical Grinder
8151.006 Chemical MixerChemical Mixer
8151.007 Chemical Processes CrusherChemical Processes Crusher
8151.008 Chemical Processes GrinderChemical Processes Grinder
8151.009 Chemical Processes MixerChemical Processes Mixer
8151.010 Chemical Processing Digester OperatorChemical Processing Digester Operator
8151.011 Dag CrusherDag Crusher
8151.012 Fertilisers MixerFertilisers Mixer
8151.013 Glass MixerGlass Mixer
8151.014 Glass Mixer SupervisorGlass Mixer Supervisor
8151.015 Mixer Abrasives Glass and CeramicsMixer Abrasives Glass and Ceramics
8151.016 Starch Mill WorkerStarch Mill Worker
8152.001 Chemicals Extractor OperatorChemicals Extractor Operator
8152.002 Filtering and Separating Equipment OperatorFiltering and Separating Equipment Operator
8152.003 Filtering Equipment OperatorFiltering Equipment Operator
8152.004 Press and Filter Operator Chemical ProcessesPress and Filter Operator Chemical Processes
8152.005 Quality Controller Of Water Treatment Plant OperatorsQuality Controller Of Water Treatment Plant Operators
8152.006 Separating Equipment OperatorSeparating Equipment Operator
8152.007 Treatment Plant Operator WaterworksTreatment Plant Operator Waterworks
8152.008 Water Filter Operator AttendantWater Filter Operator Attendant
8152.009 Water Treatment Plant OperatorWater Treatment Plant Operator
8152.010 Water Treatment Plant SupervisorWater Treatment Plant Supervisor
8152.011 Waterworks AttendantWaterworks Attendant
8152.012 Waterworks Plant OperatorWaterworks Plant Operator
8152.013 Waterworks ServicemanWaterworks Serviceman
8153.001 Acetylene Gas Plant OperatorAcetylene Gas Plant Operator
8153.002 Chemical Processes Evaporator OperatorChemical Processes Evaporator Operator
8153.003 Chemical Processes Reactor Convertor OperatorChemical Processes Reactor Convertor Operator
8153.004 Chemical Reactor OperatorChemical Reactor Operator
8153.005 Distillation OperatorDistillation Operator
8153.006 Natural Gas Refining WorkerNatural Gas Refining Worker
8153.007 Oil Blender and Mixer Petroleum RefineryOil Blender and Mixer Petroleum Refinery
8153.008 Oil Panel Man Refinery OperatorOil Panel Man Refinery Operator
8153.009 Petroleum Refinery OperatorPetroleum Refinery Operator
8153.010 Petroleum Refining WorkerPetroleum Refining Worker
8153.011 Process Worker Oil ProductsProcess Worker Oil Products
8153.012 Quality Controller Of Still And Reactor OperatorsQuality Controller Of Still And Reactor Operators
8153.013 Still and Reactor OperatorStill and Reactor Operator
8153.014 Still and Reactor SupervisorStill and Reactor Supervisor
8153.015 Still and Reactor Supervisor ChemicalStill and Reactor Supervisor Chemical
8153.016 Still and Reactor Supervisor GasStill and Reactor Supervisor Gas
8153.017 Still Batch Chemical OperatorStill Batch Chemical Operator
8153.018 Still Pump Operator Petroleum RefineryStill Pump Operator Petroleum Refinery
8153.019 Wood Distillation Extractor OperatorWood Distillation Extractor Operator
8154.001 Ammunition MakerAmmunition Maker
8154.002 Asphalt BlenderAsphalt Blender
8154.003 Battery Maker and ReconditionerBattery Maker and Reconditioner
8154.004 Charcoal BurnerCharcoal Burner
8154.005 Chemical Bleacher OperatorChemical Bleacher Operator
8154.006 Chemical Fertilizer WorkerChemical Fertilizer Worker
8154.007 Chemical Processes BurnerChemical Processes Burner
8154.008 Chemical Processing Plant SupervisorChemical Processing Plant Supervisor
8154.009 Chemical ProcessorChemical Processor
8154.010 Cleaning Materials MakerCleaning Materials Maker
8154.011 Coke or Coal Gas MakerCoke or Coal Gas Maker
8154.012 Coke Production BurnerCoke Production Burner
8154.013 CompounderCompounder
8154.014 Cooker Roaster and Related Heat TreatersCooker Roaster and Related Heat Treaters
8154.015 Explosives WorkerExplosives Worker
8154.016 Floor Polish MakerFloor Polish Maker
8154.017 Furnaceman Electrode BakingFurnaceman Electrode Baking
8154.018 Furnaceman Lime and CementFurnaceman Lime and Cement
8154.019 Gas Carboniser OperatorGas Carboniser Operator
8154.020 Gas ChargehandGas Chargehand
8154.021 Gas Retort StokerGas Retort Stoker
8154.022 Gas WorkerGas Worker
8154.023 Glue WorkerGlue Worker
8154.024 Grease MakerGrease Maker
8154.025 Grease Press HandGrease Press Hand
8154.026 Ink Factory HandInk Factory Hand
8154.027 KettlemanKettleman
8154.028 Other Chemical Processing Plant OperatorOther Chemical Processing Plant Operator
8154.029 Overseer Chemical ProductsOverseer Chemical Products
8154.030 Paint and Colour MixerPaint and Colour Mixer
8154.031 Paint Drying Oven TenderPaint Drying Oven Tender
8154.032 Paint Grinder MixerPaint Grinder Mixer
8154.033 Radioactive Waste Material Treatment OperatorRadioactive Waste Material Treatment Operator
8154.034 Rotary Burner Furnaceman Cement LimeRotary Burner Furnaceman Cement Lime
8154.035 Synthetic Fibre MakerSynthetic Fibre Maker
8154.036 Tar MakerTar Maker
8161.001 Air Compressor Operator DriverAir Compressor Operator Driver
8161.002 Aircraft RefuellerAircraft Refueller
8161.003 Boiler AttendantBoiler Attendant
8161.004 Boiler OperatorBoiler Operator
8161.005 BoilermanBoilerman
8161.006 Boilerman Fireman Steam BoilerBoilerman Fireman Steam Boiler
8161.007 Control Gate Attendant Operator PowerControl Gate Attendant Operator Power
8161.008 Control Room Operator Electric PowerControl Room Operator Electric Power
8161.009 Donkey Engine OperatorDonkey Engine Operator
8161.010 Drain FlusherDrain Flusher
8161.011 Driver Turbine Electric PowerDriver Turbine Electric Power
8161.012 Electric Power Load DispatcherElectric Power Load Dispatcher
8161.013 Electric Power Substation OperatorElectric Power Substation Operator
8161.014 Electrical Switchboard OperatorElectrical Switchboard Operator
8161.015 Fireman Stoker Stationary EngineFireman Stoker Stationary Engine
8161.016 Heating and Ventilation Equipment OperatorHeating and Ventilation Equipment Operator
8161.017 Hydraulic Power WorkerHydraulic Power Worker
8161.018 Hydroelectric Shift OperatorHydroelectric Shift Operator
8161.019 Hydroelectric Station OperatorHydroelectric Station Operator
8161.020 LubricatorLubricator
8161.021 Oil Dispatcher PipelinesOil Dispatcher Pipelines
8161.022 Oiler and GreaserOiler and Greaser
8161.023 Other Stationary Engine OperatorOther Stationary Engine Operator
8161.024 Overseer Chargehand ElectricityOverseer Chargehand Electricity
8161.025 Overseer Chargehand Supervisor DrainageOverseer Chargehand Supervisor Drainage
8161.026 Overseer Chargehand Supervisor SewerageOverseer Chargehand Supervisor Sewerage
8161.027 Overseer Chargehand Supervisor WaterOverseer Chargehand Supervisor Water
8161.028 Power Generating Machine Fitter OperatorPower Generating Machine Fitter Operator
8161.029 Power Generating Plant OperatorPower Generating Plant Operator
8161.030 Power Generating Plant SupervisorPower Generating Plant Supervisor
8161.031 Power Reticulation Utilities OfficerPower Reticulation Utilities Officer
8161.032 Power Station AttendantPower Station Attendant
8161.033 Power Station Switchboard OperatorPower Station Switchboard Operator
8161.034 Power System OperatorPower System Operator
8161.035 Powerhouse Plant Station AttendantPowerhouse Plant Station Attendant
8161.036 Powerhouse Shift OperatorPowerhouse Shift Operator
8161.037 Pumping Station OperatorPumping Station Operator
8161.038 Quality Controller of Power Generating Plant OperatorsQuality Controller of Power Generating Plant Operators
8161.039 Raceman Power HouseRaceman Power House
8161.040 Sewerage Plant OperatorSewerage Plant Operator
8161.041 Sewerage Plant Treatment OperatorSewerage Plant Treatment Operator
8161.042 Ships Engineroom RatingShips Engineroom Rating
8161.043 Ships Fireman StokerShips Fireman Stoker
8161.044 Station Supervisor Hydroelectric Steam or ThermalStation Supervisor Hydroelectric Steam or Thermal
8161.045 Stationary Engine Operator DriverStationary Engine Operator Driver
8161.046 Stationary Traction Engine DriverStationary Traction Engine Driver
8161.047 Steam or Thermal Shift OperatorSteam or Thermal Shift Operator
8161.048 Steam or Thermal Station OperatorSteam or Thermal Station Operator
8161.049 Steam Plant OperatorSteam Plant Operator
8161.050 Turbine Operator Electricity ProductionTurbine Operator Electricity Production
8211.001 Automated Machine OperatorAutomated Machine Operator
8211.002 Automated Metal Machine SupervisorAutomated Metal Machine Supervisor
8211.003 Bolt MakerBolt Maker
8211.004 Boring Machine Tool OperatorBoring Machine Tool Operator
8211.005 Cable MakerCable Maker
8211.006 Die SetterDie Setter
8211.007 Fishing Tackle MakerFishing Tackle Maker
8211.008 Gear CutterGear Cutter
8211.009 Guillotine Operator MetalGuillotine Operator Metal
8211.010 Kaiwhakahaere MihiniKaiwhakahaere Mihini
8211.011 Kaiwhakahaere Mihini AunoaKaiwhakahaere Mihini Aunoa
8211.012 Kaiwhakahaere MiihiniKaiwhakahaere Miihini
8211.013 Kaiwhakahaere Miihini AunoaKaiwhakahaere Miihini Aunoa
8211.014 Knife MakerKnife Maker
8211.015 Lathe OperatorLathe Operator
8211.016 Machine SetterMachine Setter
8211.017 Machine Tool GrinderMachine Tool Grinder
8211.018 Machine Tool Operating SupervisorMachine Tool Operating Supervisor
8211.019 Machine Tool OperatorMachine Tool Operator
8211.020 Machine Tool SharpenerMachine Tool Sharpener
8211.021 Metal Badge MakerMetal Badge Maker
8211.022 Metal Grinder Precision Machine OperatorMetal Grinder Precision Machine Operator
8211.023 Metal Machine Tool SupervisorMetal Machine Tool Supervisor
8211.024 Metal MachinistMetal Machinist
8211.025 Metal Milling Machine OperatorMetal Milling Machine Operator
8211.026 Metal Planing Machine OperatorMetal Planing Machine Operator
8211.027 Metal Press OperatorMetal Press Operator
8211.028 Metal Sawing Machine OperatorMetal Sawing Machine Operator
8211.029 Metal Shaping Machine OperatorMetal Shaping Machine Operator
8211.030 Metal SpinnerMetal Spinner
8211.031 Metal Spinning Lathe OperatorMetal Spinning Lathe Operator
8211.032 Metal Working Lathe OperatorMetal Working Lathe Operator
8211.033 Metal Working Lathe SetterMetal Working Lathe Setter
8211.034 Metal Working Machine Tool Setter OperatorMetal Working Machine Tool Setter Operator
8211.035 Milling Machine Setter OperatorMilling Machine Setter Operator
8211.036 Nail MakerNail Maker
8211.037 Needle MakerNeedle Maker
8211.038 Nut MakerNut Maker
8211.039 Pneumatic Press OperatorPneumatic Press Operator
8211.040 Power Press Operator MetalPower Press Operator Metal
8211.041 Power Shear OperatorPower Shear Operator
8211.042 Power Shear Operator SupervisorPower Shear Operator Supervisor
8211.043 Press Setter MetalPress Setter Metal
8211.044 Pressworker MetalPressworker Metal
8211.045 Quality Controller of Automated Machine OperatorsQuality Controller of Automated Machine Operators
8211.046 Quality Controller of Power Shear OperatorsQuality Controller of Power Shear Operators
8211.047 Quality Controller of Spring Maker And Wire WorkersQuality Controller of Spring Maker And Wire Workers
8211.048 Rough Grinder Metal FoundryRough Grinder Metal Foundry
8211.049 Screw MakerScrew Maker
8211.050 Spring MakerSpring Maker
8211.051 Spring Maker and Wire WorkerSpring Maker and Wire Worker
8211.052 Spring Maker SupervisorSpring Maker Supervisor
8211.053 Steel Machine OperatorSteel Machine Operator
8211.054 Steel Ropes Machine OperatorSteel Ropes Machine Operator
8211.055 Tool GrinderTool Grinder
8211.056 Tool Grinder and SharpenerTool Grinder and Sharpener
8211.057 Tool Setter Operator LatheTool Setter Operator Lathe
8211.058 Tool SharpenerTool Sharpener
8211.059 Universal Machine Operator MetalUniversal Machine Operator Metal
8211.060 Wire Goods MakerWire Goods Maker
8211.061 Wire Product Machine OperatorWire Product Machine Operator
8211.062 Wire WorkerWire Worker
8212.001 Artificial Stone Maker BuildingArtificial Stone Maker Building
8212.002 Asbestos Cement Product WorkerAsbestos Cement Product Worker
8212.003 Cement Finisher WorkerCement Finisher Worker
8212.004 Central Concrete Mixing Plant OperatorCentral Concrete Mixing Plant Operator
8212.005 Concrete BatcherConcrete Batcher
8212.006 Concrete Block MakerConcrete Block Maker
8212.007 Concrete FinisherConcrete Finisher
8212.008 Concrete LayerConcrete Layer
8212.009 Concrete PlacerConcrete Placer
8212.010 Concrete Processing Production SupervisorConcrete Processing Production Supervisor
8212.011 Concrete Processing WorkerConcrete Processing Worker
8212.012 Concrete Products Caster MakerConcrete Products Caster Maker
8212.013 Concrete Pump OperatorConcrete Pump Operator
8212.014 Concrete Reinforcing Steel PlacerConcrete Reinforcing Steel Placer
8212.015 Concrete WorkerConcrete Worker
8212.016 Concrete Worker ConstructionConcrete Worker Construction
8212.017 Concreting ContractorConcreting Contractor
8212.018 Pile Post Pipe Maker ConcretePile Post Pipe Maker Concrete
8212.019 Precast Prestressed Concrete Products WorkerPrecast Prestressed Concrete Products Worker
8212.020 Quality Controller of Concrete WorkersQuality Controller of Concrete Workers
8221.001 Cosmetic Production WorkerCosmetic Production Worker
8221.002 Overseer Pharmaceutical ProductsOverseer Pharmaceutical Products
8221.003 Pharmaceutical and Toiletry Products Machine OperatorPharmaceutical and Toiletry Products Machine Operator
8221.004 Pharmaceutical and Toiletry Products SupervisorPharmaceutical and Toiletry Products Supervisor
8221.005 Pharmaceutical Production WorkerPharmaceutical Production Worker
8221.006 Pharmacy Products Factory WorkerPharmacy Products Factory Worker
8221.007 Pharmacy Products Machine OperatorPharmacy Products Machine Operator
8221.008 Quality Controller of Pharmaceutical Toiletry Machine OperatorsQuality Controller of Pharmaceutical Toiletry Machine Operators
8221.009 Soap MakerSoap Maker
8221.010 Supervisor Pharmaceutical ProductsSupervisor Pharmaceutical Products
8221.011 Toiletry Products Machine OperatorToiletry Products Machine Operator
8222.001 AnodiserAnodiser
8222.002 Brass Finisher PolisherBrass Finisher Polisher
8222.003 Electro PolisherElectro Polisher
8222.004 ElectroplaterElectroplater
8222.005 EnamellerEnameller
8222.006 Finisher Brass FoundryFinisher Brass Foundry
8222.007 GalvaniserGalvaniser
8222.008 Hot Dip PlaterHot Dip Plater
8222.009 Metal CleanerMetal Cleaner
8222.010 Metal EnamellerMetal Enameller
8222.011 Metal FinisherMetal Finisher
8222.012 Metal PlaterMetal Plater
8222.013 Metal PolisherMetal Polisher
8222.014 Metal Working BurnisherMetal Working Burnisher
8222.015 Quality Controller of ElectroplatersQuality Controller of Electroplaters
8222.016 Quality Controller of Hot Dip PlatersQuality Controller of Hot Dip Platers
8222.017 Ultrasonic Cleaner MetalUltrasonic Cleaner Metal
8223.001 Dark Room TechnicianDark Room Technician
8223.002 Film DeveloperFilm Developer
8223.003 Film PrinterFilm Printer
8223.004 Film Processing WorkerFilm Processing Worker
8223.005 Film ProcessorFilm Processor
8223.006 Minilab OperatorMinilab Operator
8223.007 Photo Lab AssistantPhoto Lab Assistant
8223.008 Photo Lab OperatorPhoto Lab Operator
8223.009 Photo ProcessorPhoto Processor
8223.010 Photographic Darkroom OperatorPhotographic Darkroom Operator
8223.011 Photographic Darkroom WorkerPhotographic Darkroom Worker
8223.012 Photographic Developer and PrinterPhotographic Developer and Printer
8223.013 Photographic Laboratory AssistantPhotographic Laboratory Assistant
8223.014 Quality Controller of Photographic Darkroom OperatorsQuality Controller of Photographic Darkroom Operators
8231.001 Maintenance Fitter TyresMaintenance Fitter Tyres
8231.002 Quality Controller of Tyre RetreadersQuality Controller of Tyre Retreaders
8231.003 Rubber Mould Press Operator Tyres TubesRubber Mould Press Operator Tyres Tubes
8231.004 Rubber Tyre VulcaniserRubber Tyre Vulcaniser
8231.005 Tube VulcaniserTube Vulcaniser
8231.006 Tyre BuilderTyre Builder
8231.007 Tyre Builder SupervisorTyre Builder Supervisor
8231.008 Tyre FitterTyre Fitter
8231.009 Tyre MoulderTyre Moulder
8231.010 Tyre Moulder and VulcaniserTyre Moulder and Vulcaniser
8231.011 Tyre RetreaderTyre Retreader
8231.012 Tyre Retreader SupervisorTyre Retreader Supervisor
8231.013 Tyre ServicepersonTyre Serviceperson
8231.014 Tyre VulcaniserTyre Vulcaniser
8232.001 Formica WorkerFormica Worker
8232.002 Laminated Sheet Plastic WorkerLaminated Sheet Plastic Worker
8232.003 Laminator Plastic ProductsLaminator Plastic Products
8232.004 Overseer Plastic ProductsOverseer Plastic Products
8232.005 Overseer Rubber ProductsOverseer Rubber Products
8232.006 Plastic Goods Casting Machine OperatorPlastic Goods Casting Machine Operator
8232.007 Plastic Moulding Machine OperatorPlastic Moulding Machine Operator
8232.008 Plastics Extruding Machine OperatorPlastics Extruding Machine Operator
8232.009 Plastics LaminatorPlastics Laminator
8232.010 Plastics Laminator SupervisorPlastics Laminator Supervisor
8232.011 Plastics Machine OperatorPlastics Machine Operator
8232.012 Plastics Machine SupervisorPlastics Machine Supervisor
8232.013 Plastics Machine Supervisor Excl Plastics LaminatorPlastics Machine Supervisor Excl Plastics Laminator
8232.014 Production Chargehand Foreman RubberProduction Chargehand Foreman Rubber
8232.015 Production Supervisor RubberProduction Supervisor Rubber
8232.016 Quality Controller Of Plastics LaminatorsQuality Controller Of Plastics Laminators
8232.017 Quality Controller Of Plastics Machine OperatorsQuality Controller Of Plastics Machine Operators
8232.018 Rubber Extruding Machine OperatorRubber Extruding Machine Operator
8232.019 Rubber Machine OperatorRubber Machine Operator
8232.020 Rubber Machine SupervisorRubber Machine Supervisor
8232.021 Rubber MillmanRubber Millman
8232.022 Rubber Moulding Press OperatorRubber Moulding Press Operator
8232.023 Rubber RollermanRubber Rollerman
8241.001 Carpenters BenchhandCarpenters Benchhand
8241.002 Chipboard Block SetterChipboard Block Setter
8241.003 Joiners BenchhandJoiners Benchhand
8241.004 Joinery MachinistJoinery Machinist
8241.005 Joinery WorkerJoinery Worker
8241.006 Joinery Worker SupervisorJoinery Worker Supervisor
8241.007 Lathe Operator WoodLathe Operator Wood
8241.008 Lathe Setter Operator WoodLathe Setter Operator Wood
8241.009 Panel Production WorkerPanel Production Worker
8241.010 Particle Board FixerParticle Board Fixer
8241.011 Precision Band SawyerPrecision Band Sawyer
8241.012 Timber MachinistTimber Machinist
8241.013 Turner WoodTurner Wood
8241.014 Wallboard WorkerWallboard Worker
8241.015 Wood Carver Not CreativeWood Carver Not Creative
8241.016 Wood Panel Production SupervisorWood Panel Production Supervisor
8241.017 Wood Panel Production WorkerWood Panel Production Worker
8241.018 Wood Worker MachinistWood Worker Machinist
8241.019 Wooden Box MakerWooden Box Maker
8241.020 Woodwork Shaping Machine OperatorWoodwork Shaping Machine Operator
8241.021 Woodworking Boring Machine OperatorWoodworking Boring Machine Operator
8241.022 Woodworking Machine Setter OperatorWoodworking Machine Setter Operator
8241.023 Woodworking Machine Tool Setter OperatorWoodworking Machine Tool Setter Operator
8241.024 Woodworking MachinistWoodworking Machinist
8241.025 Woodworking Machinist PrecisionWoodworking Machinist Precision
8242.001 Preservation Plant OperatorPreservation Plant Operator
8242.002 Preservation Plant SupervisorPreservation Plant Supervisor
8242.003 Quality Controller Of Wood Seasoning Kiln OperatorsQuality Controller Of Wood Seasoning Kiln Operators
8242.004 Timber Treatment Kiln OperatorTimber Treatment Kiln Operator
8242.005 Timber Treatment SupervisorTimber Treatment Supervisor
8242.006 Timber Treatment WorkerTimber Treatment Worker
8242.007 Wood ChangerWood Changer
8242.008 Wood ImpregnatorWood Impregnator
8242.009 Wood Perforating Machine OperatorWood Perforating Machine Operator
8242.010 Wood SeasonerWood Seasoner
8242.011 Wood Seasoning Kiln OperatorWood Seasoning Kiln Operator
8242.012 Wood Seasoning Kiln Operator SupervisorWood Seasoning Kiln Operator Supervisor
8242.013 Wood Seasoning WorkerWood Seasoning Worker
8242.014 Wood Treating DipperWood Treating Dipper
8242.015 Wood Treating Tank OperatorWood Treating Tank Operator
8251.001 Cardboard Assembler Fitter WorkerCardboard Assembler Fitter Worker
8251.002 Cardboard Box MakerCardboard Box Maker
8251.003 Cardboard Forme Maker and FinisherCardboard Forme Maker and Finisher
8251.004 Cardboard Forme Maker and Finisher SupervisorCardboard Forme Maker and Finisher Supervisor
8251.005 Cardboard Lining Machine OperatorCardboard Lining Machine Operator
8251.006 Cardboard Machine OperatorCardboard Machine Operator
8251.007 Cardboard MakerCardboard Maker
8251.008 Carton MakerCarton Maker
8251.009 Cellophane Bag MakerCellophane Bag Maker
8251.010 Cutting Machine OperatorCutting Machine Operator
8251.011 Envelope MakerEnvelope Maker
8251.012 Guillotine OperatorGuillotine Operator
8251.013 Guillotine Operator Paper ProductsGuillotine Operator Paper Products
8251.014 Guillotine Operator Paper Products SupervisorGuillotine Operator Paper Products Supervisor
8251.015 Overseer Paper ProductsOverseer Paper Products
8251.016 Paper Bag MakerPaper Bag Maker
8251.017 Paper Box Folding Machine OperatorPaper Box Folding Machine Operator
8251.018 Paper Box MakerPaper Box Maker
8251.019 Paper FolderPaper Folder
8251.020 Paper Pattern Machine OperatorPaper Pattern Machine Operator
8251.021 Paper Product MakerPaper Product Maker
8251.022 Paper Products Machine OperatorPaper Products Machine Operator
8251.023 Paper Products Making SupervisorPaper Products Making Supervisor
8251.024 Press Operator Creasing and CuttingPress Operator Creasing and Cutting
8251.025 Printing Forme CutterPrinting Forme Cutter
8251.026 Production Chargehand Foreman PaperProduction Chargehand Foreman Paper
8251.027 Production Chargehand Foreman Paper ProductsProduction Chargehand Foreman Paper Products
8251.028 Production Supervisor PaperProduction Supervisor Paper
8251.029 Quality Controller Of Cardboard Forme MakerQuality Controller Of Cardboard Forme Maker
8251.030 Quality Controller Of Guillotine OperatorsQuality Controller Of Guillotine Operators
8251.031 Quality Controller Of Paper Products Machine OperatorsQuality Controller Of Paper Products Machine Operators
8261.001 Back Winder (Fibre)Back Winder (Fibre)
8261.002 Fibre DoublerFibre Doubler
8261.003 Fibre TwisterFibre Twister
8261.004 Rope and Twine MachinistRope and Twine Machinist
8261.005 Rope and Twine Machinist SupervisorRope and Twine Machinist Supervisor
8261.006 Spinner and WinderSpinner and Winder
8261.007 Spinning and Winding SupervisorSpinning and Winding Supervisor
8261.008 Textile Industry WinderTextile Industry Winder
8261.009 Thread and Yarn PiecerThread and Yarn Piecer
8261.010 Woollen WinderWoollen Winder
8262.001 Bar FillerBar Filler
8262.002 Beam WarperBeam Warper
8262.003 Braid MakerBraid Maker
8262.004 Carpet MakerCarpet Maker
8262.005 Carpet Making Machine SetterCarpet Making Machine Setter
8262.006 Carpet TufterCarpet Tufter
8262.007 Carpet WeaverCarpet Weaver
8262.008 Carpet Weaving Loom OperatorCarpet Weaving Loom Operator
8262.009 Carpet Weaving Loom SupervisorCarpet Weaving Loom Supervisor
8262.010 Carpet Weaving SupervisorCarpet Weaving Supervisor
8262.011 Cloth BurlerCloth Burler
8262.012 Cloth WeaverCloth Weaver
8262.013 Cloth Weaving Loom SupervisorCloth Weaving Loom Supervisor
8262.014 Cloth Weaving SupervisorCloth Weaving Supervisor
8262.015 Creeler WeavingCreeler Weaving
8262.016 Crochet WeaverCrochet Weaver
8262.017 Crochet WorkerCrochet Worker
8262.018 Darner Textile FabricDarner Textile Fabric
8262.019 Fabrics Examiner TextilesFabrics Examiner Textiles
8262.020 Fabrics InspectorFabrics Inspector
8262.021 Hand KnitterHand Knitter
8262.022 Hosiery FinisherHosiery Finisher
8262.023 Hosiery KnitterHosiery Knitter
8262.024 Jacquard Weaver Loom OperatorJacquard Weaver Loom Operator
8262.025 KnitterKnitter
8262.026 Knitting Machine OperatorKnitting Machine Operator
8262.027 Knitting Machine SupervisorKnitting Machine Supervisor
8262.028 Knitting MachinistKnitting Machinist
8262.029 Knitwear Factory Bar FillerKnitwear Factory Bar Filler
8262.030 Linker WeavingLinker Weaving
8262.031 Loom Operator Cloth WeavingLoom Operator Cloth Weaving
8262.032 Loom Operator Weaving Lace MakingLoom Operator Weaving Lace Making
8262.033 Loom ThreaderLoom Threader
8262.034 Machine KnitterMachine Knitter
8262.035 Mender Textile FabricMender Textile Fabric
8262.036 Quality Controller of Cloth WeaversQuality Controller of Cloth Weavers
8262.037 Quality Controller of Knitting MachinistsQuality Controller of Knitting Machinists
8262.038 Repairer Textile FabricRepairer Textile Fabric
8262.039 Rug MakerRug Maker
8262.040 Rug WeaverRug Weaver
8262.041 Tapestry MakerTapestry Maker
8262.042 Tapestry WeaverTapestry Weaver
8262.043 Textile WeaverTextile Weaver
8262.044 Tying Machine Operator Woollen MillTying Machine Operator Woollen Mill
8262.045 Warper WinderWarper Winder
8262.046 Wool Felt MakerWool Felt Maker
8263.001 Alteration HandAlteration Hand
8263.002 Artificial Flower MakerArtificial Flower Maker
8263.003 Buttonhole MakerButtonhole Maker
8263.004 Clothing MachinistClothing Machinist
8263.005 Clothing OutworkerClothing Outworker
8263.006 Clothing Production SupervisorClothing Production Supervisor
8263.007 Curtain Making Sewing MachinistCurtain Making Sewing Machinist
8263.008 Disposable Clothes Machine OperatorDisposable Clothes Machine Operator
8263.009 Doll and Stuffed Toy Making SupervisorDoll and Stuffed Toy Making Supervisor
8263.010 Doll RepairerDoll Repairer
8263.011 EmbroidererEmbroiderer
8263.012 Garment StitcherGarment Stitcher
8263.013 Garment WorkerGarment Worker
8263.014 Hand NeedleworkerHand Needleworker
8263.015 Hand SewerHand Sewer
8263.016 Hat BlockerHat Blocker
8263.017 Hat FinisherHat Finisher
8263.018 Hat MakerHat Maker
8263.019 Hat or Cap Maker Machinist SewerHat or Cap Maker Machinist Sewer
8263.020 Hat TrimmerHat Trimmer
8263.021 HatterHatter
8263.022 Kaimahi Mihini KakahuKaimahi Mihini Kakahu
8263.023 Kaimahi Mihini TuituiKaimahi Mihini Tuitui
8263.024 Kaimahi Miihini KaakahuKaimahi Miihini Kaakahu
8263.025 Kaimahi Miihini TuituiKaimahi Miihini Tuitui
8263.026 Kaimahi Purere TuituiKaimahi Purere Tuitui
8263.027 Kaimahi Puurere TuituiKaimahi Puurere Tuitui
8263.028 Kaiwhakahaere Mihini TuituiKaiwhakahaere Mihini Tuitui
8263.029 Kaiwhakahaere Miihini TuituiKaiwhakahaere Miihini Tuitui
8263.030 Kaiwhakamahi Purere TuituiKaiwhakamahi Purere Tuitui
8263.031 Kaiwhakamahi Puurere TuituiKaiwhakamahi Puurere Tuitui
8263.032 MillinerMilliner
8263.033 NeedleworkerNeedleworker
8263.034 Net MakerNet Maker
8263.035 OutworkerOutworker
8263.036 OverlockerOverlocker
8263.037 Overseer Textiles ClothingOverseer Textiles Clothing
8263.038 Parachute RiggerParachute Rigger
8263.039 Process Worker Doll And Stuffed ToyProcess Worker Doll And Stuffed Toy
8263.040 Quality Controller of EmbroiderersQuality Controller of Embroiderers
8263.041 Quality Controller of Sewing MachinistsQuality Controller of Sewing Machinists
8263.042 ScarfmakerScarfmaker
8263.043 SeamstressSeamstress
8263.044 Sewer Bag or Sack MakerSewer Bag or Sack Maker
8263.045 Sewing MachinistSewing Machinist
8263.046 Sewing Machinist SupervisorSewing Machinist Supervisor
8263.047 Soft Goods MachinistSoft Goods Machinist
8263.048 Stuffed Toy MakerStuffed Toy Maker
8263.049 Textile Bag Making Machine OperatorTextile Bag Making Machine Operator
8263.050 Textile Bag Making WorkerTextile Bag Making Worker
8263.051 Textile Production SupervisorTextile Production Supervisor
8263.052 Umbrella MakerUmbrella Maker
8263.053 Umbrella RepairerUmbrella Repairer
8263.054 Upholstery Machinist CarUpholstery Machinist Car
8263.055 Upholstery Machinist FurnitureUpholstery Machinist Furniture
8263.056 Upholstery Machinist Soft GoodsUpholstery Machinist Soft Goods
8263.057 Upholstery Sewer HandUpholstery Sewer Hand
8263.058 Upholstery Sewer MachineUpholstery Sewer Machine
8263.059 Wet Suit MachinistWet Suit Machinist
8263.060 Zip MachinistZip Machinist
8264.001 BleacherBleacher
8264.002 Bleacher and DyerBleacher and Dyer
8264.003 Bleacher Textiles and GarmentsBleacher Textiles and Garments
8264.004 Carpet CleanerCarpet Cleaner
8264.005 Carpet Cleaning ContractorCarpet Cleaning Contractor
8264.006 Central Sterile Supply AssistantCentral Sterile Supply Assistant
8264.007 Cloth and Texiles FinisherCloth and Texiles Finisher
8264.008 Clothes CleanerClothes Cleaner
8264.009 Clothing PresserClothing Presser
8264.010 Clothing WasherClothing Washer
8264.011 Dry CleanerDry Cleaner
8264.012 Dry Cleaning Depot AssistantDry Cleaning Depot Assistant
8264.013 Dry Cleaning PresserDry Cleaning Presser
8264.014 Dry Cleaning SpotterDry Cleaning Spotter
8264.015 DrycleanerDrycleaner
8264.016 Dyer ClothingDyer Clothing
8264.017 Folder Clothing FactoryFolder Clothing Factory
8264.018 Garment CleanerGarment Cleaner
8264.019 Garment FinisherGarment Finisher
8264.020 Iron MachinistIron Machinist
8264.021 LaundererLaunderer
8264.022 LaunderessLaunderess
8264.023 LaundressLaundress
8264.024 Laundry EmployeeLaundry Employee
8264.025 Laundry Machine OperatorLaundry Machine Operator
8264.026 Laundry MaidLaundry Maid
8264.027 Laundry ManglerLaundry Mangler
8264.028 Laundry SupervisorLaundry Supervisor
8264.029 Laundry WorkerLaundry Worker
8264.030 LaundrymanLaundryman
8264.031 PresserPresser
8264.032 Presser Cloth Woollen MillsPresser Cloth Woollen Mills
8264.033 Presser Clothing FactoryPresser Clothing Factory
8264.034 Presser Woollen MillsPresser Woollen Mills
8264.035 Quality Controller of Bleachers And DyersQuality Controller of Bleachers And Dyers
8264.036 Quality Controller of PressersQuality Controller of Pressers
8264.037 Quality Controller of Textile FinishersQuality Controller of Textile Finishers
8264.038 StarcherStarcher
8264.039 Textile Dyeing WorkerTextile Dyeing Worker
8264.040 Textile DyerTextile Dyer
8264.041 Textile FinisherTextile Finisher
8264.042 Textile Finisher SupervisorTextile Finisher Supervisor
8264.043 Textile Finishing WorkerTextile Finishing Worker
8264.044 Textile Press Operating WorkerTextile Press Operating Worker
8264.045 Textile Press OperatorTextile Press Operator
8264.046 Textile ShrinkerTextile Shrinker
8264.047 Textile SizerTextile Sizer
8264.048 Textile SlasherTextile Slasher
8264.049 Textile TaperTextile Taper
8264.050 Textile WasherTextile Washer
8264.051 Washing Machine OperatorWashing Machine Operator
8264.052 Washing Machine Operator LaundryWashing Machine Operator Laundry
8264.053 Waterproofer Textile FabricsWaterproofer Textile Fabrics
8264.054 Waterproofing ApplicatorWaterproofing Applicator
8265.001 Fibre BlenderFibre Blender
8265.002 Fibre CarderFibre Carder
8265.003 Fibre ClasserFibre Classer
8265.004 Fibre ComberFibre Comber
8265.005 Fibre DrawerFibre Drawer
8265.006 Fibre Frame OperatorFibre Frame Operator
8265.007 Fibre GraderFibre Grader
8265.008 Fibre LapperFibre Lapper
8265.009 Fibre MixerFibre Mixer
8265.010 Fibre PickerFibre Picker
8265.011 Fibre PreparerFibre Preparer
8265.012 Fibre RoverFibre Rover
8265.013 Fibre SupervisorFibre Supervisor
8265.014 Flax PreparerFlax Preparer
8265.015 Flock Maker TeaserFlock Maker Teaser
8265.016 Gill Box Finisher WeavingGill Box Finisher Weaving
8265.017 Washer Raw FibresWasher Raw Fibres
8265.018 Wool BlenderWool Blender
8265.019 Wool CarderWool Carder
8265.020 Wool ComberWool Comber
8265.021 Wool DrawerWool Drawer
8265.022 Wool DryerWool Dryer
8265.023 Wool PreparerWool Preparer
8265.024 Wool ScourerWool Scourer
8265.025 Wool Scourer SupervisorWool Scourer Supervisor
8265.026 Wool StaplerWool Stapler
8265.027 Wool Top Machine OperatorWool Top Machine Operator
8271.001 BonerBoner
8271.002 Butcher Freezing Worker AbattoirButcher Freezing Worker Abattoir
8271.003 Butchers LabourerButchers Labourer
8271.004 Butchery AssistantButchery Assistant
8271.005 Chicken ProcessorChicken Processor
8271.006 Curing and Pickling WorkerCuring and Pickling Worker
8271.007 Fish BonerFish Boner
8271.008 Fish Canning Process SupervisorFish Canning Process Supervisor
8271.009 Fish Canning Process WorkerFish Canning Process Worker
8271.010 Fish CutterFish Cutter
8271.011 Fish DehydratorFish Dehydrator
8271.012 Fish Factory SupervisorFish Factory Supervisor
8271.013 Fish FilleterFish Filleter
8271.014 Fish PreserverFish Preserver
8271.015 Fish Preserving SupervisorFish Preserving Supervisor
8271.016 Fish Process WorkerFish Process Worker
8271.017 Fish Process Worker SupervisorFish Process Worker Supervisor
8271.018 Fish Processing WorkerFish Processing Worker
8271.019 Fish ProcessorFish Processor
8271.020 Fish Shed AssistantFish Shed Assistant
8271.021 Food SmokerFood Smoker
8271.022 Freezer HandFreezer Hand
8271.023 Freezing and Abattoir Worker Killing ChainFreezing and Abattoir Worker Killing Chain
8271.024 Freezing WorkerFreezing Worker
8271.025 Freezing Works ChainmanFreezing Works Chainman
8271.026 Freezing Works ChambermanFreezing Works Chamberman
8271.027 Freezing Works Chiller HandFreezing Works Chiller Hand
8271.028 Freezing Works Cooling Floor HandFreezing Works Cooling Floor Hand
8271.029 Freezing Works DollymanFreezing Works Dollyman
8271.030 Freezing Works Freezer HandFreezing Works Freezer Hand
8271.031 Freezing Works Meat CutterFreezing Works Meat Cutter
8271.032 Freezing Works ScraperFreezing Works Scraper
8271.033 Freezing Works SlaughtererFreezing Works Slaughterer
8271.034 Freezing Works StripperFreezing Works Stripper
8271.035 Kaimahi MiitiKaimahi Miiti
8271.036 Kaimahi MitiKaimahi Miti
8271.037 Kaipatu HipiKaipatu Hipi
8271.038 Kaipatu KarareheKaipatu Kararehe
8271.039 Kaipatu KauKaipatu Kau
8271.040 Kaipatu MiitiKaipatu Miiti
8271.041 Kaipatu MitiKaipatu Miti
8271.042 Knife HandKnife Hand
8271.043 Land Based Oyster OpenerLand Based Oyster Opener
8271.044 Meat BonerMeat Boner
8271.045 Meat Canning Process SupervisorMeat Canning Process Supervisor
8271.046 Meat Canning Process WorkerMeat Canning Process Worker
8271.047 Meat CutterMeat Cutter
8271.048 Meat DehydratorMeat Dehydrator
8271.049 Meat PreserverMeat Preserver
8271.050 Meat Preserving SupervisorMeat Preserving Supervisor
8271.051 Meat Processing WorkerMeat Processing Worker
8271.052 Meat SlicerMeat Slicer
8271.053 Meat TrimmerMeat Trimmer
8271.054 Meat WorkerMeat Worker
8271.055 Mussel OpenerMussel Opener
8271.056 Mussel ProcessorMussel Processor
8271.057 Offal ManOffal Man
8271.058 Onshore Seafood ProcessorOnshore Seafood Processor
8271.059 Oyster CannerOyster Canner
8271.060 Oyster Canner Opener SupervisorOyster Canner Opener Supervisor
8271.061 Oyster OpenerOyster Opener
8271.062 Oyster Opener and CannerOyster Opener and Canner
8271.063 Poultry Worker Abattoir Freezing WorksPoultry Worker Abattoir Freezing Works
8271.064 Quality Controller of Fish Canning Process WorkersQuality Controller of Fish Canning Process Workers
8271.065 Quality Controller of Fish Process WorkersQuality Controller of Fish Process Workers
8271.066 Quality Controller of Meat Canning Process WorkersQuality Controller of Meat Canning Process Workers
8271.067 Quality Controller of SlaughterersQuality Controller of Slaughterers
8271.068 Quality Controller of Smallgoods MakersQuality Controller of Smallgoods Makers
8271.069 Sausage Casing MakerSausage Casing Maker
8271.070 Sausage MakerSausage Maker
8271.071 Seafood Factory SupervisorSeafood Factory Supervisor
8271.072 Slaughter ManSlaughter Man
8271.073 SlaughtererSlaughterer
8271.074 Slaughterhouse AssistantSlaughterhouse Assistant
8271.075 Slaughtering AssistantSlaughtering Assistant
8271.076 Slaughtering SupervisorSlaughtering Supervisor
8271.077 SlaughtermanSlaughterman
8271.078 Smallgoods MakerSmallgoods Maker
8271.079 Smallgoods Supervisor MakerSmallgoods Supervisor Maker
8271.080 Wetfish ProcessorWetfish Processor
8272.001 Butter and Milk Fats Products MakerButter and Milk Fats Products Maker
8272.002 Butter Maker Grader TesterButter Maker Grader Tester
8272.003 Casein Worker MakerCasein Worker Maker
8272.004 Cheese Factory WorkerCheese Factory Worker
8272.005 Cheese Grader TesterCheese Grader Tester
8272.006 Cheese MakerCheese Maker
8272.007 Cheese Making SupervisorCheese Making Supervisor
8272.008 Cheese SalterCheese Salter
8272.009 Condensed Milk Maker Process WorkerCondensed Milk Maker Process Worker
8272.010 Cooker Operator Dairy ProductsCooker Operator Dairy Products
8272.011 Cottage Cheese MakerCottage Cheese Maker
8272.012 Dairy Factory WorkerDairy Factory Worker
8272.013 Dairy Products Inspector Grader TesterDairy Products Inspector Grader Tester
8272.014 Dairy Products InstructorDairy Products Instructor
8272.015 Dairy Products ProcessorDairy Products Processor
8272.016 Dried Milk WorkerDried Milk Worker
8272.017 Ice Cream MakerIce Cream Maker
8272.018 Milk and Other Dairy Products MakerMilk and Other Dairy Products Maker
8272.019 Milk and Other Dairy Products SupervisorMilk and Other Dairy Products Supervisor
8272.020 Milk PasteuriserMilk Pasteuriser
8272.021 Milk Powder MakerMilk Powder Maker
8272.022 Milk Process SupervisorMilk Process Supervisor
8272.023 Milk Process WorkerMilk Process Worker
8272.024 Milk Treatment Station WorkerMilk Treatment Station Worker
8272.025 Other Dairy Products MakerOther Dairy Products Maker
8272.026 Pasteurising WorkerPasteurising Worker
8272.027 Yogurt MakerYogurt Maker
8273.001 Cereal MillerCereal Miller
8273.002 Flour Mill WorkerFlour Mill Worker
8273.003 Flour MillerFlour Miller
8273.004 Flour or Grain MillhandFlour or Grain Millhand
8273.005 Flourmill KilnmanFlourmill Kilnman
8273.006 Grain CleanerGrain Cleaner
8273.007 Grain CrusherGrain Crusher
8273.008 Grain DryerGrain Dryer
8273.009 Grain GraderGrain Grader
8273.010 Grain MillerGrain Miller
8273.011 Grain Miller SupervisorGrain Miller Supervisor
8273.012 Lucerne Pellets MakerLucerne Pellets Maker
8273.013 Seed Cleaning Machine OperatorSeed Cleaning Machine Operator
8273.014 Seed Grading Machine OperatorSeed Grading Machine Operator
8273.015 Spice Miller Factory WorkerSpice Miller Factory Worker
8273.016 Wheat MillerWheat Miller
8274.001 Animal Food ProcessorAnimal Food Processor
8274.002 Baked Goods and Cereals Producing Machine OperatorBaked Goods and Cereals Producing Machine Operator
8274.003 Baked Goods and Cereals Producing Machine SupervisorBaked Goods and Cereals Producing Machine Supervisor
8274.004 Bakehouse AssistantBakehouse Assistant
8274.005 Bakers AssistantBakers Assistant
8274.006 Bakers LabourerBakers Labourer
8274.007 Bakery AssistantBakery Assistant
8274.008 Bakery LabourerBakery Labourer
8274.009 Bakery MachinistBakery Machinist
8274.010 Bakery OvenmanBakery Ovenman
8274.011 Bakery SupervisorBakery Supervisor
8274.012 Bakery Table HandBakery Table Hand
8274.013 Bakery WorkerBakery Worker
8274.014 Cereal Grain MachinistCereal Grain Machinist
8274.015 Macaroni MakerMacaroni Maker
8274.016 Stock Food Making Machine OperatorStock Food Making Machine Operator
8275.001 Aerated Water Cordial WorkerAerated Water Cordial Worker
8275.002 Beverage Processor Non AlcoholicBeverage Processor Non Alcoholic
8275.003 Canning and Bottling Process WorkerCanning and Bottling Process Worker
8275.004 Cannister ViewerCannister Viewer
8275.005 Food DehydratorFood Dehydrator
8275.006 Food PreserverFood Preserver
8275.007 Freezer FoodstuffsFreezer Foodstuffs
8275.008 Fruit Press OperatorFruit Press Operator
8275.009 Fruit Vegetable and Nut Processing Machine OperatorFruit Vegetable and Nut Processing Machine Operator
8275.010 Fruit Vegetable and Nut Processing Machine SupervisorFruit Vegetable and Nut Processing Machine Supervisor
8275.011 Jam MakerJam Maker
8275.012 Margarine WorkerMargarine Worker
8275.013 Overseer Fruit Vegetable Nut ProcessingOverseer Fruit Vegetable Nut Processing
8275.014 Preserving and Canning WorkerPreserving and Canning Worker
8275.015 Quality Controller of Fruit Nut Vegetable Machine OperatorsQuality Controller of Fruit Nut Vegetable Machine Operators
8275.016 Syrup Maker CordialsSyrup Maker Cordials
8275.017 Syrup Maker FoodsSyrup Maker Foods
8275.018 Vegetable Preparer CanningVegetable Preparer Canning
8276.001 Chocolate Confectionary MakerChocolate Confectionary Maker
8276.002 Confectionery MakerConfectionery Maker
8276.003 Confectionery Maker SupervisorConfectionery Maker Supervisor
8276.004 Quality Controller of Confectionery MakersQuality Controller of Confectionery Makers
8276.005 Sugar Processor and RefinerSugar Processor and Refiner
8276.006 Sugar Processor and Refinery SupervisorSugar Processor and Refinery Supervisor
8276.007 Sugar Refinery WorkerSugar Refinery Worker
8276.008 Sugar Refining Crystalliser OperatorSugar Refining Crystalliser Operator
8277.001 Chocolate MakerChocolate Maker
8277.002 Chocolate Making SupervisorChocolate Making Supervisor
8277.003 Coffee and Chicory Roaster and GrinderCoffee and Chicory Roaster and Grinder
8277.004 Coffee and Tea BlenderCoffee and Tea Blender
8277.005 Coffee BlenderCoffee Blender
8277.006 Coffee TasterCoffee Taster
8277.007 Malt WorkerMalt Worker
8277.008 Malt Works SupervisorMalt Works Supervisor
8277.009 MaltsterMaltster
8277.010 Tea BlenderTea Blender
8277.011 Tea Coffee Blender SupervisorTea Coffee Blender Supervisor
8277.012 Tea TasterTea Taster
8277.013 Vinegar WorkerVinegar Worker
8278.001 Cigarette MakerCigarette Maker
8278.002 Cigarette Making Machine OperatorCigarette Making Machine Operator
8278.003 Overseer TobaccoOverseer Tobacco
8278.004 Production Chargehand Foreman Supervisor TobaccoProduction Chargehand Foreman Supervisor Tobacco
8278.005 Tobacco GraderTobacco Grader
8278.006 Tobacco Machine OperatorTobacco Machine Operator
8278.007 Tobacco Product Maker WorkerTobacco Product Maker Worker
8278.008 Tobacco Product Process WorkerTobacco Product Process Worker
8279.001 Alcoholic Beverage ProcessorAlcoholic Beverage Processor
8279.002 Beer BrewerBeer Brewer
8279.003 Beer Production WorkerBeer Production Worker
8279.004 BrewerBrewer
8279.005 Brewery WorkerBrewery Worker
8279.006 Brewery Worker SupervisorBrewery Worker Supervisor
8279.007 BrewmasterBrewmaster
8279.008 DistillerDistiller
8279.009 Distiller Alcoholic BeveragesDistiller Alcoholic Beverages
8279.010 Distillery WorkerDistillery Worker
8279.011 Distillery Worker (Alcoholic Beverages)Distillery Worker (Alcoholic Beverages)
8279.012 Distillery Worker Alcoholic Beverages SupervisorDistillery Worker Alcoholic Beverages Supervisor
8279.013 Liquor TasterLiquor Taster
8279.014 Other Brewery WorkerOther Brewery Worker
8279.015 Quality Controller of Brewery WorkersQuality Controller of Brewery Workers
8279.016 Quality Controller of Distillery Worker Alcohic BeveragesQuality Controller of Distillery Worker Alcohic Beverages
8279.017 Wine Making Machine OperatorWine Making Machine Operator
8279.018 Wine Making Machine Operator SupervisorWine Making Machine Operator Supervisor
8279.019 Winery WorkerWinery Worker
8281.001 FellmongerFellmonger
8281.002 Fellmongery BeatermanFellmongery Beaterman
8281.003 Hide and Pelt ProcessorHide and Pelt Processor
8281.004 Hide ClasserHide Classer
8281.005 Hide CleanerHide Cleaner
8281.006 Hide DresserHide Dresser
8281.007 Hide FlesherHide Flesher
8281.008 Hide GraderHide Grader
8281.009 Hide SplitterHide Splitter
8281.010 Hides and Pelts Scudder TanningHides and Pelts Scudder Tanning
8281.011 Leather DresserLeather Dresser
8281.012 Leather Dyer StainerLeather Dyer Stainer
8281.013 Leather Stretcher TannerLeather Stretcher Tanner
8281.014 Pelt ClasserPelt Classer
8281.015 Pelt CleanerPelt Cleaner
8281.016 Pelt DresserPelt Dresser
8281.017 Pelt FlesherPelt Flesher
8281.018 Pelt GraderPelt Grader
8281.019 Pelt PluckerPelt Plucker
8281.020 Pelt SorterPelt Sorter
8281.021 Pelt StretcherPelt Stretcher
8281.022 Pelt TrimmerPelt Trimmer
8281.023 Quality Controller of Hide Skin And PeltsQuality Controller of Hide Skin And Pelts
8281.024 Sheepskin Product MakerSheepskin Product Maker
8281.025 Skin ClasserSkin Classer
8281.026 Skin GraderSkin Grader
8281.027 Tanner CurrierTanner Currier
8281.028 Tanner Splitter and DyerTanner Splitter and Dyer
8281.029 Tannery HandTannery Hand
8281.030 Tanning Liquor MakerTanning Liquor Maker
8281.031 Wool PullerWool Puller
8291.001 Car AssemblerCar Assembler
8291.002 Car Assembly SetterCar Assembly Setter
8291.003 Car Assembly SupervisorCar Assembly Supervisor
8291.004 Car Assembly WorkerCar Assembly Worker
8291.005 Chassis AssemblerChassis Assembler
8291.006 Machinery AssemblerMachinery Assembler
8291.007 Machinery Fitter AssemblerMachinery Fitter Assembler
8291.008 Machinery Installer ErectorMachinery Installer Erector
8291.009 Marine Engine AssemblerMarine Engine Assembler
8291.010 Mechanical Machinery AssemblerMechanical Machinery Assembler
8291.011 Mechanical Mach